Personal Power Through Awareness

Excerpt From Personal Power Through Awareness

Chapter 3 Understanding Unseen Energy

Greetings from Orin!
You are a magnificent energy-sensing device. You can sense energy in many ways, with touch, sight, hearing, smell, feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. You can sense the universe in ways that will give you much valuable information. You can become aware of the future you are setting up for yourself, and learn how to make choices in the moment that put you in a higher flow.

The first skill to develop for sensing energy is the ability to pay attention. Start by observing any area about which you want more information. As you think intently about something, you will begin to receive guidance, ideas, and new thoughts about the area or issue you are thinking about.

After you stop and pay attention, the next step is to assume an attitude of confidence, and trust the information you are receiving. When you first begin to tune into your future, you may doubt what you are receiving, and wonder if you are making it up. The doubt can be a friend if it keeps pushing you to be more accurate and precise in what you sense, as long as it does not stop you from continuing. Begin by believing in what you are sensing.

As you sit quietly and ask to see what lies ahead for you in a certain area of your life, thinking of a decision you want to make or a path you want more information about, bits and pieces of information will begin coming to you. Your intent to know the future sends your mind out to that future time, and it will bring data back to you. Sometimes information comes as a vague feeling, such as a feeling of joy or discomfort.

Do not hold expectations of what you will experience. It is also important not to judge your initial attempts but to simply let any impressions come in. When you first begin to receive impressions, suspend your judgment. Do not be critical, asking, "Is this right or is this wrong? Am I just making this up" for that will stop the impressions from coming in. Let the impressions continue to flow.

You may even want to jot them down, for you will discover later that what seems obvious and simple as it comes through often seems profound later on. Feedback is a very important part of your reality. In your world, actions create reactions, and it is important to be able to observe what reactions your actions cause.

Another faculty you can use to sense energy is your imagination. If you want to sense energy, sit quietly and pretend you can do so. If you do not know how to do something, pretend that you do. The subconscious accepts whatever you pretend is real and will use it to create your outer reality.

Focusing on the information you want is like sending out a laser beam of energy that goes out into the future, and lights up that area. It is like a beam of energy that goes out from you and sets up, like a telegraph wire, a way for energy and knowledge to come back. If there is anything you want to become aware of, focus upon it, for whatever you turn your attention to you will create.

If you are trying to look into the future, to see the outcome of something, often the information will come back not through your mind, but through your body. If when you think of a certain path, you feel heavy inside, your body is telling you there is a better way to do it. Keep imagining possible futures, varying slightly the things you are thinking about doing, until you have a light and joyful feeling. Learn to monitor yourself, for you are an energy-sensing devise, and as you monitor yourself, you can begin to find the clues and the answers that are there.

Light Play: Understanding Unseen Energy

You can become more aware of the outcome of taking various actions as you do the following exercise:

  1. Think of a choice or decision you need to make, or a probable future you would like to sense more about.
  2. Put your body in a relaxed, calm state, and quiet your emotions. Take a few deep breaths until you feel calm and centered, alert and aware, and in the present moment.
  3. Think of an action you want to take around this choice, decision, or probable future.
  4. As you think of it, imagine time passing, as if you are going into the future to experience the results of this action.
  5. Pay attention to your body. Do you feel a sense of relaxation, or is your body tightening up as you go into the future with this action?
  6. Observe your emotions. Do you feel a sense of joy, aliveness, relief, or do you feel tenser as you think about the future after you have taken this action?
  7. Picture yourself taking a different action. Be creative, and think of something different you could do.
  8. Once again, sense time passing, as if you are going into the future to experience the effects of this new action. Again, notice the feelings in your body and emotions.
  9. After picking the action that has the best feeling, imagine that you have now taken this action, and that it is five years from today.
  10. Imagine you are your future self. As your future self, what message do you want to give yourself of today about taking this action? Let your imagination run free and have fun with this. Make up what will happen. (You might want to record this vision somewhere to look at later.)

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