Seminar Streaming and Download Information

You will need to have an Internet connection or online availability to participate fully in all phases of our online courses such as DaBen's Graduate Light Body seminars. All recordings of the seminar will be available online only as download/streaming. We do not offer CDs of the live seminars.

Note: What follows below is about streaming and downloading seminar audio files. 
Refer to our General Download Information for more details about downloading audio.
If you are having problems with an eBook, please go to our eBook FAQ.

We offer two (2) options for listening to your seminar audio files:

1.  Streaming Audio Option

  • Click on the blue link "Streaming Player" next to the journey or talk title to listen without downloading to your computer, called streaming audio. 
  • What is a Stream? A stream is a digital media file that is played on your computer delivered through the Internet; therefore, you need an active Internet connection while listening.
  • Streaming: If you want to listen to the journeys and talks without downloading them, such as if you are listening on another person's computer, or have an Apple device, you can use the streaming option.  This option works best with a high-speed connection. If you do not have a high-speed connection, this can result in stopping and starting (also known as "buffering"), based on Internet congestion at the time of listening. Our streaming is done at 128kbs, CD quality audio.
  • Sound Quality Problems with the streaming audio? This is most likely due to Internet or local network traffic. If audio sounds too fast, too slow, scratchy, or distorted, you may want to try a different playback method and if that still doesn't solve it, you may want to consider contacting the technical division for support associated with your media player.
  • A copy of the streaming file is not saved on your computer's hard drive.
  • Make sure your default player or Windows Media player is not set to minimize or be hidden behind another window if you are listening on a computer.

2.  Download Audio Option
After the audio, to the right of the journey, is a "DOWNLOAD NOW" button you can use to download your audio to a folder on your computer that you have prepared. See our FAQ Streaming and Download Audio file for extensive information on downloading. Most of you will use the Download option.  This means that you will bring the seminar audio files into your computer, where you can play them directly on your computer through players such as Windows Media. Or, you can burn CDs, or bring your downloaded audio into an audio listening player. Refer to our General Download Information for more details about downloading. 

Slower Internet connections: If you have a slow Internet connection, you will need to download the audio journeys to be able to listen to them on your own computer after they are downloaded. Use the download button to download the meditation to your computer.  When you select this option the audio will be downloaded to your computer where you can listen to the journey.

NOTE about zip files: Zip files are basically "packaged files" and they have to be unzipped before they can be accessed. For zip files, you need to download them to a place on your computer first, then unzip them, then you can listen to them or put them in an audio library like iTunes.  If you downloaded the zip file directly to your audio library, like iTunes, it will not open without unzipping the file first. We suggest that unless you are familiar with zip files, that you not select the zip files at this time, but instead download the audio track by track.

Trouble Shooting Guide
Our staff is unable to assist you with technical support or to walk you through the download process.  As much as we would like to assist you, we have found that there are too many types of computer systems and browsers, software and players, as well as the individual settings and ways you have configured your computer to be able to track down what the problem might be or to walk you through the download process, which can be different for every type of browser and computer system.  Please consult your computer technician for assistance.

Can't Play Audio or Connect to the Server
If you are experiencing difficulty listening to streaming files, please note we do not have a computer department or the expertise to assist you. 

Can't Hear Any Sound
If you don't hear sound when you try to play a clip, first make sure your speakers are plugged in and that the volume is turned up loud enough.  You may need to adjust your system's sound configuration or update your sound card drivers. 

Music or meditations start and stop
If you are experiencing intermittent interruptions, you may be having difficulty because of Internet congestion and not because of a problem with your media player or your Internet service. Internet congestion is bothersome for all of us. When a lot of people are using the Internet at the same time, it creates the stopping and starting of the audio that you are experiencing, as well as interruption of radio and video clips, regardless of what player is being used. 

You may want to try and listen to seminar journeys at less popular times–when the Internet is less congested. OR - download the journeys and listen to them anytime, uninterrupted, using your computer's media player.

If Your Downloaded file is not .mp3 extension; Track(s) did not download completely; Track(s) seem to fade out
You can download any program from LuminEssence again and again. None of our audio files should have a .htm or other extension; all of them come with an .mp3 extension. If this is an issue, we suggest you delete the problem file and download it again. To do this, log in to the Member's Area, go to "My Downloads and Seminars" and download the audio program again. If your tracks seem to cut off or are not complete, it is most likely because there was an internet glitch during the time you were downloading it and not all of the file was downloaded. We suggest you delete the problem file and download it again.  If your track(s) seem to fade out, or you can not hear the last words or music, you may also want to check your iTunes or audio preferences to make sure the cross fade setting is set to zero. To stop this in iTunes go Edit, preferences, audio, then turn the cross-fading down to 0 seconds. 

We will hold a vision that you are able to enjoy the talks and meditations any time you want with ease. ~ Duane and Sanaya