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Chapter 9:  The Serenity of Love: Unconditional Love

Greetings from Orin!
 Soul love is unconditional. Your soul loves without needing to receive anything in return. Soul love is a shining light that lifts, soothes, and comforts all who come within its sphere of influence. Its love flows out generously and freely. It does not measure how much love to give by how deserving people are. Your soul offers love without needing appreciation, acknowledgment, praise, or reward for its love. Soul love does not come and go based on the actions or reactions of others. Your soul gives love to others without caring how others use this love or even if they use it. Feel the serenity that comes from giving love without needing to receive anything in return.

Experience the unconditional love of your soul by receiving your soul's unconditional love for you. Your soul loves you without needing anything from you in return. It loves you when you are close to it and when you are not. Its love is like a river, a current that is always there for you to tap into.

Radiate this unconditional love to someone important in your life. Have you been wanting something from this person, such as acknowledgment, or for this person to act in certain ways before you love him or her fully?

Love yourself and others

As love flows through your heart center, create an affirmation that reflects your unconditional love, such as, "I offer my unconditional love to you. I love you without needing to receive anything in return." Think of a few times when you have offered love to this person without expecting anything in return. Acknowledge how generous and unconditional your love already is. See yourself expanding your ability to offer unconditional love more frequently and in a wider range of circumstances. When you radiate unconditional love you can feel serene, for you do not need other people to do anything in return for your love. You receive the riches of your soul when you give love generously and unconditionally, for all the love you give comes back to you multiplied.

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SL105 Soul Love AudioSoul Love—Awakening Your Heart Centers (SL105) 8 meditations by Orin to blend with your soul and awaken your heart centers. Based on the information in Orin's book, Soul Love.  Blend with your soul, transform your relationships through a soul connection, and awaken your heart to experience soul love. Learn the serenity and oneness of love, awaken your will to love, and surrender to love.

SL106 AudioCreating a Soul Relationship (SL106) 8 meditations by Orin to work soul to soul with a loved one to transform your relationship.  Join with the soul of a loved one on the soul plane, increase the light and love between you, discover your higher purpose, dissolve obstacles to love, and blend as two souls. Can also be used to connect with the soul of someone who is no longer alive. 

SL001 AudioCelebration of Love (SL001) has one guided meditation by Orin to make wheels of love to evolve all your relationships and another guided meditation by Orin to take a journey to meet the Great Ones to help open your heart center and the heart centers of humanity.

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Svailable in printed and eBook formats! Also available as an Audiobook read by Sanaya who transmits Orin's energy as you listen.
Works with the Soul Love audio courses.  In this book, you will learn how to blend with your soul, transform your relationships through a soul connection, and awaken your heart to experience soul love. Enjoy the serenity and oneness of love, strengthen your will to love, and surrender to love. Learn how to more easily experience soul love, peace, joy, bliss, and aliveness moment-to-moment. Soul Love Audiobook is also available.
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