Tribute to Sanaya, Channel for Orin

I thank all of you for your wonderful comments and sharing your experiences of Orin’s work and your love for Sanaya. Your love and sharing is expanding and making more accessible for everyone the experience of connecting with Sanaya on her higher journey. With your love and support her blessing is becoming almost tangible for you and all of us.

Your communications on the inner planes are greatly appreciated. I read all emails; all voice mails are heard.

As you read the experiences in the tributes be reminded of the wonderful spaces of growth that Orin with Sanaya have opened for all. Sincerely a deep gratitude for your sharing your growth and the shifts you have made in your earth life through Orin’s work. Precious energy indeed.

All the best to you in love and light,


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Comments and Tributes from Students

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I was called to Duane and Sanaya’s work in 1996, early in my spiritual awakening. One morning, I knew suddenly something extraordinary was waiting for me: a life-changing shift. I had to find it. Somewhere. A strong sense of knowing drew me to a local Boston bookstore. Sanaya and Orin’s Spiritual Growth practically flew from a bookshelf into my hand. I read the first page. I felt the Universe pour through me. The next day, after this, my first profound energetic experience, not really knowing what was happening, I called the phone number listed inside the book: a spiritual organization named LuminEssence in Oregon. That began one of the most exhilarating and life-changing chapters of my life. I attended five seminars and worked with the tapes and then the CDs for several years.
Eventually, I flowed into my own energetics and multidimensional energy work and growth. But Sanaya and Duane opened all the doors to advanced consciousness. They have stayed with me, subtly or profoundly, for almost thirty years. And now, so soon after Sanaya, I discover Duane is gone. I miss them terribly as humans on this earth. I can still connect with them beautifully in the nonphysical, of course. But the physical void feels massive right now. I have met no finer, talented, inspired, inspiring, or evolved people or teachers. Thank you, Sanaya, thank you, Duane, my fine friends, for everything. So much appreciation and love to you. Until we are together again in human form, if that is to be. I send you ... magnificent flows.
Both Duane and Sanaya (Daben and Orin) have been part of my daily life for over 30 years. Their teaching and presence has changed the course and quality of my life in ways that are immeasurable. I still feel their presence, especially as I teach Awakening Your Light Body to new students. I offer much gratitude and love to all as they are in spirit and as they have been in life.

I'm sure that they are both dancing with Angels right now.  Their work will forever touch my life.  I used to love the guided meditations by Sanaya. With so much love, condolences and gratitude.

May our beloved Sanaya’s passing into the Kingdom of Goodness and Love bring us all closer, make us better, and help us be the beings she would have wanted us to be in every moment. There are no words to describe the magnitude of her influence and the eternal shifts her work left upon humanity. 

When I tune in to Sanaya what I sense is a big celebration for all the consciousness she and Orin shifted and uplifted on this planet. She accomplished her purpose, she is being welcomed with the Masters and the guides and wrapped in so much love.

Sanaya and Orin made a huge difference in my life. They first showed up when my life was falling apart. They changed the course I was on and I will be eternally grateful for all that they made possible for me, and in turn the help I was able to give others. I’m sure Sanaya will be working with us from the other side, it may just take a little bit to get used to it rather than having her so accessible on the Earth plane.

For more than 35 years I’ve listened to Sanaya channeling Orin. Sanaya’s skill at channeling and Orin’s skill at pitching were unsurpassed. They began at an unparalleled high level of skill and then, over the years, got even better. You could feel the evolution of their approach to Orin’s meditations over the years, which matched the evolution of all of us who have been their students. Sanaya and Orin were able to articulate and transmit Divine knowledge with ever more clarity, passion, and warmth. In recent years, I have particularly appreciated Sanaya’s humor. Her personal commentaries during the live Divine Will seminars often brought laughter from the audience. For example, in the Will 1 course (track 8) she talks about Glamours and Illusions. As she describes the glamours she begins to ham it up a bit, mentioning helplessness, then she says “no choice” in a droll voice that gets a guffaw from the attendees. In these moments I always feel the instant unification of the audience (including those of us listening to mp3s) in the recognition through humor of our shared humanity. Sanaya would also sometimes allude to her own struggles. In the same Will 1 seminar she says, “Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have an emotional response … just a calm, clear ‘the universe is perfect’” Then she speaks of, “the glamour of interference, of sentimentality.” She says, “I read this and I thought, well, I have all of these! And that’s because these are the world’s glamours. They’re out there. These are the energies we’re born into.” Moments like that transformed Sanaya from an otherworldly almost supernatural teacher to a fellow traveler sharing the same challenges we all share. Her death is, in temporal terms, the ultimate sharing of our humanity. And in her peaceful achievement of that inevitable destiny there is much for all of us to emulate. On a personal note, when my house burned down, Sanaya, through her comments to me on the online Divine Will forum, helped me reframe what might have been a personal catastrophe into a great blessing. I began to regard the fire not as a tragedy but as an opportunity, and lo, I ended up with a completely refurbished and remodeled home, all paid for by the insurance company. It was better than I could even have imagined! This was an important lesson to me in learning how to Live with Joy. I am so grateful to Sanaya and Orin for their great work. What an achievement!

Truthfully, she hasn't "left", she is probably as much here as she was when she was in her body. She spent so much time in meditation, today probably feels like just getting up from the other side of the bed!

When I learned of Sanaya’s passing, I immediately felt a great wave of peace, light and love, and I knew it was her blessing. She has dropped her physical body, but her personal energy and Orin’s radiance have only increased. I feel sadness, but mostly immense gratitude to Sanaya for her commitment and life work to evolve and heal the world. Sanaya, Duane, Orin and DaBen have been the most powerful transformative elements in my life, and I know the world wide light body that they have brought forth will only strengthen in the years to come. I look forward to working with Sanaya forever across all time, boundaries and worlds. Thank you Sanaya for everything.

I almost have no words to describe what a profound difference has occurred within me, my life and outlook, vastly down to the teachings, courses etc. of Orin and DaBen through Sanaya and Duane. I feel such gratitude for being led to you. Sending much love, healing and blessings to you all. Much love on your journey Sanaya.

Wish to say that it has been such a privilege to connect with Orin’s work through Sanaya these past few years. She has changed my life and brought such wisdom to me through her channeling. I will connect with Sanaya from now on through the ethers with great gratitude. All love.

I am deeply saddened by news of Sanaya, without her my life could not have been what it became and the light that I can hold for others could never have been so held. We all play our part in life, she did so exceptionally and I send you all my love and best wishes.

While the personality can’t help but feel sad over Sanaya’s passing, at the same time my heart is filled with immense gratitude, and I feel honored to be called upon to assist in her transition, even though I didn’t know it at the time. As my way of honoring Sanaya, and if you will indulge me, I’d like to share the story of how I found Orin and DaBen with you. The journey started more than a decade ago, when, after being shaken to the core of my being by a “dark night of the soul” episode, I developed a strong yearning for a teacher to help guide me along a spiritual journey that’d been long overdue. I had little idea on where to look, or whom to follow, so I did the only thing I knew how, which was to read voraciously. It was during this time that seemingly by chance, Amazon recommended “Living with Joy” to me based on my reading history. Then, as I’d like to tell other people, the rest is history. I devoured every book Orin and Sanaya had produced, reading and rereading them several times. Like a teenager determined to meet her idol, I also felt the urge to meet Sanaya in person. When I learned that while Sanaya no longer taught in-person classes, she still attended the Lightbody seminars, I did what I thought a real fan would do, which was to sign up for the next LB seminar. I dutifully completed the prerequisite Awakening Your Lightbody series in the months before, even though I found the whole thing completely and utterly beyond my comprehension. I just remember being quite confused and sleeping through it a lot. In April 2013, I came to the seminar as planned and got to meet Sanaya when she organized the usual “newbie lunch.” Although she seemed very personable and friendly, I was too starstruck to say anything to her other than the breathless proclamation “I read all your books!”. I remember she smiled warmly when she heard that. Maybe it was exactly because I went to the seminar with the goal being “to meet Sanaya” and nothing else, I was able to enjoy the LB journeys with a lightness that was unburdened by expectations. Halfway through the journeys a thought came to me “Maybe I can do this on a regular basis”. It didn’t hurt that I met some very lovely LB people there, who have now become like family to me. So I keep coming back. Over the years it was always joyful to see Sanaya’s radiant being at the seminar, and I had been content with just watching her from a distance and observing her warm exchanges with people. The few times she decided to channel Orin during the seminar remains one of my fondest memories of the in-person seminars. On the other hand, in the two years leading up to being truly able to get into the LB journeys and appreciate their depth, I was leaning heavily on the Orin journeys to keep me going. He was my rock and my superstar during this introductory phase. Years later when I looked back, I marveled at how the whole process seemed to be a carefully arranged curriculum designed specifically to help me get to where I needed to be. Had it not been for Orin and Sanaya opening the door and paving the initial path for me, I doubt I’d have been able to integrate the LB energies into my life as well as I have today. I’m sure the story of how I got into the LB energies is far from unique, as every LB friend has relayed that it was Orin and Sanaya that opened the door to LB for them. Love, Light and Deepest Gratitude.

Sanaya’s work had a huge impact on my life and I am who I am today because of her. I had a dream before Christmas where you and Sanaya were enveloping me/the group in an unconditional wave of love, support and gratitude. I can still tune into it and be replenished. I saw her one more time in a dream after that, which never happened before. I’m forever grateful to Sanaya and you. What a blessing to have known her in her physical presence. Sending her love and gratitude in her transition and look forward to playing on the inner.

