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Angels of HealingThaddeus calls the angels of healing to assist you in healing pain, suffering, or illness you may have as they join their energy with yours. Nothing is too big or too small for them to help you with. Listen and ask for whatever assistance you need. This music is filled with angelic choirs, harp, piano, and strings. TH011EAngels29:42
Angels of BeautyBring beauty and harmony into your home and life. Listen and surround yourself with the angels of beauty. Beauty reveals the divine essence of everything you contact and create. Call upon the angels of beauty to join with you as you birth your art, music, or other creative work. This music is filled with angelic choirs, harp, piano, and strings. TH013EAngels28:49
Guardian Angels Thaddeus's music calls forth angels who protect and watch over you, your home, and loved ones. As you listen, feel your guardian angel joining you. Hear the comforting, soothing lullaby of reassurance these guardian angels sing as they guide you on your path. This music is filled with angelic choirs, harp, piano, and strings. TH018EAngels31:10
Angels of LoveThaddeus' music calls forth the gentlest of angels, the angels of love. Listen and allow your heart to open. Open to receive, forgive yourself and others, increase your feelings of self-love and self-worth, and experience more unconditional love. This music is filled with angelic choirs, harp, piano, and strings. TH020EAngels32:01
Sea of LightLet yourself be lifted into the sea of light of the soul plane as you listen. Thaddeus' music guides you to this place of great light, serenity, joy, flow, and love where you can experience the serenity, peace, and flowing energy that is here. Harp with choir. TH039EAscent to Heaven 29:40
Ascent to HeavenJourney upward into the realms of light. Let go of the density of matter, and become a being of light yourself. Enjoy the beautiful, uplifting harmonies as you increase your vibratory rate and ascend into the realms of light. Music has piano, strings, choir, and other beautiful sounds to lift you higher.TH040EAscent to Heaven 29:39
River of LoveAs you listen, imagine you are traveling on a river of love. This music can relax you very deeply and lift your spirit. It is flowing, peaceful, and joyful music composed of piano and strings. Certain harmonies were created to open you to more joy and a feeling of expansion. TH041EAscent to Heaven 34:18
Heavenly ChoirBask in the light of angels and beings of light as you listen. Experience the healing angels, who sing to you to welcome you into heavenly realms. Music has piano and choir sounds, and is very steady and soothing. TH042EAscent to Heaven 27:35
Spinning Wheel of LightThaddeus' music calls forth the Angels of Divine Love. Receive the energy they offer into your heart center to experience a new level of compassion, unconditional love, self-love and love for yourself and others. Let your heart center become a spinning wheel of light, like a sun that radiates love all about you. This music is expansive, with a cycling beat. Music has angelic voices, harp, strings, piano, and other sounds.TH030EAwakening Your Heart Center 30:25
Heart RadianceIncrease the radiance of your heart center. As you listen, make a line of light between your heart center and your head center to know your oneness with all life. Sense the light around your heart center growing larger, circling out into the universe. Create harmony between yourself and all life. This music has wonderful melodies with piano and strings; it is sparkling, light, and beautiful. TH031EAwakening Your Heart Center 28:39
Light Emerging Listen and create an ever-increasing field of love around you. Thaddeus' music calls upon the Angels of Divine Love to send love and light to your heart center. As they do a new light, the light of love, emerges from the center of your heart, opening you to new experiences of love. This music is sparkling, reverential music. TH033EAwakening Your Heart Center 29:32
Angels of Divine Love The Angels of Divine Love join you as you listen to assist you in releasing pain, suffering, or fear, and to awaken your heart center. Imagine these magnificent angels surrounding you, touching your heart center so that all that is good and beautiful can blossom within you. This music is soothing, and contains some beautiful melodies. Music has angelic voices, harp, strings, piano, and other sounds.TH034EAwakening Your Heart Center 28:51
Blending with Your Soul As you listen, Thaddeus guides you to feel the power of your soul and experience your soul's energy throughout your mind, emotions, and body. Allow your soul's light to free you from limitations, and open you to experience more joy, peace, harmony, clarity, and abundance. Deep, soothing, melodic, and uplifting music. TH007EBecoming Your Soul 28:42
