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Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle

In this five-part course series of interdimensional traveling journeys by Orin, you will be offered an expanded view and greater experience of the larger Universe you live in. You will acquire the skills you need to be present in other realities and dimensions, meet many evolved beings, build your traveling vehicle that Orin calls your Jeweled Vehicle, and use the energy you discover to improve your earth life as well. Courses must be taken in sequence as you are building your jeweled vehicle in each course that allows you to experience the energies being presented.

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Developing Dimensional Awareness: Connecting with Higher Realms and Beings JV351
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya Roman and Orin     Download
Have you ever wanted to travel to higher dimensions, explore the multiverse and the worlds and beings there? Do you want to explore more of who you are as a multi-dimensional being? In this course you will set a foundation for your travels by forming a mandala of light with your guide and many spiritual beings of light to align with the highest possible energies to support you in your travels. With this you have a stable foundation from which to launch your traveling adventures.   More...

Lighting Up Your Jeweled Vehicle: Exploring the Realms of Infinite Possibilities and Alternate Universes JV352
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya Roman and Orin     Download
You will have an opportunity to meet and play with some of the many beings who exist in these realms. As you play in the field of all potential some limitation will be shifted and new opportunities will appear, something that is exactly suited for who you are. You will build your jeweled vehicle and add more tetrahedrons to your field of personal tetrahedrons in all of these journeys. Every tetrahedron contains information, codes, and keys that open the gateways to higher realities.   More...

Wearing Your Cloak of Tetrahedrons: Visiting Realms that Enhance Source Consciousness JV353
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya Roman and Orin     Download
With each course in this series you are building your jeweled vehicle in ways that allow you to become aware of and explore increasingly higher, vaster realms. Now that you have traveled to the realms of infinite possibilities you have added tetrahedrons and light to your jeweled vehicle. This will allow you to better experience the Source consciousness that you will explore in this course.   More...

Exploring the Interdimensional Network of Light: With Your Ring of Light Vision JV354
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya Roman and Orin     Download
Welcome to volume four of Orin’s Interdimensional traveling series. Many wonderful experience lie ahead as you listen and travel. You will be visiting many uplifting places and interacting with beings who will sponsor you in exploring their worlds. You are becoming an experienced traveler!   More...

Visiting Cities of Light: Receiving Tetrahedrons with Special Powers JV355
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya Roman and Orin     Download
The cities of light exist in the higher dimensions. Orin has carefully selected the ones that you will visit as those he feels will be most beneficial to you and easier for you to interact with the beings that are there. As you travel interdimensionally through the cities of light, you will gain more skill in communicating with a wider range of beings.   More...

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