Beautiful New Expressions     May 10, 2020
By R. A.  (FL)
Wow! Exquisite new energies and ways of traversing transitions to create beautiful new expressions, patterns, and connections. It is wonderful to become so saturated with these energies; to be in and of them. It is neither overwhelming nor hard to follow. Inventing these avenues of expression and then moving so completely into these energies stimulate a profoundly complete transformation. These are amazing new experiences.

LB976e RW, UK     May 10, 2020
By R. W.  (Great Britain)
Coming out of this seminar I feel a sense of completion in regards to manifesting. Once my growth occured almost as an accidental aside to the things and situations I strove to create in my life. Then I focused on the growth as a way to better manifest. Now, I feel at peace and at ease focusing solely on the growth, I can trust that my life, the people, situations and things will change to reflect this new consciousness back to me. How that happens, when and the form that takes doesn't really seem to matter any more. Knowing this has brought me peace and a sense of ease I hadn't realised I'd been missing.