Cellular EvolutionThaddeus uses certain sounds and tones to assist your soul in sending its light into the cells and atoms of your body for cellular transformation, to release old patterns and add new ones of joy, abundance, and love. Build finer matter into your body as you bring light into the subatomic, atomic, and cellular level. Soft, gentle, angelic music, harp, strings. TH015EBecoming Your Soul 31:19
Healing TreatmentThaddeus' music calls forth the healing devas from the angelic kingdom to work with your soul to heal and evolve your body, mind, and emotions. These devas can work with your soul to raise whatever area you focus on up to the vibration of your soul's light. Calming, healing, and melodic, harp, strings, angelic voices. TH016EBecoming Your Soul 29:16
Strands of Light Listen and allow strands of light to be woven into your DNA to activate the next steps of your cellular evolution. Let light to be woven into your etheric body, the aura of light that surrounds and vitalizes your physical body. Permit these strands of light open and balance your chakras. Sparkling, twinkling, happy music. TH017EBecoming Your Soul 30:24
Emotional FlowThaddeus' music calls forth beings of light whose purpose is to assist you in experiencing emotional flow as you listen, and to experience the peace of flowing emotions during your daily activities.TH043EEmotional Flow32:17
Emotional Flow CalmAngelic voices, wind, very deep, flowing music to calm you, and take you into the stillness where you can experience the calm and peace that is within you, that is the truth of your being. Wonderful to play whenever you need to relax and let go of stress.TH052EEmotional Flow31:23
Radiating Emotional FlowLet yourself be carried into a very flowing state, and then feel that state radiating outward into all the energies about you, transforming what you experience and draw to you. Bubbling brooks, water, strings, and other instruments.TH053EEmotional Flow31:09
Emotional Flow into OnenessExperience yourself becoming one with all life as you listen. Contains instrumentals with flowing water. Very deep meditative music, also makes nice background music for creative work, or to relax, read, or sit in peaceful silence with a clear mind and calm emotions.TH054EEmotional Flow31:27
Rising into LightLet Thaddeus' music assist you in rising into Solar light, the light of higher will and purpose. Allow this light to flow into your mind, emotions, and body to transform your personality and open your heart. Allow your vision to expand as you awaken to higher, finer frequencies of light and bring them into every area of your life. Uplifting, melodic, and inspiring music with a musical theme. TH008EInitiation 30:21
Divine SparkThe energies transmitted in Thaddeus' music send a divine spark to you from the Solar light to transform your being into a higher vibratory note, if you are open to receive and use this energy. Sparkling, twinkling, light music. As you listen, imagine that you are opening up to your full potential.TH021EInitiation 29:48
SurrenderingThaddeus' music is composed of musical notes and frequencies to assist you in surrendering to your higher good, opening your heart to trust the universe, and believing in yourself. As you listen, take something that you want to release, change, or evolve, and surrender it to the light of Divine Purpose and Higher Will. Soothing, steady, twinkling music.TH023EInitiation 29:25
InitiationAs you listen, Thaddeus' music assists you in calling upon the Masters and beings of light who will join with you for a ceremony of initiation. A transmission of light is made to key your vibratory note to a higher level. Listen to the sound of your soul's note as it becomes clear, vibrant, and strong. Reverential, uplifting music with a beautiful melody. TH024EInitiation 29:44
Fourth Dimensional ShiftShift into higher consciousness as you listen and travel into the fourth dimension, into a universe of great light and beauty. Open your awareness and become one with higher aspects of yourself, the loving, wise, and creative Self within. Strings, angel voices, cycling beat.TH025EInto the One Divine Self28:09
Songs of the One - Suite 2Journey into the heart of Oneness. Many tones and sounds are brought to you by Thaddeus to awaken your crown center, your center of enlightenment. Allow yourself to open up and become a part of the Oneness of all Life, blending your will with the Higher Will, and merging with the Universal Mind. As you do this you become more magnetic to all that is good and beautiful, opening the doorway for more harmony, peace, abundance, love and joy to flow into your life.TH028EInto the One Divine Self30:15
Stillness: Consciousness at RestThis music assists you in experiencing the stillness of the Divine Self. Tap into the unmanifest potential within you as you contact your Divine Self. The Divine within you reveals itself to you in stillness, bringing you answers, solutions, hope, and inspiration. Deeply relaxing music.TH068EInto the One Divine Self31:36
