Life Changes
Since the Study of Divine Will

Hello from Sanaya!  
Since working with Divine Will, these are some of the written comments I have received.  I am sharing the comments I hear the most often, that many people experienced as they linked with the seven qualities of Divine Will:

  • Greater openness to others, to new ideas, and to life.
  • No longer hanging on the past or trying to keep things from changing, trusting that whatever comes will be even better.
  • Greater freedom from old, negative ways of thinking. 
  • More frequent feelings of joy and gratitude.
  • Feeling more connected to other people, able to overlook their "faults." 
  • Feeling more connected to nature.
  • Taking action to get what is wanted rather than wallowing in self-pity and feeling like a victim.
  • Becoming more aware of choices you are making and knowing that you have a choice.
  • Focusing on what can go right rather than what might go wrong.
  • Thinking of your future with positive expectations rather than fear or worry.
  • Wanting to bring harmony and peace to situations rather than adding to the drama.
  • Automatically transmitting Divine Will rather than trying to save people.
  • Becoming more focused on making your own life work rather than spending all your time trying to solve and fix other people's problems.
  • Accepting yourself, believing in your abilities, and acknowledging your inner light
  • Having more moments of feeling loving, compassionate, and forgiving of others.  
  • Desiring to transmit light and love to others rather than criticizing or judging them.
  • New emotional responses, less reaction to negativity and more positive emotions
  • Higher level of trust and surrender.
  • Greater ability to be in void and tolerate confusion and not knowing.
  • Letting go of trying to control situations and allowing what happens.
  • More awareness and consciousness in areas of previous unconsciousness.
  • Greater sense of inner peace.

Since working with Divine Will, I have learned:

  1. To trust my inner knowingness and take action personal and professional actions.
  2. To call Divine Will to any and all circumstances! To feel surrounded by loving energy and to surrender to Divine Will in the midst of uncertainty, when the shoreline is out of sight.
  3. To be in touch more with what brings JOY, and move towards the Light of JOY. Joy shows life purpose!
  4. To appreciate the energy cycles of life. To flow with the down cycles as well as the up cycles. To follow guidance on prioritization regarding what areas of life to put energy work into at a particular time.
  5. To believe in the magic of life...the Divine Will of LIFE! To be child-like in WONDER. To explore new pathways and new levels of consciousness and awareness of the Universe of All-That-Is.
  6. To send love, light and Divine Will to past, present and future. For myself, my loved ones, and any worldly issue.
  7. To believe I am powerful in good...that my energy work makes a difference!
  8. To connect in Divine Will, love and light with others.
  9. I experience humanity in a much more nobler light.  
  10. I am more aware of my soul and its loving presence.
  11. I sense my challenges now as an opportunity and a sense of creative victory.  Instead of opposing, I now sense that I am becoming the real director of my  life, that what I will, I WILL.  I am a creator.  
  12. I forgive easier, I trust more, I see more with innocent perception.  
  13. I have discovered a greater sensitivity to inner tones, movements, rhythms, colors, light, temperatures, and communication with all life, including the shining ones. 
  14. I know more that I am, and can identify with, all that is good, true, and beautiful. 
  15. I have a greater sense of humility.
  16. I take life easier and am less tense.  
  17. More light is filling my life.
  18. I am generating more money from my spiritual work.
  19. I am more creative and I have the energy to act on it. 
  20. I have sold my art and am able to release my art to the world, completed.
  21. I complete more things and feel compelled to complete it for the rush of clean and clear energy I get from the completion.
  22. I have more patience and yet a clear sense and ability to request what I want and when I want it.  
  23. I have come closer to appreciating how worthy and deserving I am.  
  24. My motivation comes from more confidence instead of need or wanting to fill a gaping hole in me.
  25. Divine Will has made me more grateful and appreciative and has opened many new areas for me to explore.
  26. The impossible seems very possible and also makes me more careful of what I ask for.
  27. Divine Will has made me aware that I am here to teach.
  28. Divine Will is a beam of light I hope to work with for years to come because it not only adds consciousness to my daily life, it is like riding a beautiful beam of love, growth, compassion, awareness, and light.  
  29. Before I would have efforted and imposed my will.  Now I transmit Divine Will to the situation and give myself, the other person, and/or the situation room to unfold.  
  30. Each of these (Divine Will) Energies have propelled my as only they can towards the deeper and unexpressed longings within me.
  31. I have come home to my Self. I have expanded into my Soul...and it is such a peaceful, loving and allowing place.
  32. I have stopped berating my personality self. The compassion that I have allowed my personality self radiates outward and it becomes more and more difficult to judge others.  
  33. I feel the deepening presence of my soul and I feel free. I am feeling the potential in each direction that I look.
  34. I am in my center, a place of no push and no pull. 
  35. Trust that I do not have to effort or hurry.  I trust that whatever I have to do will be done in the right time and place.  
  36. I trust that I do not have to "go" anywhere, I am just experiencing being here in a better and different way. 
  37. Since I have been working with Divine Will my insights have become greater. I now know my path in life and which road to take. I am now more loving and forgiving.

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