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product imageChapter 17 Living In Higher Purpose

Greetings from Orin!

Higher purpose is a stream of energy you join when you create something that serves humankind or your own spiritual evolution. Without higher purpose you are a wanderer, roaming around, taking various paths with many potential wrong turns, which leads to wasted or lost time. With higher purpose, you can choose every moment, knowing what to do with each hour, each day, and each week. Living in higher purpose allows you to grow and evolve rapidly in this lifetime.

Everyone on earth has a higher purpose. You came to earth to be a part of a system of energy that deals with emotions, personality, and thoughts, that involves seeing what is inside of you reflected back to you in the outside world.

There are other universes in which forms come and go more quickly; almost the minute they are thought of, they appear and disappear. Things move more slowly on the earth plane. Time is literally slowed down so you can focus on certain things. Here on earth your thoughts create and become reality. I will say your world is like a world of frozen thought. It takes longer to create form, and for some of you, even longer to let it go. Because time on this plane is slow, you must practice economy of energy, and that is one of the reasons it may seem to take so long to create what you want.

If you focus on having something, you can go straight to it with purpose. It may still be a matter of years before you reach your goals, but having a higher purpose saves time. When you live your higher purpose, you compress time, accelerate your evolution into becoming your soul, and raise your vibration. The more you know your purpose, the less you waste energy, and the faster you can go higher.

Ultimately, higher purpose is spiritual evolution. The new home, the finished project, is not the goal of growth. The process by which you create these things and the growth it gives you -- the new skills you acquire, the insights, the opening of your heart when you love, the new appreciation for beauty your garden gives you when flowers or crops come up, the feelings you have when you finish a project, the focus and concentration when you work -- this is higher purpose, this is evolution.

Evolution occurs in many ways depending on where you are on your path. Ultimately, souls start out on earth in the denser energies and work their way up into the higher and finer energies. Some of you move into higher and finer energies very quickly, while others take longer. What are some of the things that make it take longer to grow? One is the inability to let go of form when there is no essence behind it. When the reason for a form you created is gone, it is time to let it go. You have seen this in relationships, with those who hang on to the shell of a relationship when the life energy has gone out of the connection.

Another thing that slows your evolution is lack of purpose. If you are looking upward, intending to go higher, then you will, if that is your purpose. You can then take every situation in your life and ask, “Does this evolve and bring me higher, or does it not?” If it does not, you can ask again, “Is there any way I can change this situation or be with this person in such a way that I can grow?”

Higher purpose is always
something you love

Go inward for a moment, feel your energy, and allow a picture, symbol, image, feeling, or word to come that represents your purpose here. What is your growth centering on in this lifetime? What have been your main challenges? What, in form, have you wanted to create in your outer world?

In the next month, become more aware of your purpose. It is always playful and joyful. Higher purpose leads to the finer energies of life, such as a deep connection with a loved one, the joyful union of friends as they play, and the lightness as you carry out your life work. Joy can exist in every moment if you are willing to live in purpose.

Manifesting higher purpose means believing in yourself and believing in the goodness of the Universe. If you were to make one decision that would assist you most in manifesting higher purpose, it would be to believe in yourself and to trust the Universe. From my perspective, there is so much love, there are so many people within twenty miles of your home you could connect with in a loving way, and there is such an abundance of money in your society that you can realize any purpose you choose.

Wake up in the morning and hold your higher purpose in your hands as a symbol. Imagine that you are holding in your hands the highest purpose you came to create in this lifetime. Bring it into your heart. Pour light into it; ask for guidance and assistance from the higher forces. Feel your energy going upward and let go of it so that it may come back to you. Holding that purpose in your heart, you refine your physical body, raise your thoughts upward, and bring peace to your emotions. How would it feel if every cell in your body acknowledged and was in touch with your higher purpose?

Doing this is so powerful that it will be effective even done as little as once a year. You are sending a message to the Universe telling it you are willing to grow. The Universe will then bring you many opportunities to expand and evolve, and none of your challenges will ever be beyond that which you have the skills and tools to handle.

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