Manifesting Potential: Consciousness in MotionTravel into the silence of your being, your Divine Self as you listen.Afterward, radiate the light and consciousness you have gained from contact with your Divine Self to the world where you can manifest this new light as positive changes in your relationships, circumstances, feelings, and thoughts.TH069EInto the One Divine Self30:36
Lord of HarmonyThaddeus' music calls upon the Lord of Harmony who radiates peace and harmony. Receive the blessings being offer to you as you listen to experience greater peace, to release battles, struggle, and pain, and to experience the peace and harmony of your Divine Self.TH059EReceiving Blessings From Enlightened Ones30:37
The Blessed OneThis is one of the highest beings you can call upon to assist you in receiving the blessings of consciousness that lead to enlightenment and expansion of every level of your being. Music is very peaceful and relaxing, with long sustained notes and harmonies, angelic voices, strings, and more.TH063EReceiving Blessings From Enlightened Ones32:17
Lord of LoveThaddeus' music calls forth a great being who embodies Divine Love and offers you the blessings of love. Allow your heart to open and experience more of the love within and about you. Open to a higher expression of love in your life as you expand your compassion for yourself and others. Very harmonious, relaxing music, with long sustained notes, angelic voices, strings, and more.TH065EReceiving Blessings From Enlightened Ones32:25
LiberationExperience the light of your innermost Self, guided by the Enlightened Ones and Thaddeus' music. Contact with your Divine Self transforms your mind, body, emotions, and personality and brings freedom and liberation. This music was designed to assist you in releasing imprisoning thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that have bound you to a lesser level of light so your spirit can soar. Music is very reverential, has wonderful harmonies, angelic voices, strings, and more.TH067EReceiving Blessings From Enlightened Ones31:41
Sacred JourneyEnter into the sacred spaces within you and find the infinite light that is the core of your being. This music is wonderful for inner work, to meditate, to clear energy, and to make contact with higher energies. It moves you inward and is very stable, as well as expansive. Soft, moving, harmonious music with angelic voices.TH056ESacred Journeys30:56
Sacred CeremonyParticipate in a sacred ceremony with the beings of light, the Enlightened Ones, to transmit energy to you and prepare you for the next level of unfolding that awaits you on your spiritual path.TH057ESacred Journeys31:43
Ever-Unfolding ExpansionThaddeus' music assists you in expanding and opening to higher levels of your being. Allow yourself to play in the infinite unmanifest, forever expanding light, and opening to your highest potential as you listen. Music helps sustain states of inner silence and peace, and carries you deeper within your being to an experience of continuing expansion.TH066ESacred Journeys31:56
Sanctuary of PeaceExperience the peace and harmony of your Divine Self as you listen and journey inward. Let go of struggle. Surrender and open to receive all the light, insights, joy, and love that is possible when you are feeling peaceful. Use this to let go of stress and relax. Contains angelic voices, strings, and other instruments.TH070ESacred Journeys30:37
Raising Cellular LightThaddeus' music summons the violet angels to work with you for cellular transformation and the yellow angels to build a finer nervous system that can handle more light. The rose angels join you to add light to your heart and circulatory system, and the deep blue angels heal whatever needs healing. This music is sparkling, twinkling, happy music. TH012ESolar Light Transmissions 28:37
Solar Light TransmissionsAs you listen, the Master of Light transmits Solar light to you. He builds lines of light around your head, opening your mind to your soul's mind to receive soul impressions and guidance. Gold and white angels join Him to bring you Solar light. This music is orchestral with strings, gentle and uplifting. TH026ESolar Light Transmissions 30:52
Songs of the One - Suite 1Let yourself be drawn up into the Oneness. Many tones and sounds are transmitted to you by the beings here to awaken your crown center of enlightenment. You join into union with the One, blending your will with the higher will, and merging with the Universal Mind. This music is "space music" that will take you traveling into higher dimensions. Goes with Suite 2, TH0028.TH027ESolar Light Transmissions 29:50
The Master of LightThis music calls forth the Master of Light. He is a perfected Being who has ascended to higher dimensions. Imagine as you listen that this Master appears in front of you as a radiant light. Experience the incredible love, bliss, peace, and expansion of consciousness that is possible as you sit in the light of this Master. This music is inspirational, calming, reverential, and very uplifting.TH029ESolar Light Transmissions 29:22
