Becoming an Orin and/or DaBen Teacher

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Or, do you already teach classes and want to teach your students additional skills? Orin and DaBen offer many courses that you can study yourself and then teach to others. Choose from the list below to find out more about how you can become a teacher of the Orin and DaBen materials.

Teaching Classes Based on Books

You can lead meditations by using the exercises at the end of each chapter in the books, or base them on Orin's meditations. While you are welcome to record your meditations and make them available to people who attended that class, we ask that you not make recordings of your meditations to sell commercially. You may charge your students anything you like for teaching them the courses as equal energy exchange, it is also fine if you provide scholarships (partial or free) to the needy.

If you would like to teach classes based on our books, select the book title(s) below for information about giving classes based on the book(s):

Teaching Awakening Your Light Body Courses
If you want to become an Awakening Your Light Body teacher, or teach graduate light body courses, we have a number of requirements.  Read about our light body teaching requirements.

Teaching courses from Orin's Transcending Your Ego, Becoming Your Divine Self, and Unfolding Divine Consciousness Series:

Note about Orin's Transcending Your Ego, Becoming Your Divine Self, Unfolding Divine Consciousness and Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle Series:

Orin has asked people not to teach any of these courses (DS101-DS106, DS201-DS203, DS204, JV351-JV355) by leading or teaching the meditations in your own voice at this time.  Orin asks that you present these courses to others by playing his audio journeys for them. Orin does not feel that people are able to transmit from the spaces beyond the ego that Orin is transmitting from during the journeys. We just ask that you not lead the guided meditations for these courses in your own voice, record them, or teach classes based on similar meditations given in your own voice. 

If you want to teach others these courses, you can hold classes or get together with one or two friends and play your journeys for them. You can also purchase multiple download courses and receive a discount. (Email our office for details).


Teaching Orin's Divine Will Courses
Gather a group and share with people what you have learned by teaching Orin's Divine Will Journeys. You may teach from MM050 and MM060, however permission is not given to teach Orin's Manifesting with Divine Will courses MM070 and DW917).

Teaching Orin's Millennium Journeys
Gather a group and teach people what you have learned by teaching Orin's Millennium Journeys. (MM010-MM040)

Orin Meditations you may play and share in a live setting:
You can lead meditations by using the exercises at the end of each chapter in the books, or base them on Orin's meditations.

You may enjoy playing Thaddeus' music, created by Sanaya, for your classes to set the space. Listen to Thaddeus music samples in the Thaddeus Music Listening Room.  You may purchase Thaddeus' music for resale to your students if you order 2 or more of the same album; contact our office for more details.

You have permission to play Orin's FREE full length guided meditations and/or his short 3-5 minute guided meditations for your students. The Orin meditations on this web page are fine to play for your audience.  We would appreciate your mentioning our website, so people can explore our site and learn more about the source of the meditations and others they might be interested in.  If you go to Orin's Meditation Room on our website, you will see the following:

Go here to start listening to Orin's short 3-5 minute meditations
Go here for full-length free Orin Audio Meditations

What you do not have permission to play of Orin and DaBen journeys over the Internet:

Streaming:  Because it is too easy for people to capture and copy streaming audio, and then to post it on the internet or other sites, we do not give people permission to stream any of the Orin or DaBen audio courses or single journeys, including music without words behind it. You may not read transcripts of their audio as well.

Selling downloads: If the downloads will be Orin and DaBen meditations from the audio courses, we request that you not make them available for download as they are copyrighted and we do not allow people to offer them via other websites as we want to make sure the quality is maintained.

PDF: We ask that you not share or post the PDF material that comes with the courses.

Suggestions:  We suggest that you have people taking these courses with you purchase the audio journeys for themselves, as many people listen to them over and over and they have the entire course plus the PDF's to work with. One way that people have run seminars using our meditations is to require people to purchase the courses, then discuss them with you being the leader.

Teaching Aids for Your Orin and DaBen Classes
Orin's Audio Course: Becoming a World Server, assists you in calling people to your work, preparing to be a leader and a teacher as you take your work out to the world.

Orin's Single Guided Meditation: Public Recognition.  This journey by Orin will assist you in "wearing" the energy of more and more people being attracted to your work, allowing you to prepare for greater success and call people to your work.

Purchasing MP3 Downloads for your students: If your students want MP3 downloads, your teacher discount is 20% off of each album, provided you already own one for yourself at full retail cost. Your students will have the audio as soon as we enter the order.

To place an order for your students and receive the discount, you will need to contact us directly by email with the information we need to complete this special order. Indicate the last 4 numbers of the credit card that you wish to use. You can add or edit credit cards in your Member's Area. We will need each student's name, full address, telephone number, and email address so we can create a record for them. Then they will be able to log in under their own name using their own email address as their log in ID and a password they create so they can download the meditations directly. We will create one invoice with the total dollar amount under your name, as the teacher, using your credit card for payment. We will then create an individual invoice under each student's name with a zero dollar amount so they will not know the actual cost of the downloads. (You can charge your students any amount you choose, up to the retail cost that LuminEssence charges).

Note: Discounts do not apply to audio books, eBooks, printed books, music (except for resale) or any products other than the courses indicated.

Index to Teacher's Information

Teaching Orin's book, Living with Joy
Teaching Orin's book, Personal Power Through Awareness

Teaching Orin's book, Spiritual Growth
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