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Soul Love: Loving Yourself

Greetings from Orin!
Just as your soul loves others, so does it love you. Its love for you is so powerful, so transformative, so unconditional, that you will never feel unloved or alone again once you are able to receive its love on a regular basis. Your soul knows no other way to be; it only knows love. It is incapable of judging you, being mad at, disappointed in, or angry with you. Its love for you is complete and absolute. There is nothing you could do that it would not love, for your soul is not capable of any feelings other than love, bliss, and joy. It celebrates each time you love yourself, knowing as you love and honor yourself you are closer to it. It sends you love anytime you feel low. It accepts everything about you and your life. It tries every way it knows how to love you, working with you steadily to heal all your negative self-images, feelings of guilt, self-doubt, self-judgment, worry, and other ways that cut you off from the universal presence of love.

Take something about yourself or your life you may not feel accepting about. If there is something you have been judging yourself for, doubting yourself, making yourself wrong, feeling a failure or feeling guilty about, think of that now.

Let the warm light of your soul shine through your heart center. As you think of this issue, imagine your soul's love is pouring through your heart and surrounding this issue with love. It is as if everyone involved, every aspect of this issue, is softening. Use your imagination and notice what changes as you add more and more of your soul's love to this.

You may do this as many times as you wish. Every time you do it you will change the situation for the better and put yourself on a higher path in this area of your life. Do not have any expectations about how things might change, simply focus on the issue and radiate your soul's love to it. Be open to whatever happens as something your soul is bringing to you.

Let your soul's love pour through your heart.
Forgive yourself for anything you did in the past. 

As you feel your soul's love in your heart, start by realizing that in a very quick moment, you can forgive yourself of anything you have done in the past that you have judged as wrong. Just decide to put it behind you and release it, and to give it no more energy. It belongs in the past, there is nothing you can do about it to change what you did. All you can change is the way you think about it.

Your soul does not judge you.
It loves you unconditionally.

In the presence of the love of your soul, all is forgiven, all is love. Your soul does not judge you, you judge yourself. Decide that you will put the past behind you, particularly those times you do not feel good about how you acted, what you did, what you said, or who you were. Be willing to forgive yourself instantly for anything that you do. Just bring in the presence of the love of your soul into your heart. If thoughts about this continue to come into your mind, send your soul's love into these thoughts and feelings, and forgive yourself.

Your soul's love is available to you all the time. Whenever you feel afraid, let your soul come into your heart and radiate its love to that fear. Whenever you feel helpless, vulnerable, or trapped, bring your soul into your heart and let its warm rays dissolve those feelings and help you find answers. Your soul is always sending you its soothing rays of reassurance, telling you that everything will be all right, that the universe is your friend, and that there is always an answer to any problem you have.

If you are feeling sorry for yourself, let your soul heal your feelings of self-pity so you can know the strength that is within you to create a life that brings you joy. Let your soul's compassion for others flow into your heart, recognizing the suffering of all human beings. As you experience an ever-increasing compassion and love for all life, you will find it harder to feel sorry for yourself. You will experience instead your soul's love for all life and its focus on loving others.

If you feel unloved or unappreciated, feel the love and appreciation your SOUL has for you. Feel your soul's love come to you through the images it will send you of all the good things you have done, all the people who DO love you, and all the things that ARE working in your life. As you acknowledge all that is good and right about you and your life, you are experiencing your soul's love for you, for your soul lives in a state of gratitude and appreciation.

Layers of fear and feelings of separateness can be released as you open your heart to your soul's love. Your heart center can become like a sun, radiantly transmitting the energies of love, compassion, forgiveness, healing, acceptance, and love to others, to you, your subpersonalities, and to the cells in your body.

As your soul enters into and stimulates your heart center, there will be a corresponding shift in the way you feel, think, and view your life. When your soul touches your heart, your focus of attention changes. You become more aware of love in all its forms. You choose those actions, words, and activities that are joyful and loving to you and to others. Old criteria, such as what brings you the most money, makes you feel secure, or gives you more power will fall away. What becomes more important to you is finding work that you love, following your heart, and trusting in the abundance and goodness of the universe.

With an open heart, you will perceive people differently. You will find their soul, and be more aware of their potential. You will see the goodness within them, even if it is hidden by their personality behaviors. You may become aware of their level of spiritual development by how open their hearts are; from this information you will know how to relate to them. You won't be offended or hurt if they are unable to be as open or as loving as you are, for you will know that they are giving as much love as they are capable of at this level of their development. You will recognize that when people act closed or fearful, when they reject, push away, or act needy, they simply haven't yet brought enough of their soul's love into their hearts.

Rather than close down your heart at those times, you will know to bring your soul into your heart, experiencing the other person with your heart wide open. You will feel the powerful love and compassion of your soul. As you keep your heart open, you offer the other person a higher way, the way of love. It does not matter to your soul if they take this way; it only cares that you are able to offer it.

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