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DuaneAbout Duane Packer
Duane Packer is a gifted clairvoyant who can see the energy fields in and around the body. He has extensive skill in assisting others to reach expanded states of consciousness and to sense subtle energies. He has a scientific background (a Ph.D. in geology-geophysics) and broad bodywork training with years of intensive experience. Duane has traveled the world as a geologist, getting to know the earth well.

Duane no longer holds private sessions as he spends all of his time developing Light Body Courses with DaBen, his guide.  DaBen is a spiritual teacher who is providing a spiritual teaching to empower people to have direct experiences of states of consciousness that reveal the nature of life and the Universe.

The Awakening Your Light Body courses offer a unique path of spiritual awakening through experiential, progressive expansions of consciousness that assist you in directly knowing and experiencing the truth of your being.

About DaBen
My first experience with DaBen occurred during bodywork sessions. As I worked on people's energy, I found myself doing things that did not seem to stem from any previous training or knowledge, and these movements and techniques produced amazing results. People found that injuries or pain they'd had for years sometimes went away in as little as an hour. I simply could not explain how I was producing these results. I seemed to "know" when I had truly finished a certain procedure, and I sensed an unseen presence that seemed to be assisting me. I would not be able to go on to working on another part of someone's body until I had completed certain strokes and techniques. This unseen presence was helping me know what to do, "giving me" methods of healing I had never been taught and had never used before. 

I became fascinated with the interactions of the mind and body as I began to realize that I was seeing energy that was in and around the body, but not of the physical body itself. The sense of a presence nearby was growing stronger when I worked, but I rejected the ideas of guides and psychic healing because they didn't fit in with my scientific training.

A friend who was familiar with channeling and who had readings from many guides gave me the gift of a reading with Orin. I had selected Orin after listening to the taped readings my friend had from other channels, for Orin's information and delivery managed to get through my skepticism with regard to "psychic" abilities. This is how I met Sanaya and Orin. I was still the scientific skeptic, not sure if channeling was real. However, I continued working with Orin, I realized that his love and wise perspective exceeded that of any human being I was aware of. So I found myself faced with many contradictions between what I believed and what was occurring before my eyes.

As I continued to give bodywork to people, I began to see energy in and around people's bodies vividly. I was able to distinguish three and then four qualities or layers of energy. The sense of presence around me was growing even stronger, although my scientific mind was still doubtful of guides and channeling. Trying to resolve the split I was feeling between my scientific mind and my intuitive self, I spent a day with Sanaya and Orin which became a turning point as it was the day I officially met DaBen.

I had a feeling something would happen that day, as the name "DaBen" had come to me while driving. I still wasn't sure I believed in channeling, although I could see the shift in people's auras as their guides came in. I invited DaBen to come closer that day, and as I did I felt many physical sensations. I started seeing Sanaya in colors and layers, and I could see right through her. DaBen has been a major and important part of my life ever since that day.

From then on, Sanaya and I started channeling together. It seemed that Orin and DaBen had a joint path of work. Orin had just completed bringing through the books, Living with Joy, and Personal Power Through Awareness, and they wanted to teach others to channel. We began teaching channeling classes that we later wrote about in the book, Opening to Channel.

Sanaya and I taught channeling seminars for many years, when DaBen and Orin told us that they had something new for us to teach. This turned out to be the Awakening Your Light Body course.

DaBen and I continue to develop light body skills, particularly those that allow people to go into the higher dimensions, to explore their multidimensional selves at levels and layers of oneness that go beyond the soul, and to venture into the space of creation from where all matter and form comes. I go to the desert or to the mountains to camp out and meditate, often for weeks at a time. I stay at power spots that allow me to link with DaBen and explore specific types of energies, or places that support my explorations of the higher realms. After I explore these realms of light and the potential that is there, I teach others how to reach these spaces in the graduate light body seminars and audio courses. DaBen and Orin tell us that humanity is going through a major evolutionary leap of a birth into light. All of my work with DaBen is to assist in this birth, as the light that is within us is awakened and the veils begin to lift between our dimensions and the higher ones, revealing to us more of who we are and what we are here to do. ~ Duane Packer

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