Weekly Meditation

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Creating Abundance Through Following Your Inner Guidance
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I know that I am 
the source of my abundance.
I can create whatever is
for my higher good.

I now think of abundance,
or something I want 
to create in my life.

As I think of it,
I ask myself what having this
will create in my life.

I look at what soul qualities
I think having this
will give me,
such as joy, peace, love, and so on.

I first ask for these qualities
to appear in my life,
and allow them to 
come in many ways.

I visualize what I want.
I ask for this or even better 
to come to me.

I take a moment to feel 
the feelings I will have
when this comes into my life.

I pretend I already have it.
I bring into my body 
the feelings of joy, love, peace,
and whatever else I think having this
will create for me. 

I open to having these feelings, 
letting them come 
in many ways and through
many forms, people, and situations.
In this way I create abundance
in my life.

I now listen to my inner guidance,
coming from my higher self and soul,
that is showing me how to create
what I want in my life. 

When I listen to and follow 
my inner guidance,
things come to me easily.
My inner guidance shows me 
the best and highest ways 
to create what I am picturing.

It brings me even more 
than I have imagined,
and assists me in 
creating those things
that are for my highest good.

I think again of what 
I want to create in my life.
I get quiet and
let guidance flow into me
from my higher self.

I know that my higher guidance
may speak directly to me,
or may lead me to certain people, 
books, and situations 
that show me how 
to create what I want.

I hear my inner guidance
by listening to my feelings.
I do those things 
that call to my heart,
and release those things 
that do not.

I practice listening 
to my feelings today
by saying "no" 
when I do not feel drawn to do something,
and by saying "yes" when I do.

I realize when things seem hard,
that it is time to listen to my inner guidance.
I stop, get quiet,
and look for where 
to put my time and energy
that feels right,
and that brings me joy.

As I pay attention,
I create my highest good
I draw abundance
and all good things into my life.

My dreams come true
as I follow my inner guidance.

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