Weekly Meditation

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Spiritual Growth
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I open to receive all the 
gifts the universe has for me.
I am ready to expand my consciousness,
connect with my higher self,
and unfold my potential.

I now sit as if I am my higher self.
My breath flows through me,
lifting me higher.
My posture is erect.
I feel confident and serene.

I sense my higher self blending with me
as I invite it into my life.
This is my wise, all-knowing self
that is always there to guide me.
I open to its loving presence.

I think of my day ahead.
I know that every thing that happens 
is a gift from my higher self
to assist me in growing spiritually.

I picture the people I will be with today.
I imagine connecting with them

I bring any negative energies I experience
into my heart center
to be transformed into love.
I remain centered, loving, and balanced
no matter how others are acting.

I use every situation I encounter today
to create more harmony and peace
between myself and others.
I find the winning solutions for all concerned.
I spread goodwill wherever I go.

I recognize any judgments and criticisms
that may harm myself or others.
As I recognize them, I release them.
I have compassion for others
and for myself.

I love and accept ALL my feelings.
I accept my humanity as
well as my divinity.
I know that I am doing the best
I know how.
I will love and honor myself today 
with my words, actions, and thoughts.

I imagine that I am my higher self today.
I think in expanded ways.
I listen to my inner wisdom,
and act on my intuition.

My inner sight is awakening.
I can see my life clearly 
through the eyes of love
and wisdom.  

I grow spiritually today
through opening my heart,
listening to my inner self,
acting on my intuition,
and speaking my truth.

I grow spiritually today
by linking with my higher self and 
the higher forces of the universe.
My connection to the Enlightened Ones 
and my ability to serve humanity
is taking a quantum leap.

I now commit to my spiritual growth.
I know it will bring me all the true riches 
of the universe.
The true riches of the universe are those
that I will retain after I die.

These true riches include: 
my ever-expanding love, 
my growing wisdom, 
my increasing awareness, 
my radiant inner light,
and all the love and light
that comes back to me 
as I offer this to others.

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Be your Higher Self in everyday life and move to a higher state of consciousness. Receive answers and guidance from your Higher Self. Work with light, connect with the Universal Mind and Higher Will. Learn non-attachment; right use of will; travel into probable realities; and experience more joy, harmony, peace, and love.

Note:  Revised eBook is updated, however the information is essentially the same as in the printed book.
Note:  If you have purchased the revised eBook edition since June, 2011, you have the latest edition.
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