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product imageChapter 13 Clarity: Living in More Light

Greetings from Orin!
Achieving clarity involves seeing the larger picture, a longer time frame, a bigger perspective. The larger your view, the clearer you can be. The ability of a great master to know the purpose of a soul in this lifetime brings clarity of vision and advice. How can you develop this kind of clarity in your own life?

Most of you only think about your life in terms of a time frame that involves days and weeks, rather than a period or perspective of many years, or even your entire life span. If you are willing to look at your life as a whole, you can find different levels of clarity around the present moment. You do not need to know the specific form that things will appear in; such as having a certain job title, or where you are going such as the type of career you will have. However, the larger the picture you hold of who you are, the clearer you can be. If you were to go into the future and look back at today, you could gain a new perspective of who you are, for changing your perspective can bring clarity. Most of you have certain ways you think, certain habits and patterns. Every time you break free and find a new way of thinking, you increase clarity.

Clarity is not something that you reach and have from then on. It is an ongoing refinement of your picture. Imagine a boat trying to find a place to land near the shore. There is heavy fog, and the people in the boat cannot see anything, so they do not leave the boat nor do they take any action. As the fog lifts and they continue to look, they begin to see the fuzzy outline of the horizon and the shore. Still, they do not know what is there, so they do not take any action. Soon, as the fog dissolves, the picture becomes clear. They now know what lies ahead, and so they prepare for action.

It is the same process with clarity. At first, ideas seem vague and foggy, for that is the way essence becomes form. As the perceptual process begins, a new idea or a new way of looking at things emerges, vague in form. Often, you may only have an inner sense that something you have now is not right. This may start as an uncomfortable feeling, for the process of gaining clarity is also the process of letting go of confusion. It may be a longing, a desire, a want, or a need that will only become part of your emotional awareness after it passes through your perceptions.

Things do not usually suddenly become clear, as gaining clarity is an ongoing process. When you first feel that vague dissatisfaction, that sense that something needs to be changed, ask yourself, “How can I fine-tune this picture?” The more precise you can be about your experience, the more quickly you will gain clarity. Take any area of vague discomfort, of fogginess, and focus upon it to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Pin down precisely what the uncomfortable feeling is. If you were to focus upon that vagueness, putting words into it, trying out different thoughts about it, you would finally find a viewpoint that clicked. Once you find that viewpoint, you have clarity. Clarity comes from seeking and finding the information you need, from having the patience to seek out the light of wisdom that will assist in making the higher choice.

Your life purpose is the most important thing you can get clear about. Clarity of purpose will direct clear energy into every other area of your life. You may say, “What is life purpose, in essence?” It is the deepest desires within you, that which gives you the most joy, that which you think of and fantasize about all the time. It is that deep soul-level urge, that motivation; it is the dream that you hold within you.

How do you intend to carry out your life purpose? Even more important, do you intend to do it? Clarity of intent is the picture, the vision you are creating. When you intend to do something, you may or may not have a clear picture of the end product or the goal. Clarity of intent is a picture of where you are going or the process you want to experience in getting there. You may simply want to create a happy life or to be clear in your intent to get something done.

After clarity of intent comes clarity of motivation. What is your motivation for doing something? Whatever action you take, you want to be clear about why you are doing it. What do you see as the gain? What do you want out of it? You may realize that you were not clear before you took an action when the results are not what you expected. You may have created something you thought you wanted in your life and found it was not what you wanted. If you had been clear about what you wanted, about what you expected to gain, it would have been easier for the Universe to bring it to you in many different ways and forms.

Other levels of clarity are clarity of agreements and of communication with others. When you are clear on your purpose, your intent, your motivation, your agreements, when you are clear in your communications, action flows. Many of you want to start with clarity of action, and yet the true starting point is clarity of purpose.

Light Play: Clarity
If you want more clarity about your life purpose, or about any personal situation, use the process below.

1. Start by thinking of the area about which you would like clarity and vision.

2 Imagine you are going upward into your soul and spirit. Picture it as fine, light energy.

3. Ask your soul to assist you in having clarity of vision in this area.

4. Picture the light of your soul flowing through to your mind, literally cleaning house, rearranging your thoughts into a pattern that allows you to create a light and joyful future.

5. Feel the energy coming all the way down through your body until all of your bodies - mental, emotional, and physical - are aligned.

6. Imagine your soul dissolving any fog so that you have clear vision in this area.

7. Close your eyes and let a symbol emerge that represents the highest resolution of this problem.

8. Imagine you are placing this symbol upon your heart; ask for clarity, understanding and vision. Pay attention and listen to any inner messages.

A. What insights are you receiving about how to act or think?

B. What beliefs do you have about the outcome? Do these need to be changed to a higher, more positive view?

C. What choices do you have? Think of at least three.

D. What do you intend to do?

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