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The Oneness of Love

Greetings from Orin!
While serenity is a basic quality of love as expressed from your heart center, expansion into the oneness is a basic quality of love you can experience as your head center awakens. As your head center is stimulated by your heart center, your consciousness expands. You become more aware of your connection to the oneness, to Spirit, to the All-That-Is. You grow more conscious of the life-force energy around you in all dimensions, up and down the evolutionary spiral.

Every aspect of love is expanded as your head center awakens, including your ability to feel the serenity of love. Your love grows wiser and more inclusive as you become conscious of the larger universe you are a part of. As this center awakens, you are drawn to do those things that make a contribution. With your expanding awareness and greater love, you join a higher flow, harmonize with the energies about you, and are in the right place at the right time. You become a force of love that empowers and serves the larger group you are a part of. Everything you do adds love, bringing back to you all the best the world has to offer.

Picture a stone being thrown into a pond. Ripples move outward, touching every part. Energy that affects one area moves out to other areas. Just as with the pond, you affect and can be affected by the energies around you, both those on the earth plane, and those in other dimensions. You are part of the oneness of all life.

Experience the expansion into the oneness that comes from linking your heart and head centers. Recall how you expanded your consciousness by focusing on the Solar Light when you journeyed to the soul plane. Start by feeling your connection to your family. Draw in Solar Light and expand your awareness, feeling your connection to all your friends, your co-workers, and then all the people you know. Continue to stimulate your head center and fill yourself with Solar Light. Enlarge your awareness to encompass people in your neighborhood, city, and state. Expand your awareness until you can include all the people in the world. Keep drawing in Solar Light and stimulating your head center with light from your heart center. Sense the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, holding all of them in your awareness.

Continue to increase the scope of your awareness by thinking of the soul plane and all the souls here. Look out into the sea of light and see the souls of humanity as points of light. Detect the soul of the earth as a magnificent, enormous, radiant light in the sea of light. Find the Beings of Light here--the Masters, angels, Being of Love, and Enlightened Ones. Observe their beautiful souls as they appear to you in the soul plane. You might notice that their souls' lights are so large and bright that they can be easily seen, like beacons of light.

You have now expanded your awareness to include more of a larger universe. This is the web of life of which you are a part. You are still an individual, yet your consciousness has expanded. Feel how vast your consciousness has become as you sense your connection to this larger group of life. Every time you connect your heart and head center you expand into the oneness. Every time you sense your connection to the web of life of which you are a part, your head center awakens.

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SL106 AudioCreating a Soul Relationship (SL106) 8 meditations by Orin to work soul to soul with a loved one to transform your relationship.  Join with the soul of a loved one on the soul plane, increase the light and love between you, discover your higher purpose, dissolve obstacles to love, and blend as two souls. Can also be used to connect with the soul of someone who is no longer alive. 

SL001 AudioCelebration of Love (SL001) has one guided meditation by Orin to make wheels of love to evolve all your relationships and another guided meditation by Orin to take a journey to meet the Great Ones to help open your heart center and the heart centers of humanity.

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Works with the Soul Love audio courses.  In this book, you will learn how to blend with your soul, transform your relationships through a soul connection, and awaken your heart to experience soul love. Enjoy the serenity and oneness of love, strengthen your will to love, and surrender to love. Learn how to more easily experience soul love, peace, joy, bliss, and aliveness moment-to-moment. Soul Love Audiobook is also available.
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