I just wanted to say my deepest condolences to all of you for the transitioning of Sanaya. I don't have to say what a magnificent light she was, because you all know that, and she still is. She was my first experience with channeling, which now showed me and guided me to channel. She taught me Awakening Your Light Body and was my favorite guide.

Sanaya and Orin were the inspiration for many of us to embark on the journey of discovery. We are all eternally grateful for her body of work. I am especially grateful to have been able to make the trip to spend time meditating in person.

Sending love.

Sanaya and Orin have been very much part of my life for many, many years now and will remain so as I continue to listen to and share their journeys with others undertaking their spiritual growth. I have a lump in my throat as I prepare to undertake a New Year’s day worldwide meditation. I will be lighting a candle to see Sanaya on her way to the light after the meditation. Orin and DaBen courses have really changed my life for the better.

Thank you Sanaya from the depths of my heart. When Living with Joy came my way in the 80s I was in a bad way. With Orin, hers was a voice I had never heard or only dreamed of. I was wrapped in a sense of living presence, complete love, acceptance and understanding without judgment. I felt for the first time in my life that no part of me was off limits. This has stayed with me down the years through all the other Orin teachings. It continues to help me let go of fear and to keep opening. Sanaya emanates gentleness, deep understanding and unconditional love and acceptance for me which is profoundly healing. I cannot thank her enough for all she has given and for all she is.

I met Sanaya many years ago in the late 1980's. Truly she has made an impact on my life and countless others and the world is a better place because she took charge of her purpose here on earth. Humanity is the beneficiary of her gift during her time on this plane of reality. Sanaya was a dedicated Master channel. May we all find our peace.

Sending love to you all. Sanaya’s Opening to Channel book started my spiritual journey and the teachings of Orin and DaBen brought light into my life.

At very bleak moments in my life it is always the Orin meditations that I go to for help and restoration, they have never failed me. They have lifted me up and set me back on higher ground. I am forever grateful. When reading Sanaya's books I loved how Sanaya explained in the Introduction that in the beginning days Orin would ask the group working with Sanaya to send energy to those who would be working with the body of work in the future. I sure did feel a deep connection to The Work right from the start. As if I was home, it was RIGHT for me, my Soul recognized the work. Thank you soooo much Sanaya and Orin for all the ways you have helped me to connect with my Higher Self. Forever Grateful.

Knowing Sanaya Roman and Orin through her has been to me like knowing true love, true joy and true soul contact. I enjoy learning, studying and teaching through joy and fun and aliveness and laughter with her being true to her own calling and being our most wonderful Teacher, light worker, being of light, angel on earth. I am happy for her amazing life's work and for all her loving special unique contributions in her lifetime. I am forever grateful for her light and Orin's and I trust she will be part of our journey as long as we exist, and as long as there is light. I choose to allow myself to be and feel grateful for having her in my Life since 1991. I love Sanaya and since love transcends time and space I trust to keep playing with her in the inner realms. I choose to believe we now have our own special Angel of light and I for one feel blessed to have her on my favorite Teacher of Light and Self Love list. We love you Sanaya, and yes like you used to say..."what if I am ahead"? Yes, you are way ahead of us, yet, all of us will meet with you on our own God, Goddess, All That Is Time for sure. Love you immensely.

I’m in a bit of shock. How could someone I never met have SO much influence on my life? I didn’t think I was worthy enough to work with Sanaya or Duane in person, but I’ve been thinking lately that I would like to make the effort to do so. I’m sad I never made the opportunity to meet her, but I believe, in some ways, it may now be easier for me to work with Sanaya. I trust she feels my gratitude for all she has done for me--in my growth, my confidence, my hope, my relationships, my abundance. What part of me and my life didn’t she touch and make better through her channeling work? Thank you, Sanaya!

Divine Sanaya, let my gratitude reside in the spaces of light and love where you are. You have come as blessing in my life. I am humbly grateful for your divine teachings. Thank You.

When I tried to meditate as usual for the coming year, I couldn’t dispel the feeling that an enormous, magnificent light has been doused leaving a huge vacuum in the ether. Sanaya will be muchly missed by so many of us. To Sanaya I send Divine Wills to support her journey of completion and offer the Initiating Will and the Will to Unify as she undertakes new (and probably already started) world service projects. In sincere, deep appreciation of Sanaya, Orin and their work.

I heard news so I pay my respects. Sometimes I feel blessed, that people like you are around to make me understand some things. I will make use of it to be. Therefore my thanks.

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Sanaya. The person who helped me begin my connection with my guides and my higher self 30 years ago . But as I thought about her and what she meant to me, this overwhelming feeling came over me. Her energy amplified around me and I felt with all my heart that her work will continue on in a stronger way. I felt that even though she will continue to help us connect with spirit, this time she will assist the SPIRIT REALM connect stronger to humankind. Thank you Sanaya for your endless commitment to us and the spirit world. I look forward to continuing my work with you.

When Sanaya looked me in the eyes, she looked into my soul. She helped me to see my soul. She sponsored me with such constancy. I felt safe knowing she was in the world. The form has changed but the light has not wavered. Sanaya and Orin's light and work found me on the inner planes when I was in my darkest hours. Sanaya getting her work out to the world made it possible to reach me and many others who were searching for the light. And then I learned to channel, and then I taught an Opening to Channel class. What a space she and Orin held for me as a teacher! And over the years when other teachings and paths fell short, Orin and Sanaya were always still there and it was clear that they would always hold a space for me like nobody ever did. Orin and Sanaya were and are a bedrock. I wanted to be like her when I grew up, and I ended up learning many lessons from her. I learned grace, and focus, and precision, and constancy, how to open my heart, and renewal, and forgiveness. Sanaya taught me how to shine a light for others. She shined a light for me that helped me grow. She did that for so many people. If I can do what she did for just a few people a day, how amazing that can be. How rare it is to learn from such a special teacher. How blessed I am to carry on something of her legacy. What gratitude I have. These memories are joyful. Her words of kindness and encouragement stay with me. Teacher, mentor, sponsor, miracle worker. Sanaya created so much good in the world and on the inner planes.

I am so very sad to hear of Sanaya passing. She is such a blessing and beautiful wisdom keeper. She is very well loved here and above.

I’m saddened and stunned by the news regarding Sanaya’s passing. We all feel so connected to her through her work and in the light she holds for each of us. Although I would have liked to have known she was not well, I also understand that her privacy was important to her. Even if we weren’t able to hold an intentional focus then hopefully working as a group, as we have been doing, means that connection has been a comfort and support to her energetically.

Sanaya shaped my view on the world with Orin’s messages. Her contribution to my life is unmeasurable. She will be part of me all my life. Thank you for the opportunity to share these words. And thank you Duane for your channeling DaBen to me. The combination between Orin and DaBen and you with Sanaya is the most valuable thing in my life. All the best to all of you.

I visited the website to join the new year’s worldwide peace meditation and learned of Sanaya’s passing. I felt grief, thankful and very appreciative of everything I continue to learn from Sanaya and Orin’s books. Personal Power through Awareness was introduced to me by a friend around 2009. I immediately felt the life-changing words of the book and it has been a source of personal power ever since. Please continue your work in bringing light to humanity. Love and light.

Thank You Sanaya. You will surely be missed. I so appreciate Your down to earth approach and love Your sense of humor throughout Your recordings. Such wonderful uplifting energy through and through. I wish You Heavenly Fun where and whenever You are! Much Love and Light.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to express my sadness about Sanaya’s passing. However, I know we are all connected at the soul level and mainly through the Light Body gridwork. I am very grateful for all her work with Orin. I love all Orin’s material. I found this path (Orin-DaBen) through Orin’s books more than 25 years ago. After doing the Light Body course my life changed dramatically and continues evolving in amazing ways. Also I would like to continue expressing my enormous gratitude for DaBen, which has helped me to spiritually understand my place in this third-dimension reality and my nature as a multidimensional being. In deep appreciation.

I would like to pay a tribute to say thank you to Sanaya and Orin for all the wonderful courses, meditations, books and music that we are blessed with from them both. Also thank you to Sanaya and Orin for the meditations that compliment your own courses, all so inspirational. I am so looking forward to the new courses that are available later. In deepest gratitude always filled with blessings to Sanaya, Orin, Yourself and DaBen. In Love and light.

I was so sorry to hear of Sanaya’s passing. Although I know that you all are aware that her spirit lives on, it is still a loss and sadness of her physical presence. I am so sorry for your loss. I have been holding a space for her transition over the past few days. She has been one of the major contributors to my own awakening, and the Awakening Your Light Body program that she created with you had been a turning point in my own life. I feel so blessed to be able to teach this program and witness the continued awakening in my students as a result of what you have brought into the world. I have notified my students of her passing and all are sending their prayers and many blessings. I know that she is shining her bright light from her soul to all of us. I can “hear” her voice in my meditations as Orin continues to transmit a bright light and higher energies. Wishing you all the best as we continue as a community to plant the seeds of light on our planet. In love and light.

Beloved spiritual family. I have no words to express all the gratitude for Orin's, Thaddeus' and Sanaya's work upon Humanity and All Life in this beautiful planet, and for the very significant difference they have made in my life. For their dedication, for their time and energy, for the moments of bliss and humor (I will never forget a hilarious journey with the gas beings), for making possible conscious contacts with The Great Ones, Masters, Angels, Guides, and with all the compassion and the love that are available for every single creature. Walking this path with Sanaya has been an honor. My hope is that we will continue to be supported and guided by Orin and DaBen through Time and Space in this never-ending adventure of Light and Love. Won't we? With love.

