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product imageChapter 4 Linking With the Higher Will

Greetings from Orin!
The Higher Will is an aspect of God/All-That-Is. It is a moving current of energy that carries everything in the direction of higher evolution. It is a gentle stream of love and spiritual energies that leads everything in all kingdoms–mineral, plant, animal, and human–to growth, aliveness, and a higher order of being.

There is a divine plan to the universe. This plan does not exist in the form of guidelines about the specific forms and actions that are to be taken to carry it out. It exists as spiritual energies. The Higher Will is stepping up the frequencies of these energies with great precision to move your physical world and all consciousness in it toward their highest evolution. You have complete free will to react in any way you want to these energies. If you want to use them to grow spiritually, they will greatly assist you.

If you want to connect with this current of evolution, simply be willing to have your life take on a higher order. Be open to allowing and accepting good things into your life. Believe you deserve to have the best life you can imagine. As you align with the Higher Will, your life will become more harmonious and satisfying.

Be open to allowing and accepting
good things into your life.

The Higher Will is the will to do good and to serve and assist others. You can strengthen your alignment with the Higher Will by asking, "How does creating this contribute to the higher good of myself and others?" The more you broaden your thinking to encompass serving others, the more you attune with the Higher Will. As you serve others, you gain rewards and a richness of spirit that go beyond anything you could imagine. That is what the Higher Will is all about–creating the highest good for everyone, for that will be for your own greatest good as well.

There is a higher purpose to your life, a special contribution you came to make. Part of your reason for coming to earth is to evolve yourself as well as to serve humanity in some way. We will call the process of evolving yourself your life purpose, and the service you came to offer humanity your life's work. They are intertwined, because as you serve others you will naturally evolve yourself. As you evolve and radiate more light, you automatically serve others. Everything you do to evolve yourself and carry out your life's work is an act of aligning with the Higher Will and your Higher Self.

You have a special role to play, something that you are uniquely fitted for. Your life's work will take on various forms at different times. The form may change from month to month and year to year, so keep in touch with your purpose and vision as it expands and grows. You can discover your life's work through examining the skills you love to use, the things you love to do, and the areas you are naturally drawn to. Whatever you love to do will also serve others in some way, for it is the nature of the universe that when you use your highest skills you automatically contribute to others.

Your dreams about your ideal life are showing you your potential and higher path. Don't discard your dreams and fantasies as merely wishful thinking. Honor them as messages from the deepest part of your being about your life's work and what you came here to do.

Things happen easily
when you link with the Higher Will

Aligning with the Higher Will will guide you to take the actions that will produce the results you want. You might imagine a higher stream of energy that leads to your goal, and picture yourself joining it. Imagine that you are being joined by the Higher Will and that It is assisting you in creating whatever is for your highest good in the best and fastest way possible.

Take action only when your feeling is inviting, open, and positive. The actions you take will be aligned with the Higher Will. You will need less effort to get positive results.

Don't wait for fate to decide what will happen to you. Alignment with the Higher Will requires you to set goals, decide on the results you want, and take action.

Your Higher Self is always sending you suggestions and ideas to keep you flowing in the higher current and linked with the Higher Will. These suggestions are very gentle. You are rarely asked to make radical changes without many suggestions of simpler changes first.

You are meant to live a joyful life. You are here to create your dreams; you can create a heaven on earth for yourself. You deserve to have the best life you can imagine. Do what you love and follow your heart in every area of your life, for as you do, you are aligning with the Higher Will.

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