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Thank you for your interest in teaching Personal Power Through Awareness classes.  Many of the people who are drawn to our work are teachers, healers, and leaders.  You may be interested in creating classes or forming study groups to share what you have learned about increasing your awareness of subtle energies and thus your personal power. 

We have written the Personal Power Through Awareness book to be used as a personal or group study guide.  Many people have taught wonderful classes using this book as a basis for their classes and study groups.  As you may know, teaching others magnifies many-fold your ability to learn and to put into practice whatever new skills, thoughts, and attitudes you want to embrace in your life.

You are welcome to hold classes, form study groups, and share the processes used in the Personal Power Through Awareness book.  You may use the Playsheets as a part of your class.  In addition, you may play the Personal Power Through Awareness audio journeys in Part 1 - Sensing Energy (P201E) and Part 2 - Journey Into Light - Going Higher (P202E) (each part has eight guided meditations) for your class. 

We also have an audiobook edition, read by Sanaya, that you may play in your classes, including the Playsheet meditations.

Meeting together with others to meditate, to share, and to grow spiritually can be an important part of your awakening. You are living in a time of enormous change and transformation. Humanity is awakening rapidly. Group work is the keynote of the New millennium.

You do not need to be a master of the principles contained in the book to teach or facilitate group meetings. You do need to be committed to exploring and implementing the processes presented in your daily life. Invite people who are responsive to your light and who want to be a part of the group you are forming to be a part of your classes.

Create a vision of the higher purpose of your group gathering. In addition to studying the book and its principles, you might want to be more specific about your higher purposes for gathering together. Write out your vision. Look at and energize this vision. 

Decide on a class or study group format. Determine the number of weeks you will meet, how long each meeting will be, and when you will meet. You may want to go through the chapters of this book and determine the key points you want to study.  

Please teach the material by following what is presented as closely as possible; do not change the information used in the book. We ask that you not teach other people's processes during your Orin classes to keep the energy as pure as possible, allowing people to have a better and clearer experience Orin's energy and teachings.

Once you have decided on the higher purpose of your classes and know the format and what you will be studying, follow your inner guidance about what outer action to take to attract this group. You may be drawn to posting notices at a local bookstore, or suggesting to friends that you meet to study this book. Trust that when the timing is right a class will come together.

We would like you to have the freedom to develop your own class format, so we are not setting any guidelines for a class structure. However, we do have some suggestions that can greatly enhance your group connections. You may follow these suggestions based on your wisdom of the appropriateness of these steps for the group you have attracted.

We suggest that you start your classes by asking group members to make an inner connection with their soul, Divine Self, and guides.  You can also make a connection with Orin and DaBen, and all the Beings of Light, asking for a transmission of energy.

It is usually best to start with a meditation, either led by you or someone else in the group, or by playing one of Orin's guided meditations. Some people design one class around each of Orin's guided meditation, play the meditation, and discuss their experiences afterward. You can use the Playsheets and discuss your answers as a part of the group.

It is often best to save talking and sharing for after a meditation, for then your personality interactions will reflect more of the higher connection you have just made.

You may want to ask people to read a certain portion of the book before coming to class, or read the book out loud during group meetings. Include time at the end of each class to radiate light to humanity and to various groups you have chosen as an important way to distribute all the energy you have gathered.

As a group leader or facilitator, be as inclusive, tolerant, noncritical, and loving as you can be. Connect with the souls and higher selves of everyone in the group, and let your personality connection evolve from this inner linkage. Be the best leader you can imagine. Honor your commitments to those who come to your class, such as preparing, starting and ending on time, and holding classes when you say you will. Ask those who come to commit to doing the same.

As a group leader, you may find people asking you questions and expecting you to have answers. Instead of providing answers and solutions, encourage group members to receive answers for themselves. Rather than giving advice, you can empower others by asking them to get quiet, go within, and ask their Divine Self for guidance.  Ask your students, "What do you think you should do in the situation you find yourself in?"

We send you our love. Orin and the beings of light will join you as you link with others to become points of light and love through which they can pour their love. At the moment you decide to gather a group, energy will be sent to you to assist you. All you need do is ask, and open to receive.

Remember that your students are also your teachers. We welcome you as a fellow traveler on the spiritual path and look forward to our continued connection with you.

We offer 20% off on Orin's Sensing Energy (P201E) and Journey Into Light- Going Higher (P202E) audio courses for teacher's and study group members.