There is an overwhelming feeling of love in my heart. I’ve been connecting with you all on the inner planes ever since I heard the news, holding you and Sanaya in the light of love. I’m feeling her presence and Orin’s these past few days and I know she is with you. I sense great joy as well as celebration in the higher realms. During the past month I have been revisiting Orin’s course Transcending the Ego. This morning as I was listening to Sanaya’s voice and Orin’s words I experienced a deeper and profound connection, it felt very special and expansive. I feel an unending depth of gratitude to Sanaya for her book ”Living with Joy “ which set me on my spiritual path of self-discovery over 30 years ago. The journey has been enriching, rewarding, exciting and continues to be so with you and DaBen! Blessings of love and light.

I have been holding Sanaya in Light and Love since I heard the powerful news of her passing. The dyad of you and her, this Light that has been a constant for humanity for decades now, has shifted into a new phase of expression. It has taken my skills of finding and expressing the Light into new territory as I have navigated this passage of human time. My heart and love to you in this time. Unlike many others, I did not find my way into Light Body through Sanaya, but straight to Awakening Your Light Body. Thus you and your work have been my guiding light for these many years. I have read all Orin and Sanaya’s books, and done most of her seminars and journeys. Her unique light and presence have helped me manage so many issues and challenges over the years. I am eternally grateful. It is a great blessing to find a high-level teacher in an earth plane lifetime. To have two teachers such as you and Sanaya is a blessing of enormous import. You and she have impacted my life in such a way as to have shifted my soul path for eons to come. I can sense the probability stream which I have been following blossom into octaves of light heretofore unimagined. With great love for you both.

I just found out about Sanaya last night. We are in shock. Sanaya introduced me to you and Orin and DaBen and this energy. I found Opening to Channel in 1987 thru synchronicity and devoured her books and seminars. We thanked her last night for “opening the channel” to our spiritual path. Sending love and luminous light to all of you and especially for Sanaya’s journey into her brilliant next adventure. You are in our thoughts.

I just read about Sanaya`s transition and while first feelings of shock and sadness, I also felt the warmth, strength and Light, Love coming through. Such deep appreciation and gratitude for all the transmissions, works and connections through Sanaya, Orin, Thaddeus, Duane and DaBen! For over 30 years all have been such a part of my journey, awakening and more. And gladly and in honor I send Sanaya such Love, gratitude, Blessings and highest respect, and look to this opportunity to strengthen our Divine connection, and Truth of Our True Identity, Our One Source, One in Being, Love, Light and Truth. Namaste!

I am part of a group of qigong practitioners. Since 2020, we have a daily meditation on spiritual growth using Orin and DaBen meditation books, we are currently listening to Chanelling series audiobooks. Just five days before my birthday in August, I lost the love of my life to Covid. I was very devastated and what comforted me the most are the lessons I learned from our meditation; that I only lost his mortal body but his spirit lives on; that we are more than this physical body. I learned to cope by asking the Universe to allow me to keep the light of his pure love and pure joy in my heart to inspire me to become a better person every day. I will always have the sound of Sanaya's voice vibrating soothingly in my being, she's gone to the highest Consciousness, sending her with my appreciation and gratitude, and with my love and my light.

Sanaya, I shall keep listening and reading your words, you are a great writer and the audiobook and audio courses you produced are classics. I know a lot of my friends from Turkey, USA, and around the World really enjoy and value your work. We Love you.

I felt unbelievable with the news on the website. With so many years studying and working with Orin and DaBen’s teaching, I always thought it would be forever. I couldn’t help but feel sad with the loss of her. However when I tuned in, there was purely peace and love. Sanaya and Orin’s work made my life. I am so grateful for all the growth and opportunities they made possible for me. I’m sure Sanaya will be still working with us through the words in all the books and courses. Thank you Sanaya, and I will remember the encouragement and support you gave me, gave us. Love you.

Thank you so much, Sanaya, for having been present on Earth at this time. You and Orin made such a difference to my life. It began with Living with Joy. A little resistance as it sat on the table staring at me and then I picked it up and it spoke to me. Then came Awakening Your Light Body (thank you Duane and DaBen too, of course) and everything changed. My life took a different path which has been and continues to be wonderful. The clarity, precision and fullness of your channeling has been awe-inspiring. Your presence has been so constant as a beacon and as a touchstone of excellence. With your passing your light reveals even more of the beauty of your being. Thank you so much.

Infinite Gratitude and love to Sanaya whose absolutely beautiful incredible work and teachings with Orin came in my life 32 years ago, and changed my life. Your contribution to the world and all the beings you touched with your loving crystal clear bright voice and light is universal, my most profound prayers for you and family, thank you for the rainbows you taught us to build, may the bliss and love of the father and mother carry you for eternity. You are a model of simplicity, discretion, and powerful love and light. A master teacher, a blessing to us all. Thank you. My prayers for Sanaya and family and Duane, merci, thank you and blessings to you all.

As Sanaya transitions to the other side, the stars and other celestial beings are celebrating her legacy of light. She contributed so much to the world through the use of light. I am so grateful to her and DaBen for bringing in the light working tools to help humanity as well as myself. Thank you!

I recently discovered Sanya's books and plan to study them this year as I awoke! I was saddened to hear of her passing into her next journey. How lucky we are to have her readings and meditations to sustain us in our life. I pray and hold the space for her light to be bright as the stars in the sky and universe. I also pray and hold space for you as you grieve and process this tremendous loss. Please know that she is not gone as she breathed life in each of us who are reading or listening to her work. I thank you for sharing her work and yours. With love and light with blessings and peace.

I still remember the moment I discovered the Personal Power through Awareness book. I was in college on a European trip at a bookstore in London. The books and the work have been life changing. Her tapes helped me create a new path for my life after a bad marriage. My only regret is I never made it to the live seminars in Ashland to meet her.

All of my books are dog-eared and highlighted on every page and in dark times I depend on the Affirmation Room to keep my thoughts clear. Thank you. I will light a candle to Sanaya and hold you all in its Light.

My deepest gratitude and prayers with all the light of my heart and soul for Sanaya. Your work changed my life 30 years ago. I practice your meditations daily. May all the light and blessings you have shared and given so generously come back to you multiplied. As well as for Duane. Merci.

I wanted to offer you my condolences for Sanaya's passing. I believe we are all soul family and Thaddeus is my higher self. Sanaya's work made such a difference in my life, long before I realized the reason why I connected with her and Orin's books was because her work was the foundation for my life's work and she was supporting me energetically. I'm crying my little eyes out; she was such a positive influence on me. I always hoped I'd get to meet her in real life. What a legacy she left. Thank you so much for your guys' body of work, it has truly changed my life. So much love to you and your guys' family during this time.

I wanted to extend my deepest condolences to Duane and the LuminEssence team. Sanaya and Orin changed my life 30 years ago - I cannot adequately express my gratitude for all the information received in the books and journeys. I had always wanted to meet her in person. Blessings to All.

I’m heartbroken since I´ve known the sad news about Sanaya’s death, and I can´t even believe it’s true. But I wanted to tell you that Sanaya-Orin and Duane-DaBen have been, are and will be probably the most significant relationships (I can´t find another word) that I could have ever imagined having in this lifetime. I got to know you "by chance", after having asked for years and years, until you finally arrived. I would very much like having met Sanaya in person, and now I regret not having done so. The moments I’ve spent holding a space for her so far, I´ve sensed some energy on the top of my head, which I interpret as a “got-it wink”. I Love You All. I Thank You All. Please, Duane, don´t leave us yet, wait until we can meet on this plane, if possible,

I send love and light to Sanaya as she transitions. Dear Duane, your life’s work has meant the world (with spirit) to me. I have, with Orin’s and DaBen’s guidance, built a life that works for me. My sincere condolences. Love, light and peace.

Thank you for letting us know of Sanaya's transition. I feel great gratitude and love for her work. Thank you for all the blessings received. May love and thanks rise to Sanaya now from all corners of the earth, accompanying her on her further path.

We have been holding a space with candles, Orin Meditations and prayer for Sanaya since we learned, yesterday. I hope that Duane can at some point tune into the outpouring of love across several Facebook pages. Compassion and condolences to Duane, and all the LuminEssence staff. In a journey that started 35 years ago, I am so grateful for this life. Heartfelt love and gratitude.

I learned about Sanaya last night, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to Sanaya and Orin.

I learned about Orin and DaBen and Sanaya and Duane, around the year 2000. I took the Light Body course so I could take the course “Divine Will”, which I was strongly drawn to. Sanaya (and Orin) opened my heart to Light for the first time, as I was full of unworthiness back then. I’d never felt I was worthy of receiving light. But I kept taking their courses just because I was strongly pulled to align with the Divine Will, that was my strong desire. Sanaya’s voice, her energy, Orin’s energy has been my guide for many years, since then. I loved her book “Soul Love” especially. When I heard the news last night, I cried a lot. Even now my eyes get misty when I think of her. Although I was not taking their courses in recent years, I realize how much I have been connected to their love and guidance. Just yesterday morning, before I heard about Sanaya, I received my word for the new year 2022. That was “Heart”. I realized I will continuously heal my heart more deeply next year and will open it more. Now I realize that, when I do so, love of my soul will start flowing more freely, this is why Orin came into my life many years ago through Sanaya. To tell me Love of my soul has never forsaken me, and it never will. In deep gratitude to Sanaya and Orin. Namaste, Sanaya.

