C101Opening to Channel: Connecting with Your Guide Audio CourseOrin and DaBenAudio Course
C201Orin's Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear GuidanceSanaya and OrinAudio Course
CMEAudio Book: Creating Money: Attracting AbundanceRead by Sanaya RomanAudio Course
D001Beginning Clairvoyant Sight DaBenAudio Short Course
DS101Birthing a New You: Transcending Your Ego Part 1OrinAudio Course
DS102Transforming Your Emotions: Transcending Your Ego Part 2OrinAudio Course
DS103Evolving Your Desire Body: Transcending Your Ego Part 3OrinAudio Course
DS104Illuminating Your Mind: Transcending Your Ego Part 4OrinAudio Course
DS105Deepening Divine Self Consciousness: Transcending Your Ego Part 5OrinAudio Course
DS106Transcending Your Ego Part 6 OrinAudio Course
DS201Knowing Your True Identity: Becoming Your Divine Self Part 1OrinAudio Course
DS202Awakening Your Spiritual Power: Becoming Your Divine SelfOrinAudio Course
DS203Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self: Becoming Your Divine SelfOrinAudio Course
DS204Asking and Receiving From Your Divine Self OrinAudio Course
DW911Orin's Transforming Your Consciousness: Clearing Lesser Energies, Illusions, and LimitationsSanaya and OrinAudio Course
DW912Orin's Experiencing Continuity of Consciousness: Discovering Your Soul's PathSanaya and OrinAudio Course
DW913Orin's Evolving Your Consciousness: Stepping onto Your Higher PathSanaya and OrinAudio Course
DW914Orin's Intuition: Connecting with Your Divine SelfSanaya and OrinAudio Course
DW915Orin's Illumination: Awakening Your Higher MindSanaya and OrinAudio Course
DW916Orin's Inspiration: Being Your Authentic SelfSanaya and OrinAudio Course
DW917Orin's Divine Manifesting with Divine Will: Parts 1 and 2Sanaya and OrinAudio Course
DW918Divine Manifesting with Divine Will: Part 2 Becoming a Master of ManifestingOrinAudio Course
JV351Developing Dimensional Awareness: Connecting with Higher Realms and BeingsSanaya Roman and OrinAudio Course
JV352Lighting Up Your Jeweled Vehicle: Exploring the Realms of Infinite Possibilities and Alternate UniversesSanaya Roman and OrinAudio Course
JV353Wearing Your Cloak of Tetrahedrons: Visiting Realms that Enhance Source ConsciousnessSanaya Roman and OrinAudio Course
JV354Exploring the Interdimensional Network of Light: With Your Ring of Light Vision Sanaya Roman and OrinAudio Course
JV355Visiting Cities of Light: Receiving Tetrahedrons with Special PowersSanaya Roman and OrinAudio Course
KT30073 Download Audio Meditations Orin and DaBenAudio Course
L100Living With Joy Meditation/AffirmationsOrinAudio Short Course
L201Orin's Living With Joy Course OrinAudio Course
L202Orin's Living with Joy: Taking a Quantum LeapOrinAudio Course
LB111Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 1 Building Your Power BaseDaBen and OrinAudio Course
LWJEAudio Book: Living with Joy Anniversary EditionRead by Sanaya RomanAudio Course
M001Creating Money: Meditation / AffirmationsOrinAudio Short Course
M100Orin's Creating Money: Attracting AbundanceOrinAudio Course
M200Orin's Becoming a World Server OrinAudio Course
MM010Orin's Increasing Your Inner Light OrinAudio Course
MM020Orin's Expanding Your Consciousness OrinAudio Course
MM030Orin's Accelerating Your Evolution OrinAudio Course
MM040Orin's Building a Radiant Aura OrinAudio Course
MM050Orin's Divine Will Series: Transforming Your Life with Divine WillOrinAudio Course
MM060Orin's Divine Will Series: Living a Soul Life with Divine WillOrinAudio Course
MM070Orin's Divine Manifesting with Divine Will: Part 1 Manifesting as Your Divine SelfSanaya and OrinAudio Course
OD001Attunement With Your Crystal Orin and DaBenAudio Short Course
OR914Living Your Life Purpose Sanaya and OrinAudio Course
OR917Orin's Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle EnergiesSanaya and OrinAudio Course
OR918Orin's Vision: Creating Your Highest FutureSanaya and OrinAudio Course
OTCEOpening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide Audio BookSanaya Roman and Duane PackerAudio Course
P100Personal Power Through Awareness: Meditation / AffirmationsOrinAudio Short Course
P201Orin's Personal Power Through Awareness: Sensing EnergyOrinAudio Course
P202Orin's Personal Power: Journey Into Light-Going HigherOrinAudio Course
PPTAEPersonal Power Through Awareness: An Audio Guide for Sensitive PeopleRead by Sanaya RomanAudio Course
SG001Meeting Your Soul OrinAudio Short Course
SG100Spiritual Growth Meditation/AffirmationsOrinAudio Short Course
SG101Orin's Spiritual Growth: Raising Your Vibration OrinAudio Course
SG102Orin's Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self OrinAudio Course
SG200Orin's Transformation: Evolving Your PersonalityOrinAudio Course
SGEAudio Book: Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher SelfRead by Sanaya Roman Audio Course
SI016Becoming a Writer OrinAudio Course
SI031Creating Your Ideal Body OrinAudio Course
SL001Soul Love: Celebration of Love/ Making Wheels of Love OrinAudio Short Course
SL102Orin's Attracting Your Soul Mate OrinAudio Course
SL104Orin's Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light OrinAudio Course
SL105Orin's Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart CentersOrinAudio Course
SL106Orin's Soul Love: Creating a Soul RelationshipOrinAudio Course
SLESoul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers AUDIO BOOKSanaya RomanAudio Course