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Becoming a Source of Light
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I take a few deep breaths in.
As I breathe in I imagine
I am breathing in light.

I feel the gentle touch of light
moving through me
riding on my breath.

Light flows
into every part of my body.
There is a perfect circulation
of light within and through me.

As I breathe out I send
light out to the world.
The light around me is growing.

I call my soul to me simply
by having the intention to do so.
I imagine its magnificent presence
surrounding me with its beautiful light.
I feel my soul's power and love.
I draw in my soul's light. 
It comes into every part of my being.

I am becoming radiant
with my soul's light.
I transmit my soul's light to the world
as it pours through me.

I call light to myself
from the higher dimensions.
I think of all the high beings of light
who are broadcasting light to humanity.

I open to receive all the
light the Enlightened Ones are sending.
As I receive their light
I affirm that I will use it
for my spiritual growth
and for the good of all humanity.

I draw in Solar Light
the soul of the sun--
the light of beauty and oneness.
I fill myself with Solar Light.

With each breath in I draw in Solar Light
and circulate it throughout
my aura, my cells, and my body.

With each breath out
I send Solar Light out to the world.
I am becoming a radiant source of light.

I think of the light of the stars,
I imagine the light of the Pole Star,
the star of direction and purpose,
flowing into me.
As I fill up with this light,
I now radiate this light
of direction and purpose to others.

I sense more and more
light radiating from me.
As I draw in light,
I become a radiating source of light.
I now stay connected to the light.
I automatically draw in light
with every breath in.

I think of the souls of all those
who are one step behind me.
I radiate light to them.

I think of my loved ones.
As I think of them I fill myself with light.
I transmit the light of my soul,
the light of the Enlightened Ones,
the Solar Light, and
the light of the Pole Star to them
simply by thinking of them
as I call light to myself.

I am radiant.
I am a source of light.
I am becoming a light
that lights the way for others.

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