I feel a lot of love, light, and appreciation for all of the brilliant journeys I've experienced and continue to elevate because of the high vibrational energy that has been shared because of Sanaya and Orin. I’m happy that Sanaya has successfully resolved her human experience and evolved her soul! My heart is filled with joy and I believe there's a lot of good vibes being emitted! I hope Sanaya has lots of uplifting frequencies! I am super thankful for being able to have found this website! Love to all!

Beyond words and my deep gratitude for Sanaya's work and her teachings with Orin. I forever keep in my heart the images of her many smiles when we meet during the seminars. My Immense and Eternal Gratitude for Sanaya. All the best to you in love and light.

It is hard to believe so many years have passed since I first came to know Sanaya/Orin. I came to the light body teachings in early 1990 and have been doing the work ever since. I found so many great friends/fellow light body workers as a result, my light body family. Even though some have passed, the connection is still as strong and I can feel their presence and work continue on the other side. This definitely feels true of Sanaya as well. Her presence is as strong and clear and masterful as it ever was. Holding the space of light and love for us all. I am celebrating her welcome home and sending my heartfelt condolences to all of us who will miss her here on the earth plane.

In 1987, a friend on her deathbed gave me the book Living with Joy that she had received from a family member. It was her dying gift to me and a gift that gave me Life. I had, in 1982, been prompted by the Powers-That-Be to accompany the souls who have passed from our earthly plane, but my ability to live as my soul was very limited, and thus limited my ability to be on the same plane as them. It was Sanaya and Orin, with their teachings (all the books and Divine Will among others) who taught me how to transcend my earthly body to be able to accompany the voyagers in the intermediate world. Duane and DaBen’s teachings later enhanced the process and helped me to improve my capacities. I just now learned that Sanaya's soul has left her body and even though it is probable that she has already ascended during the first three days of Clear Light, for the next 49 days, I will accompany her with the readings that have been given to me by other voyagers and my guides.

I am deeply saddened by this news. I found Orin's teachings in around 1999 when I was in deep suffering and depression. Sanaya and Orin's teachings gave me deep peace in midst of pain and suffering. I remember bringing the book Living with Joy along with me to Australia in 2000, it gave me deep solace and inner peace, helping me through deep reflection and meditation. Sanaya and Orin are truly great teachers. I am very blessed to have them in my life and I know Sanaya will be helping us in the spirit world. Thank you very much. Namaste.

Please allow me to share my thanks and deep gratitude for all the light that Sanaya, together with Orin, brought into the world and into my own life. Although a candle has gone out on the earth plane, the higher energies seem much brighter and I'm glad she will be with us in all the journeys to come. I am grateful for the Thaddeus music Sanaya channeled for our enjoyment, and as the background for many of the Light Body journeys that allowed us to travel on the various frequencies and enhance our experience. I am wiser, calmer, more joyful, and more at peace as a result of reading all six of her books, listening to the Orin journeys as part of the Awakening Your Light Body series, repeatedly listening to the Spirit of Peace Meditation, and being a part of the Awakening Your Light Body journeys and all the live seminars I have attended since 2014. I appreciated her light, her beautiful voice, her openness, her sense of humor, and her spearheading the welcoming for all the newcomers to the larger group at the live seminars. Just before the last live seminar was cancelled due to Covid, I dreamed that I was assisting her to organize technology (there were lots of wires and cords), because the live seminar was not going ahead as planned, so many empty seats in the seminar room! The timing of her passing seemed perfect, if there is such a thing. I did the Spirit of Peace meditation with a group on New Year's Eve, and felt the presence of a great light there with us. I held space as often as I could over the few days after her passing to add what light I could to all the other light that was assisting her in her transition. It was an honor and a privilege. Sending love and light to you all as you transition to a new way of being and doing without her physical presence. With gratitude.

My heart feels so many things with Sanaya's passing, but mostly an expansive feeling of hope, joy, celebration, and freedom. Sending so much Loving Light to you and your team as you process all that has happened. May you all be blessed with the peace and comfort of knowing that her beautiful Loving soul and radiant Light remain with us! My deepest connection has been to DaBen, you, and the Light Body programs, however, I have loved being supported by Sanaya's/Orin's beautiful journeys and books. The night of her leaving the earth plane, I experienced the most real soul to soul connection with her and she gave me clarity and peace of mind regarding concerns I had with how other people/channels are disrespecting her and her work with Orin, by calling it theirs. Her presence remained so strongly with me for days. When I taught the basic Light Body class yesterday her presence was so strong and seemed to lift all of us up to a new powerful level of experience and awareness of being. We are all so blessed! I am so excited to experience the upcoming seminars with this "additional dimension of energy from Orin and blessings from Sanaya in the power of this loving group energy." Thank you again! I am truly honored to be a part of this Light Body family and deeply grateful to DaBen, Orin, Sanaya, you, and your team, especially Edward, for your Loving Support and Guidance! Loving Light and Smiles.

Like many comments on this Tribute page Sanaya's work changed my life. Her books introduced me through Orin to my highest self and a deep connection with my Soul. I learned to channel, to energetically feel and to awaken my Light Body. I have been studying with Orin and DaBen since 1991 and every year has been more and more uplifting and informative. What a wonderful ,and remarkable contribution to Humanity Sanaya has made! I recall re-reading Alice Bailey's works after some encouragement from Sanaya. Previously Bailey's writings seemed inaccessible, even dense. Somehow after taking the Awakening the Light Body course all Bailey's material became clear and understandable! And I learned to see the through line from those works to the Light Body. Thank you seems like such an understatement Sanaya. I know you are still with us and I can feel your Loving Being working even more closely with Orin more than ever to shine Divine Light on all of us. Blessings.

I just learned today that Sanaya has passed away and I was so saddened to hear that. I did not know she was in that process. I read through many of the tributes and am moved by all the love there. She has been so a part of the LuminEssence energy and lightbody and been part of my path for so long. Living with Joy was my doorway into the light body in 1989 and she and Orin opened a major path of transformation for me, along with Duane and DaBen, and I am forever grateful. She and Orin radiated such a beautiful, smooth and loving energy and I do feel blessed to have been called to this path and by the role she and Orin played in that. I appreciate all the positivity about her transformation in the tributes and everyone’s energy and I also send her much love and light in gratitude and joyous new travels. Thank you, Sanaya.

Sanaya's books started me on my path of expanding my awareness. Then when I discovered the seminars, it was such a wonderful thing to hear Sanaya channel Orin live. Now I am very moved by the beautiful way that Sanaya has left the earth, even in that moment helping to build a connection to the other dimensions for us. Thank you, Sanaya. I feel closer than ever to you. I really miss your presence on Earth, yet I understand more than ever now how the other dimensions are all around and here, just at a different vibration. I feel inspired to be the best that I can be, to hold more and more love and light, and to find joy in every moment. Thank you, Sanaya, for reaching out to us to continue our connection. What a blessing!

Mother, thank you so much. I love you. I love you.

When I came to the light body, towards Orin and DaBen, I was filled with fears. I was afraid of everything and everyone. Thanks to Orin and DaBen, Duane and Sanaya, I began to see life from a perspective other than fear. I owe you my rebirth. Immense gratitude is little compared to what Orin has given me. Sincere gratitude, infinite love, a deep respect for her commitment to humanity, her service to the world.

I send my condolences! I am holding a space and sending energy to Sanaya. My life profoundly changed, became more meaningful and happy because of Sanaya and Orin (and Duane and DaBen). I first read Living With Joy in the late 80s and have meditated to so many of your powerful meditations daily since that time. I felt Sanaya's energy coming through in a very soft way when I looked at her picture on her book. She is still connected with us. I am so grateful for her love and light.

I am offering you my condolence. I am sending you love and compassion for this changing time for you. Sanaya and Orin came into my life around the years 1998/1999 through her first book a friend of mine recommended to me. We ordered some tapes and were a little bit shocked because we had to pay custom tax (living in Germany) which was almost more than the price for the tapes. For some years I read the books and meditated with the tapes from time to time. In 2010 I got the strong intention to work very often on a regular basis with Orin. Now it was easy with the mp3-downloads and no more tax. It wasn't a really comfortable time because a lot of things happened, friends disappearing from my life, difficult situations at work. But over the last years I got aware of how I had changed. My personality is very different from 2010 and I am very, very happy about that. Fears have gone, more peace inside me. Dealing differently with situations. The downs are going away faster and I have definitely more ups. I find solutions and see the meaning behind it. And now and then I have deep joyful moments without a reason! I am very thankful for what Sanaya and Orin did for me and all the other students. I am looking forward to the last course "interdimensional travelling". And thanks to you that you are making it possible that we can continue with the work of Sanaya and Orin. I don't know what your plans are but it would be wonderful if there would be a forum/platform where we students can contact each other. Love and light.