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Personal Power Through Awareness Book Available in eBook formats (ePub and Kindle/mobi) Revised eBook and printed book edition is updated with new chapters on clearing energy. Stay centered and balanced and stop being affected by other people's moods. Send and receive telepathic messages, hear your intuition, and receive higher guidance. Evolve your inner dialog; change your self-image; find your deepest truth; and feel more loving, calm, focused, and positive. 

Book Excerpts from Personal Power preface by Sanaya and Welcome from Orin.
Receiving Guidance from the Higher Realms

Orin's Path of Self-Realization
Information on Teaching Personal Power Through Awareness

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Teaching Aids for Your Orin and DaBen Classes
Orin's Audio Course: Becoming a World Server, assists you in calling people to your work, preparing to be a leader and a teacher as you take your work out to the world.

Orin's Single Guided Meditation: Public Recognition.  This journey by Orin will assist you in "wearing" the energy of more and more people being attracted to your work, allowing you to prepare for greater success and call people to your work.

Purchasing MP3 Downloads for your students: If your students want MP3 downloads, your teacher discount is 20% off of each album, provided you already own one for yourself at full retail cost. Your students will have the audio as soon as we enter the order.

To place an order for your students and receive the discount, you will need to contact us directly by email with the information we need to complete this special order. Indicate the last 4 numbers of the credit card that you wish to use. You can add or edit credit cards in your Member's Area. We will need each student's name, full address, telephone number, and email address so we can create a record for them. Then they will be able to log in under their own name using their own email address as their log in ID and a password they create so they can download the meditations directly. We will create one invoice with the total dollar amount under your name, as the teacher, using your credit card for payment. We will then create an individual invoice under each student's name with a zero dollar amount so they will not know the actual cost of the downloads. (You can charge your students any amount you choose, up to the retail cost that LuminEssence charges).

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Recommended Personal Power Additional Audio Resources

Recommended audio journeys to go with the book

Listen to the Audiobook, read by Sanaya, transmitting Orin's energy to you as you listen.

product imageAudio Book, Personal Power through Awareness. (PPTAE) Unabridged version read by Sanaya Roman.  Includes two free sample chapters you can listen to right now.

P201 Sensing Energy AudioVolume 1 - Sensing Energy (P201) 8 meditations by Orin in album. Contains one guided meditation as well as affirmations by Orin to change your self-image, relationships, and ability to love and be loved. Recognize when you have taken on other people's energy and release it. Send and receive telepathic messages, increase your intuitive abilities, stay centered, and receive higher guidance.

P202 Journey Into Light AudioVolume 2 - Journey Into Light Going Higher, (P202) 8 meditations by Orin in album. This is a step-by-step program to develop your intuitive and psychic abilities, sense subtle energies, send and receive telepathically, awaken your intuition, receive higher guidance, and connect with your soul and guides. Learn to stay centered and balanced, increase the positive energy around you, and feel more loving, calm, focused, and positive.

P100 AudioPersonal Power Through Awareness Audio Short course contains one guided meditation as well as affirmations by Orin to change your self-image, relationships, and ability to love and be loved. Recognize when you have taken on other people's energy and release it. Send and receive telepathic messages, increase your intuitive abilities, stay centered, and receive higher guidance.

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Radiating Unconditional Love (P103) and Self-Love (L102)
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Sharing Your Audio Courses

Feel free to share this course with others, however we ask that you do not copy or transfer these copyrighted journeys to other people via audio listening devices, other digital media, file sharing programs, or other methods. Please do not post these audio journeys on the Internet. View information about sharing Orin's courses here.  Please review our Copyright and Permissions page for general information.

We have repeatedly found that when people are ready for the course, their soul, higher self, guides, and the Divine within will provide them with all the resources they need to take this course.  Our experience teaches us that those who purchase or make an investment in the course not only value the course, but finish it as well. Thank you for assisting and supporting us in keeping the work out in as pure a form as possible. 

What you do not have permission to play of Orin and DaBen journeys:

Streaming:  Because it is too easy for people to capture and copy streaming audio, and then to post it on the internet or other sites, we do not give people permission to stream any of the Orin or DaBen audio courses or single journeys, including music without words behind it. 

Selling downloads: If the downloads will be Orin and DaBen meditations from the audio courses, we request that you not make them available for download as they are copyrighted and we do not allow people to offer them via other websites as we want to make sure the quality is maintained.

PDF: We do ask that you not share or post the PDF material that comes with the courses.

Suggestions:  We suggest that you have people taking these courses with you purchase the audio journeys for themselves, as many people listen to them over and over and they have the entire course plus the PDF's to work with. One way that people have run seminars using our meditations is to require people to purchase the courses, then discuss them with you being the leader.