Spiritual Sun OpeningOpen to the Spiritual Sun as you bathe in its light. Thaddeus presents specific sounds and sequences of notes to assist you in expanding your consciousness in this great light of infinite awareness. Long sustained harmonies that lift you increasingly higher.TH046ESpiritual Sun30:15
Spiritual Sun LiftingLet your spirit soar! Feel the expansion of your heart as you listen to these chords and sequences that lift you to the Central Spiritual Sun. Many shifts of consciousness as possible as you listen. Very soothing, calming music with long sustained harmonies of strings and other sounds. TH047ESpiritual Sun28:51
Spiritual Sun VortexEnjoy traveling into a vortex of light and love as you move into the illumination of the Spiritual Sun. Relax and let this music take you on a journey into the light of higher consciousness. Every time you listen and journey to the Central Sun something will be transformed within you. Music is some of Orin's most expansive and uplifting. TH051ESpiritual Sun30:26
IlluminationFeel the illumination of the Central Spiritual Sun as it pours into your spirit and into your mind for mental illumination. Let this set a space of illumination where you can see and know your higher path more clearly, recognize light in yourself, in others, and release any energy that does not serve you.TH061ESpiritual Sun29:31
Sirius As you listen, imagine you are standing in the blue light of Sirius. Lift the energy from your solar plexus center into your heart center and absorb this light to liberate yourself from lesser energies, expand your capacity to love, and know yourself as Spirit. This music uses strings, angelic voices, piano and harp, as well as other sounds designed to transmit star energies to you. This is light, spacey, traveling music. TH035EStar Journeys 28:20
PleiadesDraw in light from the Pleiades that assists in manifesting. As you listen, focus on your world service, career, or anything important you want to manifest. Lift the energy from your throat center into your third eye as you imagine light coming from Pleiades into a mental image of whatever you want to create. This music uses strings, angelic voices, piano and harp, as well as other sounds designed to transmit the star energies of the Pleiades to you. This is light, spacey, traveling music.TH036EStar Journeys 29:34
Pole StarAlign with the star of direction. It is the light that draws you back to source, to spirit, and to your spiritual home. As you listen, imagine you are traveling to this star, bringing its light of direction back with you, and aligning your life with this light of purpose and direction. This music uses strings, angelic voices, piano and harp, as well as other sounds designed to transmit star energies to you. This is light, spacey, traveling music. TH037EStar Journeys 29:20
Great Bear Draw in the seven qualities of Divine Will from the Great Bear as you listen. This is some of the most powerful evolutionary energy available to humanity at this time. Release struggle and resistance, and accelerate your evolution. Draw these qualities of will into your head center, then send them to your base center to align your personality will with your soul's will. This music uses strings, angelic voices, piano and harp, as well as other sounds designed to transmit star energies to you. This is light, spacey, traveling music. TH038EStar Journeys 28:46
Temple Garden Let Thaddeus' music bring you to the temple of the masters, a place of infinite love. Float through the temple gardens and experience the energy here. Thaddeus uses certain musical notes and sequences to call forth nature spirits, also called flower devas. Allow these beings to heal and evolve your body and emotions and erase negative cellular memories as you listen. Gentle, soothing music.TH004ETemple of the Masters 30:35
Silent MajestyThaddeus' music was created to assist you in opening doorways to the Enlightened Ones and the higher dimensions of light they live in. Receive the love and special energy they are sending you. In this space, fear, pain, and suffering can be released. Beautiful, flowing, majestic music with strings and piano. TH005ETemple of the Masters 29:29
Solar ContactThaddeus' music assists you in contacting the Solar light whose radiance brings beauty, joy, harmony, and wonderful qualities of light into your aura for transformation at every level. Solar light opens doorways into higher dimensions and lights up your path of most light. Uplifting, "opening up," melodic music. TH006ETemple of the Masters 29:30
Temple of Healing Love Thaddeus created this music track to assist you in linking with a Master of healing to open your heart and heal any pain from the past that is there. Listen and allow this master to work with you. The past is released and a new note of love is sounded. Steady, soothing, reverential music. TH009ETemple of the Masters 31:06