An infinity of Gratitude and lovely energies which communicate to Sanaya, Orin, you and DaBen, with endless Love, Light, and Gratitude for these huge contributions that you have made and are continuing to make. Thank you for assisting us as teachers for the Group, in opening the beautiful high energies of Love and Light on the earth plane. Which is why we are here, to express who we really are – the Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, and lovely energies that we are! Smile. Sanaya and Orin continue with us beautifully! With our sensing abilities more aware, expanded, and precise it is such a gift to be aware of Sanaya and Orin in even more of their fullness and the beauty of Light more fully then ever with Sanaya’s shift. Duane have loved when you shared that the best and most accurate way to communicate is by the energy, so have been doing that since becoming aware of Sanaya’s transition to extend support and whatever would assist, and in many other times as well. It is so wonderful and joyful to do that at any time, and joyful to know that it is received somehow beyond the mind’s ability to articulate all of it. Smile. Isn’t “Being” grand! Right after Sanaya’s transition it seemed that she went into such a high pure pure light that was beyond the edge of what we as a Group have been exploring so it seemed to have opened us further in the noticing and following that. The experience on this end now is that she and Orin are present with us even more deeply with more formed and aware conscious details of her presence. The light is exquisite! Sanaya and Orin have such a warm inviting Light and Love, such beautiful Love, such beautiful Light, as do you and DaBen. In this moment Sanaya is so appreciating your ongoing work with all of us in human form, and she is joking and delighting in working with you and us as a Group this way now. She is conveying that it will continue to be FUN!! Smile. Much Gratitude to you, DaBen, Sanaya and Orin in continuing to assist us to live as these high pure frequencies that we are in our earth plane expressions, and to help us open and continue to explore who we are which shifts earth plane expression into amazing expressions of Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, and these lovely exquisite energies that will translate into forms in the culture. Many thanks for everything! Thank you. Sanaya and Orin continue to do that in the way that is perfect at this time. With the deepest Love, Light, Gratitude, Honoring, Peace, Harmony, and Lovely Exquisite Beautiful Energies.

Sanaya really started me on my path to spiritual growth. Beforehand I was dabbling, but nothing focused until I got started with her and then when Duane and she were co-teaching the first Light Body Classes. She was always someone who was there if you had a question, always interested in everyone and so compassionate. She was a bright light to so many, showing us/them the way forward and so strong to start her path in a time that this wasn't accepted by society. I know that she will be missed by many but we continue to feel her presence still.

First of all I would like to offer my sincere condolences to You and Sanaya's family. My personality self is sad, but ever since studying the Light Body and feeling a glimpse of what is awaiting us, I also feel happiness and joy for Sanaya for I know she is HOME. She was welcomed by Orin and DaBen and the whole Spiritual Realm and the Celebrations were beyond beautiful. Congratulated. Celebrated. Acknowledged. Her Life purpose fulfilled. Her Mission accomplished. The whole Universe expanded because of our Beloved Sanaya. We cannot even comprehend the enormous shift her work here on Earth meant for humanity and the whole Universe. We all benefited from her following her calling. And the amazing connection between Sanaya and Duane, Orin and DaBen created even bigger shift for all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As I was lighting a candle for Sanaya and holding a space for her, I was lifted by the energy around me and I felt like Sanaya came to me and said: "You will always be in my heart". Then she put a light ball into my heart and I repeated the same to her 3 times. I believe it was the blessing she mentioned before her passing. It is my most delicious gift I have ever received. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Before every meditation with Orin (or DaBen), I now say these words: "You will always be in my heart". Yesterday, while sharing this story with one of the Facebook group members, I realized that I have always had Sanaya in my heart, since day one. That we truly are interconnected. I first "met" Sanaya and Orin in the 90s in Prague, the Czech Republic. The book Living with Joy called me from the shelf in the book store. I was in the dark space back then and Sanaya and Orin showed me the way. It wasn't only the wisdom and the hope I received, but it was the energy transmission that was the most significant for me. It was the first time ever I sensed the energy from the book. remember putting my hand on the pages in disbelief as I could feel it. Seeing a fog coming out of pages. I thought I am getting crazy. Well, crazier than normal, lol. I was moved by every page, I truly felt my Soul wanted me to read the book and I was one of those Orin called. I also knew the energy work is my calling and I should follow this gift, but I didn't know yet where to look. Life went on, but I always went back to Sanaya's and your books. And at the darkest stage of my life, in 2015, I finally found your webpage and the meditations. (It is still so weird to me I didn't find it earlier). These meditations kept me going, gave me a hope and lifted me every single day since. I took many many courses from both Orin and DaBen. Orin and Sanaya saved my life and gave me a hope. I truly don't know what I would have done without them at many points of my life. The gratitude I feel is beyond anything I have ever felt for anyone. I am sending my love and light to you and I will meet you both on Light Body Gridwork. Love.

Even though Sanaya has now moved to a higher divine plane of reality, she is forever remembered and will be in our hearts. Indeed, I am grateful to Sanaya, Orin, DaBen and Duane for all their wonderful work for this earth plane. I have tremendously benefitted from their teachings. With Divine Love of Light.

I discovered Creating Money in 2007. I was seeking and searching for wisdom. My life had fallen apart. I lost the only home my son had ever known to foreclosure. I had decided to explore a new career path, but I didn’t have a solid plan. I was very much a traditional Christian. I attended church and tithed and sowed financial seeds into ministries that fed me spiritually. I knew the Word of God and recited it over my life. Yet, my life fell apart anyway. I knew I was lacking wisdom. I had to move into an apartment and rebuild my credit and finances. I had just discovered the Law of Attraction. The concept resonated with me, and I was eager to consume as much as I could on the subject. I saw Creating Money in the bookstore. I picked up the book, and then I put it back. Something led me back to it. I wish I could understand why I was inspired to pick up the book. It was nothing like I expected. It was infused with love and light. I saw myself in a whole new way. Needless to say, I read all of Sanaya and Duane’s books. I taught classes based on the books, so others could discover the wisdom and love I had encountered. I have gifted Creating Money to so many people. It’s my absolute favorite book ever. I love the Orin and DaBen meditation series. When I’m down, confused or lacking clarity, I go to the website for affirmations, re-read the books, order or revisit a meditation series. I can’t imagine my life without the body of work, Sanaya created with Orin and Duane with DaBen. I would not be the woman I am today without the teachings, love and guidance. I discovered she passed a couple days after she made her transition. Oddly enough, it was from an Instagram post. I was stunned. I cried and cried. Sanaya and Orin have been my North Star, my light, my love and my comfort. I thought what will I do now. What does her death represent? I’m not done learning, growing and evolving. I felt lost and hopeless. Still looking for answers. Still not sure why she transitioned when she did, but forever grateful and thankful, that someone or some entity decided that I should be aware of this work. It has and continues to be completely transformative. Sanaya, your world service and impact, is truly beyond description. I only hope to leave a legacy remotely close to the one you have. Sending Love, light and joy to you always.

Sanaya was a beacon of light in my life. Her ability to channel Orin and reach such high levels of consciousness and expansion of love guided me across the years to reach my own higher potential. In the last year, there was barely a day that went by when I didn't open the ' Personal Power Through Awareness' Book. Every time I needed inspiration, guidance or answers I would open the book and find an answer that would support the situation. I cannot thank Sanaya enough to be such a wonderful messenger to access Orin and the Divine through her books and meditations. The strangest thing happened which made me wonder if I did have a connection with Sanaya as on Monday 27th December night I dreamt of a woman that looked like her. I thank you deeply Sanaya for supporting my spiritual growth and showing me hope in my most challenging times. Many divine blessings for your transition. May you expand even more in spiritual growth and be surrounded with Love.

I want to convey to all of you at LuminEssence my deep gratitude for the loving work Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman have brought to the world and lightworkers. Even if there is a sense of loss with Sanaya Roman's passing, the work of Orin and DaBen is clearly eternal. I have built my life with the help of Divine Will and the Light body courses. The Light is real! I, myself, is about to work less hours and gradually retire. The plan is to live more, tell inspired stories, and spread more Light. In Love, Light and Gratitude.

I am so grateful for having connected with Sanaya and Orin. Over the past 25 years their work with Duane and DaBen has been one of the most profound influences in my life. Sanaya has returned Home but her work will continue to guide and inspire me, and Orin remains a source of love and light on the inner planes. My love goes out to Duane, Sanaya’s family, staff at LuminEssence, and all others whose lives have been touched by Sanaya and Orin. Thank you, Sanaya!

Namaste' to all who will read this. Even though I never met Sanaya personally, I feel as if I already knew her through all of her books, music, and meditations. I considered her a spirit guide and a friend who was always there for me metaphysically speaking. She gave us the gift of herSelf, and for that I will always be indebted to her. In remembrance of her divine soul, I will continue to patronize your lovely website and order meditations, books, and other products that you have there. I do this to let her spirit know that I appreciate everything that she has done for me. Because of her gifts of Spirit, I am a much stronger person, and more "in the world but not of it."

Weeping tonight as I have just read about Sanaya Roman's passing peacefully on December 28, 2021. Her crystal voice carried a potent, wise, comforting and life enriching entity named Orin who to me "embodies" pure Love, Cosmic, gentle power, heavenly wisdom and support of my growth through play rather than hard work. A teacher that encouraged me to experiment and be inventive and to become my own guide, my own teacher. You cannot put a price tag on a teacher that wants you to be "defiant" and to laugh at any box that the world tries to put you in. Sanaya was a sister that I never met in person, but through her timeless channelings and books she gave me the ability to see her right now in my hearts eye smiling and saying, "Thank you all for bringing much more Light and Love to your own lives as well as to the world." Thank you Sanaya Roman for your dedication and incredible ability to be a "Channel of Thy Will." And thank you for this very web page that was put up in 2011 as a result of my study with you. And waited for these very days to blossom. I will meet you on the inner planes that you introduced me to and I will thank you there." Bless all of you that have kept my, "My downloads and seminars" link open since 2009! You have changed my life by giving me access to New Life Possibilities! I love you all.

