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Transforming Your Life with the Seven Qualities of Divine Will

This web page introduces you to Divine Will and suggests how the various Orin courses are related to each other. The order of the audio courses below is their suggested study path. However, you can study them in any order as you are drawn to do so. General Information about Divine Will.
Manifesting with Divine Will
Orin's Audio Courses with Divine Will and Your Soul
We recommend you start with Orin's Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050) as his foundation course to contact Divine Will, learn about all seven qualities. There are brief descriptions of each course below with links to much fuller descriptions of them.

Part 1: Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050)
To align with Divine Will you need to contact it, call it to you, and draw it into your life as Orin will guide you to do in the journeys in this course. There are separate journeys for each of the seven qualities of Divine Will. You will link with your soul and call upon the seven qualities of Divine Will to transform your life. You will pick an earth plane goal and a spiritual goal you want to manifest as you open to each of the seven qualities of Divine Will. Course consists of 12 audio meditations by Orin and a PDF booklet with extensive written material. MM050  Go here for more information and to order.

Part 2: Living a Soul Life with Divine Will (MM060)
You will link with all seven qualities of Divine Will in each journey to awaken to divine love, to strengthen self-love, to transform your emotions, to illuminate your mind, to know your life purpose, to increase abundance and prosperity, to receive clear inner guidance, to expand your creativity, to evolve your body, to create a supportive environment, and to experience and live your life as a soul. 12 audio meditations by Orin and a PDF booklet with extensive written material. MM060 Go here for more information and to order.

Manifesting with Divine WillManifesting with Divine Will and Your Divine Self
After you strengthen your connection to your soul and Divine Will, or if you feel you already have, you may want to strengthen your ability to manifest by studying Parts 1 and 2 of Orin's Divine Manifesting courses below. Read about your soul and Divine Self for more information.

Orin's Divine Manifesting courses work with what Orin calls the Divine Self. The level of illumination and the energies you will work with are stepped up several levels. This course is recommended for those of you with some experience with Divine Will, and have meditated before and worked on the inner to create outer shifts. We receive amazing stories from people of the results and experiences they have had working with the Divine Manifesting courses.

Divine Manifesting with the Seven Qualities of Divine Will
Part 1: Manifesting as Your Divine Self MM070
Part 2 Becoming a Master of Manifesting DW917
Read Comments from Graduates of Orin's Divine Manifesting Parts 1 and 2
Work with these two courses to link with your Divine Self and all seven qualities of Divine Will to manifest abundance, well-being, your spiritual path, and all that you are guided to create. This is Orin's most advanced and transformative course on manifesting, and it has created profound results for people who have worked with the processes taught.
Explore Each Quality of Divine Will In Depth Study

Transforming Your ConsciousnessTransforming Your Consciousness with Will 1
Clearing Lesser Energies, Illusions, and Limitations

Work with the first quality of Divine Will that brings you spiritual power to release the thoughts, illusions, glamours, lesser energies, and obstacles that stand in the way of living as your soul-free, joyous, clear, loving, peaceful, and harmonious. You will learn how to use the power of your soul's light and Divine Will to release lower, denser energies, thoughts, emotions, desires, and the fogs of illusions. 10 Orin journeys, PDF manual with extensive written material. DW911

Continuity of ConsciousnessExperiencing Continuity of Consciousness with Will 2
Discovering Your Soul's Path

Connect with the second quality of Divine Will to learn much more about the essence of your being and the skills, purposes, and directions that have appeared throughout your lifetimes on earth. Expand your awareness of who you are, and know more about why you are here and what you are here to do. 6 Orin journeys, talks by Sanaya, and written material. DW912   

Evolving Your ConsciousnessEvolving Your Consciousness with Will 3
Stepping Onto Your Highest Path
Link with your soul and a third quality of Divine Will called the Will to Evolve to find and to step onto your highest path. Play in the infinite potential of the Universal Mind where you will meet your future enlightened Self. This Self will light up your highest path, a path that leads to enlightenment in the most effective, direct way; that accelerates your evolution, and that assists you to manifest your highest potential in this lifetime. 9 Orin journeys. DW913

IntuitionIntuition: Connecting With Your Divine Self with Will 4

Link with your soul and the fourth quality of Divine Will, the Will to Harmonize. Orin guides you to open all channels of communication to your Divine Self, the source of intuitive guidance. Through this connection, you can awaken your clairvoyance and clairaudience, and clear emotions and thoughts that stand in the way of your receiving, hearing, and correctly interpreting your intuition. 10 Orin journeys. DW914

IlluminationIllumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind with Will 5
Link with the fifth quality of Divine Will to release thoughts and beliefs that create disease, pain, suffering, lack, limitation, doubt, disharmony, blockages, or discord in any area of your life. Have thoughts that lead to your liberation and enlightenment. Link your mind with your higher mind and the Universal Mind to experience abundance, joy, harmony, good health, loving relationships, and peace. 10 journeys. DW915

InspirationInspiration: Being Your Authentic Self with Will 6
Link with the sixth quality of Divine Will so that all that you do brings you peace and joy, rather than pain or suffering. Be your true Self, speak your truth, transform your relationships, change the roles you play, and experience more love, vision, freedom, purity, perfection, inner stillness, balance, one-pointedness, endurance, fearlessness, and patience. 19 Orin journeys. DW916

Note: The Seventh Quality of Divine Will Study is contained in Orin's Divine Manifesting as Your Divine Self Part 1 (MM070) and Part 2 (DW917)

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