Receiving Guidance and Answers to your Questions | Orin's Meditation Room

Requesting Extra Energy

If you have written to us or mentally asked for extra energy and light to be sent to you, know that Orin and DaBen, your higher self and guides, are aware of your request and will begin sending light to you. To receive extra energy:

  • Relax your body, calm your emotions, and clear your mind.
  • From a state of peace and clarity, ask for assistance from your Divine Self, your soul, your guide, Orin, DaBen, an angel, Master, or whoever feels right.
  • Affirm that you are ready for this situation to transform. Know that all sincere requests will be answered.
  • Make the commitment to grow through joy rather than through pain and struggle in this area.
  • Imagine that one or more of these Beings, including your soul and your guide are responding to your call.
  • Receive the light that is being sent to you.
  • Ask for your inner eyes to be open so that you can better know what to do. Ask for clear guidance.
  • Let your heart be filled with love, courage, forgiveness, and gratitude.
  • Open to receive love into your heart, so you can find loving solutions.
  • Receive light into your mind, so you can know more clearly what steps to take.
  • Draw this light into your throat, so you can speak and say those things that will transform this situation. 
  • As you wake up every morning, become aware of the light being held around you, and add light to this situation or any other you are working on.
  • Ask if there are any specific steps you can take that day to add light to this situation.
  • Remember to thank the guides and Masters for their help. The greatest gift you give them is using this light for your growth. Guides can only give you as much assistance and extra light as you use, so take the action and make the changes that occur to you. Your contribution to changing this situation is as important as the light that will be sent to you.

You may want to go to the Orin meditation room where Orin leads you on a short meditation for receiving extra energy and light.

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Orin's Comforting Single Audio Meditations
We have several guided meditations by Orin that may assist you in feeling better.
Feeling Energetic which guides one to work with a Master of physical vitality who will send light to increase the sense of well-being.
Reprogramming at a Cellular Level Reprogram your DNA to achieve your goals and dreams.  Orin will guide you to change your life by going to your cellular levels.  To reprogram your life and personality, we also suggest Orin's audio course, Transforming Your Personality (SG200)

Orin's course, Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self (DS203) is a powerful course in clearing blockages and stuck places.

You may want to work with any of Orin's audio journeys for Clearing Blockages to assist you in changing this area of your life. As you look through this website, notice if you feel drawn to any other Orin or DaBen guided meditations or books. These contain many processes and tools of light given to us by Orin and DaBen that can assist you in transforming your life.

Work with Orin's journey, Meeting Your Spirit Guide to receive extra energy from your guide.

Soothing Music by Thaddeus
You might find that some of Thaddeus' music can help you achieve states of deep relaxation; he is one of the healing angels and people have written to us to tell of being lifted by listening to his music. You can listen to it free, online, by visiting the Thaddeus' music listening room.