I am writing to you from Ireland, and am currently participating in the awakening the light body course. Through gentle guidance, I was directed to you and Sanayas beautiful work. I am making my way through various audio courses and books you have all put together. I wanted to tell you how moving and important your work in the world is, and how I wish all good blessings to you and dear Sanaya at this time. Sending much love to you.

Sanaya, thank you for all you did for us. When I first came into contact with the Awakening your Light Body course I felt so much light, like there were infinite possibilities to my life and not the forcibly 'only way'. I continued to share with all of your resources, and it made me feel accompanied and like there was a stronghold of light in this world, which I didn’t feel anywhere else. I'm sure Sanaya is happy wherever she is, and that she is accompanied by a lot of friends and high beings. Thank you for everything! See you in the next lives after this one, too!

Sanaya and Orin have been a major influence in my life since the 80's. Although my heart feels heavy having learned of Sanaya's passing, I also feel such love and gratitude to her. Of course her light continues to shine bright. Thank you Sanaya for being you! My life would not have been the same without you.

I just wanted to send my condolences to Sanaya's family and Duane for your loss. I just wanted you to know that I was in the darkest point in my life when I found Sanaya and Orin. Because of their work I was not only able to survive but thrive. The experiences I have had because of the work done by Sanaya and Duane have not only been life changing to me but I have been able to go on and help others. I have lost count of the number of clients I have recommended to this work. I was in such a bad state that life was really not a possibility for me, when I saw a flyer in a store for a day of meditation to meet your spirit guides. The woman who led that class that day was a Light Body Instructor. I had an out of body experience that day with St. Michael (I still remember every detail of it many years later). I was forever changed that day and have read a number of the books and hundreds of hours of the meditations, found my purpose, have raised three happy kids and help others because of the work that was done by Sanaya, Orin and Duane. I will be holding space for Sanaya and sending prayers for those on this side. Much Love To You All.

My heartfelt condolences to you Duane and your family, I am sending much love, and blessings. On hearing the news I felt so incredibly sad, cried then felt a beautiful light surround me. I understand Sanaya has returned to the light, but grief I know is difficult and my thoughts are with you. Sanaya has left so many of us amazing gifts, such a special gifted loving lady. Sanaya, Orin, Duane, DaBen you have changed me as a person and I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have been working with you all for so many years and of course will continue to do so. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am. I have sent blessings and light to Sanaya and was transported to the soul plane, where I had a profound experience. I will continue to send blessings to Sanaya and us all. Much love, gratitude and blessings always.

Sending love from Berlin. I first came in contact with Sanaya and Orin's work in August 2021. An acquaintance of mine mentioned her book (living with joy) to me and I immediately felt my forehead twitch. It became clear to me that purchasing her book collection was the next best decision of my life. Two months down the line, in October 2021, I felt ready for the light body course. I am currently on the fourth volume. Honestly, I was looking forward to meeting Sanaya at the next seminar, unfortunately, she is gone from this world. Words cannot describe the impact Sanaya's work has made in my life. I was occasionally feeling all kinds of despair and was struggling in some areas. Blessings to Sanaya and Orin for helping me raise my vibration and bringing me back to my power.

Thank you Sanaya and Orin. Your books, presence, and energy changed my life in ways that I still don’t even realize but am gradually starting to. They gave me solace and light when very few things on this earth did. They were a companion through the ups and downs and darkness that I had to go through, and are still there when the light is dawning, adding clarity and guidance galore. They are a treasure trove that just keeps on giving, and best of all they reveal the treasures of my own Self - the wonders and mysteries, the radiance and beauty, and boundless potential. There is a richness in your books that I have never experienced anywhere else and I thank you for that. Your relationship, Orin and Sanaya, is one of the most inspiring things I have ever come across and it has influenced my own path in a special way. When I heard you had passed I was shocked and saddened, but then I got quiet and connected as the website had suggested and I felt love, happiness, and saw you moving on to the next part of your journey. How beautiful. I love you both so much. I will miss you Sanaya. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for all you do. I was shocked to read that Sanaya had died. And grateful to be able to join people in holding a space for her transition. Words don't adequately express the depth of my gratitude and respect for her and Duane as wonderful channels for Orin and DaBen. I feel very blessed and grateful for finding your work: Sanaya's book literally fell from the top shelf in a library onto my head :) Your work and light have completely changed the course of my life. Thank you, with love and in light.

I just logged in to listen to the violet transmuting flame meditation and I am deeply saddened and shocked by my outpouring of grief upon reading about her passing. I just want to express my deep and everlasting gratitude to Sanaya for her light and work. My deepest condolences to Sanaya’s family, Duane and the staff. Orin and Sanaya’s teachings have been one of the most transformative and grounding lights in my thirty plus year spiritual growth journey. The awakening the light body meditations helped me create an inner life that has provided a sense of security and inner reliance to balance the happenings in my outer world. I have often thought to myself I didn't need a guru or 'teacher' here on the earth planes because I had Orin and DaBen's guiding words, music and meditations. They have created a space for inner reflection, love, light and peace like no other path. Alongside the grief and loss, I feel a sense of comfort, love and hope knowing that the blessings of Orin and Sanaya will live on in a kind of hologram that I trust will be there like it always has in times of need, to bring me back to my inner world of love, sound, shape and vibrational centers where I find peace. I met my husband 18 years ago in Europe who had been in an Orin meditation group in Holland. I always feel like our common bond to LuminEssence is a behind the scenes support guiding us through the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of marriage. I am eternally grateful and trust Sanaya and Orin’s bright lights will continue on and reach even higher energies and healing to the LuminEssence community and world.

I never personally met Sanaya but I have read (and re-read) her books with Orin and I have completed many Orin courses and Orin meditations. I feel like I know her. I know the energy. Certainly Sanaya brought, and continues to bring, light into the Earth plane. I am looking forward to the upcoming Orin course. I definitely hold a space of love for Sanaya and I know that she is holding a space for us. I’m also sending love to Duane and appreciate all that he and DaBen are doing to guide us into further explorations. I am so appreciative of being a part of the amazing co-creation taking place between loving beings on both sides of the veil. Love and light.

I give thanks also for Thaddeus’ music, which has been such a blessing. Not only did Sanaya do wonderful work in bringing it through, she has also been so generous in letting many of us use it in our guided journeys, enriching and sustaining the energies we transmit. Thank you, Sanaya.

There’s so much gratitude to share for all of Sanaya’s gifts and creations, and for bringing us Orin. From my heart I want to share my gratitude for Sanaya’s gift of music by Thaddeus. This music is my constant companion, playing quietly on a device while I work or sleep, or with more volume as I drive, cook, or just anytime I want to feel peaceful and uplifted. It is so supportive of going deep within in meditation and raising the vibration of any situation. Rising Into Light and Temple of Healing Love are two of the most compassionate and healing compositions I have ever heard. All of Thaddeus’ music tracks are inspiring, timeless, and unequaled. Star Journeys, Emotional Flow, Sacred Journeys, and Ascent to Heaven are beloved favorite albums. I cherish all of Thaddeus’ music. I am so grateful for Sanaya’s prolific talent and healing gifts to the world; they are so infused with love.

Sanaya, thank you for all the light you brought into the world and into my life, personally. May your memory be a blessing. With love.

I am with you in spirit. I am holding a focus for the perfect unfoldment of this energy shifting into a clear and beautiful light. In love, light and peace.

I came across the book 'Personal Power Through Awareness' with Sanaya and Orin, that has changed my life significantly from living with sadness to now with joy and abundance, compassion and understanding! Her work channeled with Orin has transformed me forever to the new person I am here today. I had never meet Sanaya or attended her class, however every time I listen to her meditation voice online from Melbourne Australia, I feel a deep healing within me. I am deeply saddened by the news. Tears in my eyes hearing of the loss. But I know she is now in heaven and her light energy will be always with us. May her work be forever wisdom for us to live our life spiritually. My deepest gratitude.

I visited the website today and read about Sanaya. I am very sorry for the loss. I am speechless. Her audios with Orin have changed my life and brings me closer to Gods, heaven and my inner self every time I listen. I love her so much. I send her love, light and blessings.

I would like to tell you that we had a beautiful ceremony for Sanaya. It was wonderful to be all together in the energies of Orin and Sanaya. Sanaya was to me like a loving and wise mother and friend. And although I only met her twice, she meant so much to me! From the very beginning I felt attracted to the energies of Orin and DaBen from the Light Body. But there was always a slight preference to the energies of Orin and Sanaya. It all felt so easy and wise at the same time! From the very first beginning I participated at the first online group: The Divine Will group. It was such a beautiful adventure with the group, guided by Orin and Sanaya! She will be always in my heart! Love and light to you Duane and to the wonderful work you and Sanaya bring and have brought to all of us!

Dear light family. I am deeply sorry to hear of Sanaya's passing. Her crystal voice will echo for eternity. Her work is timeless and will never be forgotten. May you know no sorrow. Much love.

I have followed many courses from Sanaya and Orin. Experiencing so much Love, Joy and Transformation. Deep gratitude for all her work with Orin. I feel her everlasting Love and Joy. Looking forward to the new course The Jeweled Vehicle. All my blessings for Sanaya and Orin, Duane and DaBen and everyone connected to this Light Group.

