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This series of courses is for you who want to make significant progress in your spiritual growth through embodying and expressing your Divine Self, the source of all love, light and spiritual power that lies within you. We have heard from many people and invite you to read reviews of these courses on our website, and add your own reviews as well.

Transcending Your Ego
In this series of courses, Orin will guide you to experience the consciousness and illumination of your Divine Self, your true, innermost Self. This Self and the illumination it offers take you beyond the ego into awakened states of awareness. With this transformation you can experience flowing, peaceful emotions and a still and focused mind. You can receive clear guidance, insights, courage, inspiration, motivation, vision, and clarity.  This series consists of six (6) courses with 12 Orin meditations in each course.  Orin's life-altering journeys in this series are very uplifting, inspiring, and practical.  (DS101-DS106)

Becoming Your Divine Self Series
In this series you will continue the expansions of consciousness offered in Orin's Transcending Your Ego courses to explore more about who you are beyond the ego, beyond your body, emotions, and mind. Orin's journeys in these 3 courses assist you in opening to your Divine Self so you can better know your true identity as a Divine being. When you know who you are–a powerful, wise, and infinite being–you have more confidence, clarity, and vision. You experience more inner peace, harmony, and inspiration. Anxiety, doubts, and worry disappear. You love and honor yourself. You make yourself rather than other people the authority of what is right for you. You are not driven by externals; instead you follow your inner guidance. You are not needy or dependent. You know your Divine Self is always bringing you whatever you need. (DS201-DS203.)

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Birthing a New You: Transcending Your Ego Part 1 DS101
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Connect with your Divine Self to awaken your spiritual power, trust your inner wisdom, release limiting thoughts, tap into infinite supply, receive Divine Self guidance and inspiration, enjoy harmonious relationships, and to feel the peace of your Divine Self. Rise into divine consciousness and birth a new you as you open to your Divine Self.   More...

Transforming Your Emotions: Transcending Your Ego Part 2 DS102
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Experience the Divine Self illumination that reveals the nature of emotions, an aspect of your ego. Awaken divine love, stay clear around negative emotions, clear obstacles to knowing infinite supply, free yourself from repeating the past, move beyond pain and suffering, deepen and sustain inner peace, and accept more joy, love, and freedom into your life.   More...

Evolving Your Desire Body: Transcending Your Ego Part 3 DS103
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Evolve your desire body – the part of your ego that is composed of desires. Align your desires with higher purpose, free yourself from unfulfilling desires, become pure awareness without desire, release old desires, and allow your desire body to transform into a new field of awareness that responds to your Divine Self rather than to mass consciousness or the desires of people around you. Experience greater contentment, gratitude, and appreciation for the richness of your life just as it is.   More...

Illuminating Your Mind: Transcending Your Ego Part 4 DS104
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Experience the light of your Divine Self that reveals the mind and takes you beyond the mind into pure awareness. Love your thoughts and respond to them in new ways, rise above mind chatter, release worry thoughts, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and open to divine ideas as you enjoy new ways of thinking. Strengthen Divine Self guidance, connect with the Divine Self of others, and experience greater abundance. Release negative thoughts about aging, health, and your body.   More...

Deepening Divine Self Consciousness: Transcending Your Ego Part 5 DS105
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Deepen your Divine Self connection so you have the illumination and consciousness to transcend your ego. Break through to a new consciousness, come into resonance with your Divine Self, let go of old identities, update the roles you play, release identification with form and know your formless Self, free yourself from past labels, clear the storms of emotions, strengthen your ability to be true to yourself, and embrace your new identity of being your Divine Self.   More...

Transcending Your Ego Part 6 DS106
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Experience high, transcendent states as you open to the illumination of the Divine Self that reveals the entire ego-personality. You open to the sun of light within you and let it move out through every area of your life to transform it. You can move beyond needing approval, practice self-forgiveness, release the need to suffer, learn to love what is and let things be, free yourself from attachments, respond with love as your Self, and radiate your inner beauty.   More...

Knowing Your True Identity: Becoming Your Divine Self Part 1 DS201
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Experience your Self as a non-physical, eternal, invisible, infinite, unlimited, pure, illuminating light. Knowing your true identity can be one of the most life-changing, transformative steps you can take. Knowing your true identity clears the way; opens doors; and brings you energy, answers, opportunities, solutions, and all that you need to move forward into your highest future.   More...

Awakening Your Spiritual Power: Becoming Your Divine Self DS202
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Explore the nature of spiritual power that reveals the truth that there is only one power, that of the Divine Self. When you are in contact with your Divine Self, no thoughts, beliefs, memories, people, feelings, obstacles, situations, or outside circumstances can have any power over you or can stop you from creating a life that reflects more of the unlimited potential of your Divine Self.   More...

Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self: Becoming Your Divine Self DS203
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
Open to the illumination of your Divine Self that clears any energy that veils your inner light, such as fears, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, stories, memories, and energy from mass consciousness and other people. Learn how to recognize when you are not clear, and return to clear states where you can be hear your inner guidance and feel more joyful, insightful, inspired, focused, confident, and optimistic.   More...

Asking and Receiving From Your Divine Self DS204
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download
As you open to your Divine Self, learn how to ask and receive, and unfold divine consciousness, it dawns on you that you have not even asked for a small portion of what you can have - the wisdom, love, vision, clarity and more that can be yours. The challenge becomes how much you can allow yourself to ask for and how much good you can accept into your life.   More...

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