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Special message to you from Orin:
Everything you have done up until now has built a foundation for the next step that lies ahead, whatever that is for you.  We are calling you who are leaders, teachers, and healers, as our work is for those of you who want to awaken your inner light and to be a light for others.  You would not be drawn to this site and our teachings unless you are a leader, teacher, or healer, even if you haven't yet created this path or experienced these qualities manifesting in your life. 

You have been drawn to this site for a reason; perhaps to receive guidance, listen to a free Orin meditation, receive an affirmation, read an article that will assist you, or to purchase and study one of our books or audio courses.  You have all you need within you, so trust your intuition in choosing what is next for you.  Enjoy exploring our site, letting the divine within you guide you to exactly what you need right now to start a new chapter in your life and open to all the light and love that lies within you, waiting to unfold. 

Below is information if you are interested in Orin's audio products for:
Why use guided meditations?
Just beginning meditation, learning to relax
Help selecting products
Affirmations--our affirmation products
Losing weight, creating your ideal body
Being happy, experiencing joy
No time for self or to meditate, self-love topics
Relationship guided meditations, assistance
Soul mates
Loss of a loved one through death 
Launching a new business or spiritual practice

Channeling resources and information
Creating Money and Abundance
Receiving healing, health issues

Why use guided meditations? Suggestions for learning to relax
Orin believes that listening to guided meditations, when your mind is in a relaxed, open state, is a powerful and effective way to create lasting changes. Many people find it hard to quiet their mind and meditate in the traditional way.  This is one of the reasons Orin has made guided meditations which work with your conscious mind, subconscious mind and Higher Self.  In his guided meditations, Orin leads you through various visualizations that will help you focus your mind and relax. If you are new to meditation, or have difficulty quieting your mind, the first step we normally recommend are Orin's single journeys: Learning to Relax and Learning to Concentrate.
View a complete list of single journey's Orin has created to work with.

You can sample and work with Orin's meditations in Orin's Meditation Room.

Need help selecting audio meditations or books?
Remember that you cannot make a mistake in the choices of teachings, practices, or directions that you take on your path of Self Realization. Simply open to and follow your heart's desires. Your Divine Self is always guiding you, whether it be to the next course, seminar, book, or practice that is your next step on the path through your heart. Your heart desires your highest good in each and every moment, so turn within and follow your heart's guidance. As you learn to rely more completely on your heart, where the Self reveals Itself, you can experience Its infinite love, wisdom, and spiritual power flowing into every aspect of your life and experiences.

If you are having problems choosing what is next for you, we suggest that you get quiet, go within, and ask your deeper and wiser Self to assist you. Trust that you will be directed to the meditations that are right for you at this point in your life. We hope the information on this page can assist you in various areas.

Products by books and accompanying audio courses.

Also listen to an audiobook of each of our books read by Sanaya, transmitting Orin's energy to you as you listen.

product image Living with Joy book and guided meditations
product image

Personal Power Through Awareness book and guided meditations
product image

Spiritual Growth book and guided meditations
product image

Creating Money book and guided meditations
product image

Opening to Channel book and guided meditations
product image

Soul Love book and guided meditations
product image

The Awakening Your Light Body courses contain some of DaBen and Orin's most popular and transformative courses.

Orin's Divine Will courses offer you many audio journeys to work with the 7 qualities of Divine Will to transform your life and consciousness.

We have many wonderful audio journeys by Orin containing affirmations you can listen to while you drive, work around the house, or play at a low volume as background while you work. Living With Joy Affirmations for self-love, joy, receiving, and clarity; Personal Power Through Awareness Affirmations to increase your awareness of subtle energies and your psychic abilities; Spiritual Growth Affirmations to link with the higher forces, transform your inner being and take your light out to the world; and the Magnetizing Abundance Affirmations which contains the abundance affirmations from the Creating Money book, many of which you will find under the topic of Creating Money/Abundance on this website. 
Visit our Affirmation Room to receive a daily affirmation.

Being happy, experiencing joy
Orin has written a book specifically to assist you in bringing more joy into your life, called Living with Joy. We have a wonderful single meditation called Being Happy by Orin that teaches you to learn how to be happy. We do have many other wonderful meditation audio journeys you can read about online to assist you in being happy.

We also have a short meditation by Orin on Joy in Orin's meditation room.
Read this newsletter article on joy.

Losing weight, creating your ideal body
We have a wonderful audio album by Orin called Creating Your Ideal Body and several single audio meditations like Orin's Losing Weight, Looking Younger  and Body Beautiful that might be of assistance to you.

Launching a new business, increasing your spiritual practice and getting your work out to the world
We have some wonderful guided journeys by Orin to assist you in getting your work out to the world. If you have a business and would like to increase your sales, Orin's single journey, For Self-Employed People will teach you how to magnetize business, clients, sales, and money. For money and abundance guidance and information, go to our Creating Money and Abundance Guide

If you are an artist, author, or have creative work you want to get out to the world, Orin's single audio journey, Public Recognition contains the processes Orin taught Sanaya to work at an energy level to call people to his books. We also have an album, Becoming a World Server, that contains the processes Orin gave Sanaya to get his work out to the world on a larger scale.

No time for self, or to meditate, increasing self love
We do have a meditation by Orin called Creating Your Perfect Day-Wake-Up Meditation  that might be useful to you. This journey guides you to create a picture of allowing yourself time during your day to do all the things that are important to you, including meditating. In addition, Orin's guided meditation, Self-Love  teaches you to create new, positive beliefs about how to love and nurture yourself; daily meditation is a way to love and nurture yourself. View a list of all self-love guided meditations.

In Orin's Meditation Room there are many short journeys to help you relax, open to receive, feel joy, love yourself, clear your mind, and love your body, as well as links to free 20-30 minute Orin guided meditations.

Relationship guided meditations, assistance
Orin has written several books that may assist you in improving your relationships. Orin's book, Living with Joy will teach you about how to love and honor yourself, and how to be who you are around other people. Orin's book, Soul Love, will assist you in creating loving, supportive relationships. It will assist you in moving through blockages to having what you want in a relationship.

We also have many single guided meditations and albums that go with each of these books. View more information about the book and audio meditations on Loving Relationships.
View a list of all Single Meditations

You can also listen to Orin's free online audio meditations in Orin's Meditation Room. There is a short, guided journey on "Loving Relationships."

Soul mates
Information about finding Soul Mates
Orin has much information about Soul Mates in his book Soul Love 

We have guided audio meditations that you might be interested in listening to that can assist you in attracting a soul mate. Orin's single journey, Attracting Your Soul Mate assists you in meeting your soul mate on the inner planes, and teaches you how to begin to draw this person into your life. Orin's Attracting Your Soul Mate course not only assists you in meeting your soul mate, but also takes you through many processes to prepare for this person and to call this person into your life.

Loss of a loved one through death, connecting soul to soul
There is a course by Orin that people find helpful when a loved one has passed on. The Creating a Soul Relationship audio album by Orin. You will learn how to connect soul-to-soul with a loved one who is alive or who has passed on. You can still continue to link with this person's soul after they have left the earth plane. All the light, love, and energy you send them will definitely help to go higher on the other side.