Reading about Sanaya‘s passing was quickly followed by the strong and joyous impulse “UNBOUND“ and it had a very freeing and expansive energy. Having been accompanied by LuminEssence‘s offerings for about 25yrs now, the frequencies seem to amplify still and get clearer and more intense every day. I feel Sanaya to be released and more in a sphere like Orin now. She is more present in the journeys as well as all around in general, being free in and as space now. Remembering she repeated your purpose was to teach the teachers and heal the healers, I now more than ever am drawn to live and also start to share all the inspiration in my own ways and thus continue to further anchor your legacy on the Earth plane. What a fascinating embodiment and now “dis-embodiment“ as a living example of everything shared in your life’s work! Sanaya, thank for sharing this journey on Earth with so much enriching overlap, Love & Light.

Dearest Sanaya. Thank you for being such a bright light in this world to me and many. Your books, meditations, and guidance have transformed my life and guided me to be filled with more light and love. You are a special soul and my heart has so much love and gratitude for you and the gifts that you share with such pure loving intention. My favorite book in the Universe is “Living with Joy” and I gift it to those who I know are ready for a shift. Thank you from my heart to yours. I am absolutely sending you such a stream of love and lots of gratitude. I am imagining you continuing to do your beautiful work just on the other side. Bright blessings and love.

On 28th December I felt the need to listen to a meditation of Sanaya’s. It was so powerful, as a blessing, she placed a big diamond in my heart, to clear up my body on the level of cells and to reconnect with the light I am. Since then she keeps appearing, inviting me to be truly my own guide. I feel great respect and gratitude on her work on telepathy and subtle energies, so naturally. Her book Lliving With Joy was for me a bible, a starting point of something I believed so strongly in my twenties: transformation through joy is possible. Her easy language filled with the vibration was and is still inspiring, at my fifties. Wish you love, light, support. Thank you for the journey, never ending somehow. I hold you in my loving light. Love and Gratitude.

I send my sincere condolences to Sanaya's family and friends. She, so Radiant, and her channeled 'Orin' have been an incredible Grace, inspiration and transformational influence in my life. Awakened by every book with her and Duane, as with her meditations and energy of love and light. I am so grateful for 25 years of magical support and guidance I've been blessed with. She has helped me to manifest abundance in so many areas of my life, share my art/writing/healing with the world. I will always treasure her eternal love and healing light.

Sanaya made such a difference in my life and this 1-2 year period was the most magical time of my life. She was a beautiful soul and I always thought she looked like the most beautiful light filled woman. May she be in everlasting light and love, and surrounded by the amazing light beings that she shared with us. Love you Sanaya.

I was reading a book called Soul Love where Orin is taking us through connecting with our soul and I felt so much love and warmth. I was drawn to go on the website seeking answers to this uncertain time and there I discovered the passing of Sanjaya. Tears rolled down my face of pure love and gratitude for her and all that she has left behind for all of us to continue to learn, grow and awaken. I felt immense happiness for her knowing that she is in a much better place. I know that she will be able to do more for humanity at this crazy time from the other side than if she were still physically here. Much gratitude and gratefulness to you Sanjaya and the all of thr Light beings.

At this time of Sanaya’s transition, I thank you both for your love and commitment to bringing such love to me and so many of us on the Earth plane. Thank you for sharing such wonderful ways to be loving and wise with ourselves and with the people we meet each day. Thank you, you and Sanaya, for the DaBen and Orin Light Body meditations. I use them every day with my work as a social worker and therapist. They provide me with the skills to share loving energy in therapy sessions with everyone I meet. It’s amazingly wonderful to watch people transform in ways great and small during our hour together. Playing back and forth with the energies is effective, and again wise and loving. With DaBen and Orin journeys I’ve learned to observe in ways that provide the support people need. Thank you so much. Likewise, the Orin books and meditations provide such a loving blueprint for finding the essence of what is happening, and for holding a space for people to discover that essence. At this point we have a small group of clinicians who are exploring the Creating Money, Attracting Abundance meditations together. After three meetings one friend discovered that she had overpaid her escrow account by $1,497 and some cents. She thought this was great and could now pay off her credit card bill. It turned out the credit card bill was for $1,497 and some less cents. Our group felt the magical, loving and humorous energies of the moment. Thank you for sharing such joy with us.

Sending love and appreciation to Sanaya for the beautiful gift she gave the world as a teacher and channel for Orin and Thaddeus, these meditations and music are a source of love and light. Thank you to all at LuminEssence, Duane and DaBen.

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Sanaya. I have been into Orin and DaBen’s work for many years and first came across the Spiritual Growth book when I went for a clairvoyant reading at a market in Beautiful Glenelg (beach), Australia. It seemed like an accident at the time that I came across this book that would then lead me to the most profound information as well as the most amazing meditations and light body course. Words really can’t describe how I feel about this body of work and the wonderful experiences that I have had and will continue to have. I am forever grateful. I had always hoped to meet Sanaya. Sanaya will always be in my thoughts and my heart and I will connect with Sanaya on the inner planes. I love you.

Sanaya has been a spiritual mentor to me for the past 3 decades and my life would not be what it is now had it not been for her and the work that she did with Orin. My gratitude for her and for all that she has contributed to everyone on this plane and others is boundless. She will be missed here but I send her so much love in this time of transition. I send love and light also to Duane and all the Luminescence community. So much to say but words fall short. All my love Sanaya and the deepest gratitude for all that you have given so many of us.

As a student of Sanaya and Orin from distant China, I have read all of Sanaya's books and studied her courses for about ten years. I am so grateful to her teachings which have reshaped and re-orientated my life. There is so much I have learned, for example, how to grow through joy rather than struggle, that money is energy and we can create abundance in the world of form by changing our thoughts in the world of essence. I begin to sense the rhythm and timing of my life and follow the guide from my soul and the Divine Self. I know I am secure, protected, and guided all the time. My daily life is full of beauty, friendships, joy, and abundance now. I am almost a solitary learner, only occasionally checking Orin & DaBen's official website for anything new. When I heard the message of Sanaya's passing, I was surprised and saddened at first, but I quickly felt peaceful and understood that Sanaya has fulfilled her mission in her earth life and her blessing will always be here with us. My big regret is not being able to come to America to visit Sanaya while she was alive. What I could do is to send all my love to her, commit to spiritual growth and enlightenment, live all the beautiful qualities, and become the source of light contributing to the awakening of all humanity. I am sending much love and blessings to beloved Sanaya, her family, and Duane. In Light and Love. Thank you!

Learning today of Sanaya's transition has made me feel like a part of a community in a way that I hadn't realized before, because I don't know what my life would be like had I not bought Creating Money when buying books on financial wellness at amazon one day in 2004. Reading that book led to my next and less expensive apartment that others told me I'd never find. From there I read all of Sanaya's and Orin's (and Duane's and DaBen's) books, and listened to many cassette tapes. The shifts they've all made, changed my personality and what I've attracted and chosen in my life. Thank you, Sanaya for giving me and so many people such a beautiful gift that most people don't know exists.

Hello. I’ve thought for some time about sharing a few unforgettable subtle experiences Sanaya gave to me. Plus a message. This was not in the journeys, though they are wonderful. It was in a few one-on-one short meetings. The first time I saw her one on one in person, she just appeared beside me as I was standing in a break and said, “DaBen opens doors. Orin leads people through them. Both are important.” I took it as a vital message to always remember and keep in consciousness, more important than it might seem on the surface. Another time I was approaching the front of the room, where many of us were giving brief testimonials to our experiences with a course. And as I passed Sanaya, suddenly her energy shot silently way up above her head, which instantly registered in my energy telling me to go higher, go there before speaking. The energy shooting up instantly “spoke” to me. The last time I saw her was in October 2019. She was standing with a small group in a break and I decided to join them. Again, as I got close, the energy shot way above her head, cautioning me to come there and meet her as a great being – go to a high level. In the group she was talking about finding a lost cat by consulting her own cat, who had passed over. But I kept in mind, of course, the high energy level she had shown me. As she looked over at my nametag, she said to go over and introduce myself to Duane, that he wanted to put my name to a face. Otherwise, I would not have done that. But I did. And this prompting by Sanaya is the reason I am teaching the Luminous Body work, in the sense that she set up the context. She sent me over and that led to the permission. Watching her energy shoot up left an indelible lesson. I cannot explain in words how instantaneous and strong the message was, as the energy shot up, instructing me, as it were, to come there. I carry it with me, always thinking of her Up There. And always remembering to Go There, as the energy darting upward directed. I am very grateful. And very, very grateful for my luck in discovering the light body work and having the chance to work with the founders. Warmly, in Light, Happy New Year to All.

Oh, I just read about Sanaya. The first book I read of hers was in the 1980's. I went to an offbeat store and that book "found me"! I have her/Orin to thank for my sanity because from that first day of reading, I felt like I was home. Those books and the energy from them have been like old friends all these 34 years! I marked them up and wrote in them, then bought a new one and started again. Sending comfort to all affected by her passing. And yes, I want to meet her someday!

Dearest Sanaya, you and Orin hold up the sky and open the heavens for me, for all of us. You know my heart, yet grieving silence is no substitute for quiet words shared with love and gratitude. Beginning well before 1986 when Living With Joy lit up and pulsed lovingly out at me and changed my world forever. Instantly and emphatically, you and Orin became family, trusted teachers, and precious friends to me. Living With Joy became my focus instantly, I took it with me everywhere. I was changing rapidly and I was waking up. I was meant for a spiritual road to be built and shaped by my heart, intuition, and loving spiritual mentors on earth and beyond. I now have this one unique, radiant, and glorious personal earth life, a spiritual and deeply meaningful life committed to growth, contribution, and endless transformation. A genuine life that was made possible by You and Orin and Duane and DaBen. The LuminEssence family is the family of my heart. Thank You, Thank You for everything!

