How to Place a Light Body Order for Your Students with Teacher Pricing

Orders can not be placed on our website, they must be done by email to

Once your student or you have created an account for them, then to order, email us indicating:
What you are ordering (e.g. LB111E - LB116E download set for each student below ...).
Full name and email address of student(s) for whom you are ordering.
Make sure your credit card information is up to date in your Member's Area, then let us know the last 4 digits of credit card that you have on file with us that we will charge for your order.
If you need to update the expiration date or add a credit card, do so by clicking on Payment Methods on your Member Home page.

In order to qualify for Light Body teacher pricing all of these things need to be true:
1) You have ordered from LuminEssence for your own personal use and learning the light body course(s) you are ordering; OR we have it on record (in your account) that you have made such a purchase from a qualified Light Body teacher with whom you had studied the course(s).
2) You have all of the qualifications to teach the light body course(s) that you are ordering; AND you have an Agreement on record with LuminEssence to teach the course(s).

Courses You Can Purchase at a Discount with your Basic Awakening Your Light Body Agreement

Purchasing the Six-Volume Light Body Courses at a Discount as an Awakening Your Light Body Teacher
If you are teaching in English, or in the  USA, your students are required to own the six-volume DaBen and Orin Awakening Your Light Body courses (LB111-LB116) as their class study materials. This is to assist your students in experiencing the centers as transmitted by DaBen. These journeys by DaBen contain many transmissions of energy that no light body teacher has yet mastered in the completeness and in all the frequencies of light that are transmitted. DaBen transmits energies that will assist your students in making many internal shifts as they listen, in addition to all you have transmitted to them. You can also read about this in the teacher's manual that comes with your Radiance: Transmitting Light course (LB851).

You will need to own your own set of the Awakening Your Light Body albums to purchase these albums at a discount for your students.

If your students want downloads, the cost is $71.20 for each album or $395 for the entire set ordered at the same time.

Purchasing the International Study Course
International Teachers: This course contains 12 journeys by DaBen that you are required to have students listen to give your students an experience of the centers as DaBen transmits them. Since there is no teacher discount for purchasing this course as the retail price is already discounted, it is usually easiest to have your students order this course themselves on our website. Downloads are $75 LB001.

Courses You Can Purchase at a Discount with Your Self-Exciting Agreement

You will need to be a qualified Self-Exciting teacher and have an agreement on file with us to qualify for these discounts as well as own your own set of the courses below to qualify to order them for your students at a discount. 

Purchasing the Radiance: Self-Exciting Course at a Discount
The teacher's discount for your students for DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting discount for downloads at 20% off is $140 (retail is $175).

Purchasing the Frequencies Albums at a Discount
Downloads: Individual albums are $63.20 (Retail $79). Set of all seven downloads is $386.40. (Retail $483). Please note you must own a set of the frequencies yourself to receive the teacher's discount for your students.

Purchasing the Celebrations of Radiance at a Discount
Celebrations of Radiance Series (LB914-LB916)Peace: Living Your Life Purpose, Higher Will: Manifesting with Ease, and Joy:  Beauty and Perfection of Being
Downloads: Your teacher's price is $63.20.(Retail $79).
Downloads: Entire set of 3 price is $386.40. (Retail $483).

Purchasing DaBen's Vision Series at a Discount
DaBen's Vision Series (LB917-LB918)
Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies and Vision: Creating Your Highest Future.
Downloads: Your teacher's price is $55.20, (Retail $69).
Entire set: of 3 price is $84. (Retail $105).