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About Thaddeus Music

Listen to 50 minutes of continuous Thaddeus music samples in the Thaddeus Music Listening Room. (Scroll down page.)

Sanaya has created a line of meditation music by working with an Angelic being called Thaddeus.  Thaddeus is an angelic being of light channeled by Sanaya who brings musical harmonies of love and joy, peace and harmony from his realm to you. His music is the background on all the Orin guided meditations and many of the light body meditations.  The music is soft, melodic, and uplifting. The music has been created on synthesizers using strings, harp, piano, angelic voices, and many beautiful sounds. Experience the amazing transformative qualities of this music as you play it for yourself or others.

Thaddeus' music can assist you in expanding your consciousness and connecting with the higher dimensions of light through the use of certain sequences and combinations of tones, the rhythm, the musical sounds used, and the reflection of the consciousness of Thaddeus himself that is contained in the music. The music is paced to relax your body and slow your breathing, opening doorways into higher states of awareness. You can use this music to heal your body, transform your emotions, and evolve your mind as you listen and draw these high, fine vibrations into your being.  

You may listen to this music as much as you want for pure enjoyment and to receive the energies being transmitted. These are excellent for background music for meditation, meetings with friends, classes, bodywork, yoga, or anywhere you want to set a healing, uplifting, relaxing space. Play this music at low volume while you sleep, or play it for loved ones who are ill. Experience the amazing transformative qualities of this music as you play it for yourself or others.

People's Comments About Thaddeus' Music
People have written us with wonderful stories about Thaddeus' music. Some have told us they do their best writing, thinking, art, and creative work while playing Thaddeus' music. Students say it helps them to study and concentrate. Many tell us it helps them reach and sustain a high place in their meditation. Some use Thaddeus' music for yoga, Reiki, deep breathing, and other practices where they need to reach and hold peaceful, high states. Massage therapists say it helps people relax and makes their bodywork more effective. Light body teachers and other teachers use it in their classes to assist class members in reaching high spaces.

Many tell us they play Thaddeus' music for company when they want people to relax and enjoy an evening of connecting and conversation. Some play Thaddeus' music to create a calm, peaceful space in their home throughout the day. Some people reported playing Thaddeus' music during a stay in the hospital, with amazing recoveries, in themselves or in others they played it for.

People tell us it works better than anything else they have tried to fall asleep and to wake up feeling refreshed. Others say it helps them feel emotionally balanced or to release negative energy. I hope you enjoy!

Story of Thaddeus' Music by Sanaya
As a child, I studied classical piano. Although I always dreamed of being a concert pianist, I didn't pursue that path, but enjoyed playing the piano whenever I could. Years later, for fun, I purchased a keyboard that could produce a number of wonderful sounds, such as piano, angelic voices, harp, and strings. One day, as I was playing the keyboards, I felt the presence of an enormous, radiant angel. I somehow knew that he wanted to join me to create music. I opened my heart to this lighted being, whom I now call "Thaddeus," and blended my consciousness with his.

Suddenly, my hands were guided to play chords and notes I could now hear with my inner ears. With Thaddeus present, my skill with music went way beyond my normal ability and limited knowledge of chords and sounds. Out of that blending with Thaddeus, a song was created that took me to a wonderful place of love and light each time I listened.

Since then, Thaddeus has come to join me a number of times to create musical pieces, each one with a special spiritual purpose. I cannot summon Thaddeus; I often wait weeks, months, or even years before Thaddeus is present to guide my hands and lift me up into his realms of angelic music.

As I create music by blending with Thaddeus, I often sense an enormous, sometimes fiery, angelic presence of great love and power. Through Thaddeus I begin to "hear" the prayers of humanity. Sometimes I hear children praying for their parents, or parents praying for their children. I sense people praying for help for themselves and others, and for the good of the world. I hear the soft voices of hungry children asking for food, of the sick praying to get well, and of those feeling unloved praying for love. Thaddeus is one of the angels that answers people's prayers. His music is one way of sending angelic healing energy to anyone who is open to receive it.

Thaddeus' music is created to help people awaken inner strength, to heal past pain, to lift out of denser energies into the light, and to link with the Beings of Light who always stand ready to assist.

Each musical journey by Thaddeus brings an opportunity for healing and for evolution. The titles and descriptions will guide you to the spiritual purpose of each musical piece that has been created.

Royalty-Free Use of Thaddeus' music
To use Thaddeus' music royalty-free as background for your CDs, videos, or DVDs please be sure you meet all the requirements by reading the information on the Thaddeus Permissions page.