Living With Joy

product imageExcerpt from Living with Joy
Chapter 2 You Can Live Joyfully

Greetings from Orin!
Many of you have set up lives for yourselves that are not joyful because you believe that you are obligated to others or you are entrapped by your own need for other people to need your help.

The path of joy involves valuing yourself
and monitoring where you put your time.

If people spent time only where they accomplished the greatest good for themselves and the people they were with, the world would change in a day. It is important to spend time in ways that promote your highest good. If something is not for your highest good, I can guarantee that it is not for the highest good of the planet or other people either.

You may ask, “What am I here to do that will bring me joy?” Each one of you has things that you love to do. There is not one person alive who does not have something he or she loves to do. 

What you love is a sign from
your higher self of
what you are to do.

You may say, “I love to read and meditate; certainly that cannot be my path and bring me money.” However, if you allowed yourself to sit, read, and meditate, a path would unfold. So often you resist what you most want to do. In everyone’s mind there is a whisper of the next step. It may be simple, such as making a phone call or reading a book. It may be a very concrete, mundane step to take that may not even seem connected with your higher vision. Know that you are always being shown the next step; it is always something that comes to your mind as an obvious, simple, and joyful thing to do.

You all know what would bring you joy tomorrow or someday in the future. When you wake up, ask yourself what you could do today that would bring you joy and delight. Put a smile on your face, rather than focusing on how you are going to get through another day. Do not focus on the problems you have to handle.

You will have joy
only when you focus on having it
and settle for nothing less.

What is your highest vision, and how do you find it in your life? Most of you have many distractions that need not be. If you were to sit for even five minutes each day, or for one minute several times a day, reviewing what you set up for the day, and ask how each appointment, person, or phone call fits into your higher purpose, in a few short months you would be on the path of your destiny. Of course, you will need to act upon this wisdom to bring a new higher path into your life.

If you do not know what your path is, you can create a symbol for it. Imagine that you are holding it in your hands as a ball of light. Bring it up to your heart, then into your crown chakra at the top of your head, and release it to your soul. Very shortly, it will begin to take form. You will find that with just the thought of higher purpose you will begin to magically rearrange your day. Over time, friends who wasted your time will no longer seem interesting. You may bring new friends into your life and change the nature of your activities and connection with existing friends. 

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