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Welcome! We are glad you visited us and we appreciate your feedback about any website problems you may be experiencing. We will make every effort to correct things so that your future visits are even better. Please read and fill out the information below that may be relevant to your problem.  Thank you for your assistance.

Incomplete Downloads Note: If after you download your audio journeys, you find that the audio is cut off or does not contain all of the journey, or anything about the journeys seems unusual, please delete the incomplete download from your computer, and download the journey again. This means that somewhere during the download process the internet had a glitch and stopped your download. All our audio journeys are complete and do not cut off part-way.

If your download does not appear, check to make sure you have not ordered it in the past. To access your original download, you can sort your item listing by product number (Prodno) or Title; either way you will find the journey in your download list.  If you find that you ordered a duplicate download in error, we would be willing to offer you a different title of equal value in exchange.

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I have an iPad, iPhone, or Apple device. How do I get your audio files on it? Answer: You can stream any of our audio directly into your Apple device without needing to sync it to your computer first. To download, you will need to download the audio first to your computer, put it in a player such as iTunes, and then sync it to your device. This is due to Apple's proprietary programming and is true for all audio programs that do not come from iTunes or an Apple site.

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Problems placing or completing your order
Sometimes there are problems with routers, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), and Internet outages that cause a problem with ordering. If you would try once again to place an order, you may be successful as whatever the problem may have been fixed. There are times (although infrequent) when our server is down for a few minutes, and in this case you will get an error message.You may want to order again at a later time. You may always order by phone, or by mailing in your order. Or, you may email us with your order at ; please for security reasons include the first 8 digits of your credit card information in one email, and the second 8 digits (plus the expiration date) in a second email with the expiration date.

Music or free online meditations start and stop
Please Note: Most website trouble is caused by congested Internet traffic or periodic website difficulties. We would appreciate your trying again in an hour before reporting a website problem.

Hyperlink Problem: 
We make every effort to keep all of our hyperlinks working properly and check each one of them weekly. You are welcome to report a hyperlink problem here. If you get a "404 error, Page Not Found" message when clicking on a hyperlink, please try the hyperlink several times to make sure the Internet is "awake". If it still does not work, please report it on this page. If a hyperlink works but seems to take you to the wrong place, we are probably not aware of this and would be grateful to you for reporting it.

Download Problem:
Please let us know of any download problems.  We ask that you read the Downloading Audio Files before contacting us.

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