Sanaya has been my main teacher for so long. I have listened to Sanaya and Orin daily for 10 plus years. On an airline flight the man who sat next to me asked what i did for a living, I usually never say yogi, or anything spiritual, but I said, I just like meditating. He then said, to who? I said Orin. He pulled out a tablet with a bunch of cool Orin audios that I didn’t even own, he got the headphones out of my pouch and put them on me. I was listening to Orin and Sanaya's beautiful voice before the plane took off!! Thank you!!!

I happened to be browsing on your website and was terribly saddened and shocked by the news of Sanaya's passing. Sanaya's and Orin's books and journeys have been bringing me great comfort through the years. Many, many times I have reread the books and listened to Sanaya's gentle and loving voice expressing compassion and love when I was in a time of sadness and need. I have taken the books and journeys with me to give me comfort in different places, sometimes in nature but mostly they stay next to me by my bedside. They are like a wonderful and dear friend who will always be there, someone that is always cheering you on and always wants the best for you. Her journeys and books have had the greatest influence on my life. I could not have imagined that a book could have changed my life so much. They are probably the one thing that changed my life the most. I found the book, Spiritual Growth after losing my father who I was very close to and moving to another country. The book stayed in my house for a while but then one day I suddenly picked it up and connected to it and realized there is a whole other world. It was like a light bulb going on. I guess I hadn't been ready for it before. After reading Spiritual Growth, I couldn't wait to get the other books. From then on I began to try to learn and try to connect to my soul. I am still learning and in the process. I have taken many of the courses over the years. I have not completed Light body yet but hope to do it. I am sorry I never wrote Sanaya to tell her what a great influence and comfort her work is. I also wish I could have met her. I send my deepest gratitude, appreciation to Sanaya and Orin for all they have done. She has dedicated her life to making the lives of others better and has done the greatest service to humanity. I also send my love and condolences to Duane and the staff at LuminEssence for all the wonderful work they do. Although Sanaya doesn't know me, I feel very close to her. I will continue to listen to the books and meditations. I know her spirit will be cheering us all on and that she will be working with us from above. In Light and Great Love.

I was so shocked that Sanaya sailed away Home. Words fail, really, as they so often do. I know intellectually we all know there is a Divine Order. Still, it's hard to predict where and when we will miss the people we love the most, when we will be broadsided by a rogue wave of grief. She played such a huge part in all of our lives, and the more time that goes by, the more I realize that I would in no way be who I am today without her influence. Words are small, but my love and gratitude is enormous.

There is always a sense of loss when somebody transitions, even when you have rarely met them in person. However, with Sanaya that sense of loss was significantly softened by a deep sense of completion as if she had achieved what she set out to achieve, and that her transition was a celebration of that achievement. It is difficult to put into words the influence that Sanaya and Orin have had on my spiritual development, as the changes have been incredibly deep and all encompassing. All I can say is that I will remain eternally grateful, and that she has my blessing and active support as she enters this new phase of her work.

I’d like to contribute a tribute to Sanaya to honor Sanaya and her wonderful and life-changing work. My condolences to Duane, Edward, Greg and Amy. Sanaya and Orin taught me a life-changing lesson: in order to manifest my dreams in life, it is better to work with the higher energetic planes to create the energetic form of creation than to try to force manifestation through the physical plane through hard work, power or lack consciousness. In the energetic planes, there is infinite abundance for creating the energies that are desired. In the process of manifesting, Orin through Sanaya taught me that focusing on creating a physical object or form is often a limiting form of manifestation because the physical forms envisioned are situated in the limited consciousness of the physical plane; they taught that my focusing on working with the energetic experience on the higher planes and bringing this back into the physical forms, the joy and abundance experienced can be beyond what I imagined or could conceive of. Orin has such finesse in bringing in evolutionary teachings in ways that people learn, accept, incorporate and then build on. The way Sanaya’s teachings have stuck and transformed my and so many other students’ lives in exemplary. Through Orin’s and Sanaya’s teachings, I transformed my relationship to the Earth and my life, they are not something to be escaped from or to be denigrated as lower, but rather the Earth and my earth-plane existence are a most beautiful, delicate and loving energy that is a jewel to be cherished. Through Sanaya’s and Orin’s teaching about working on the energetic planes to create on the earth-plane, I started to work with Duane and DaBen on the Light Body courses. Next year will be my 30th year of working consistently with the Light Body courses. One last thing: the last time I saw Sanaya was in Ashland, OR. She said to me she sensed a teaching energy in me and asked if I teach the Light Body work. I said no. She responded that its something I may want to explore. That feels like unfinished business for me and I hope I have the courage to step up to teach and the sense of abundance consciousness to realize that letting things go in my life in order to make space for teaching would not be a loss. May Sanaya’s contributions be celebrated and her wisdom and channel continue to bring the changes on the earth-plane and among humankind that she taught.

Sanaya’s departure from the earth plane came as a physical shock. Her courage in opening the light body for us “mere mortals” took great courage. Knowing that we were in her and Orin’s compassionate hands gave, many of us, the courage to return to seminars spearheading the new energies. Sanaya works today, not from her higher self, but from her soul, linking in a whole new pattern with her students and Orin. She is magnificent. My deepest sympathy!

It was at the start of 2011 I bought my first Thaddeus music track being Heart Radiance, as I began my journey into the Wellness field of Natural Therapies. Today in Australia, I have read with tearful shock the departing of dear Sanaya. Being a New Year, I had written my whiteboard goals etc. for 2022, that included an affirmation, "I flow with Orin and Daben's current of prosperity." During the past years I have bought many meditations, books and music tracks, and am a Light Body Graduate. I have found everything I experienced with the material I bought contained the highest forms of light and integrity. My personal "grounding" tracks have been Flowing with the Universe, Staying in my Center, Developing Intuition, Self Love; and musically the Emotional Flow Series and The StarJourneys. Everything shared by Sanaya/Orin was and is deeply relevant to any and all of my circumstances, and there is always a response from Orin when I ask and invite, without a sense of intrusion to my personal boundaries. I send my heartfelt love to Sanaya's family, and my utmost gratitude and appreciation for their lifelong work for Humanity on Earth.

I just saw Sanaya’s passing today when I opened the home page. My greatest blessings for Sanaya and hoping she had a smooth and joyful transition to the other side. She had a huge impact on me, and without her work I wouldn’t be able to survive some of the difficulties in life. I will continue to listen to her recordings, and hopefully she will find a new way to continue to guide us from the other side. Looking forward to the release of her new work soon!

I signed into the Orin DaBen website to get information on using Thaddeus Music for a video project when I saw that Sanaya had passed. At first I felt sad, until I remembered it’s a transition, not a loss. Of course I began to think of her body of work - the books, the meditations, the music, and I felt so grateful. I tuned into her energy and to Orin’s. I thought about my own project that I am beginning to release to the world and about the insecurities I feel (yes I still have some number 10 issues!). I thought, what if Sanaya had never released her work, her books, her meditations with Orin, her music with Thaddeus? What a loss for the world, for me! And that helped me get perspective on my own work and my own journey - what if I were to give in to my own negative voices and never release my body of work? The next day, I felt a new energy, a new positivity about myself and my work. I literally felt like a new person. And such an overflow of gratitude at the very idea of the energy in Thaddeus music behind my own projects. So there it was, the blessing that was promised if you tune in! Feeling so blessed and grateful for all that Sanaya is and all that she has done and is still doing.

I wish to share my appreciation for the connection of this group. Orin and DaBen have been the most significant part of my spiritual life. I am forever grateful for Sanaya and Duane for the profound work and contribution they have made in this incredible time on the planet. I am truly blessed to be part of this family and this experience. My deepest Gratitude. Sanaya’s Presence and Blessings will always be in our hearts. With much love.

Thank you for changing my life!

Dear Sanaya. Thank you so much for making such a profound and beautiful impact. I did not know your transition till 16 Jan 2022, but I have been listening to your books and meditation all this while. I am so grateful for all your love and teachings you shared with world. I am feeling your eternal love towards all beings while I am writing this. Much much love.

Deep gratitude and love to Sanaya. She and Orin have affected me so much. I felt very lonely and disappointed those times I first listened to Orin's channeling. Many things have changed since then. I feel now more self-confident, I feel that life can be joyful and harmonious, and even sometimes wishes come true. (I try to make it happen more often). I had a strong desire to visit you in USA. When I saw the picture with the beautiful white rose on orindaben homepage, I realized that she is a Sadhguru as the Indian tradition says, a real Master. It is a gift to me from myself that I met Sanaya's books and channelings with Orin in this lifetime. (As well as Duane and Daben channelings). What a celebration could happen in the higher realms because of Sanaya's coming, and for the great work for humanity and other life forms. I will continue listening to the channelings and make energy work, always. Blessings to Sanaya!

Dearest Sanaya, thank you for sharing the beauty of your Soul, for your Presence on earth and in our life, for embodying Grace, Love and Healing vibration. Your dedication and great vision of love for humanity, and all the work you have done with Orin will continue to vibrate over time and spaces, a precious gift still vibrant in me, in all of us. You were a great teacher and a loving and warming person embodying the highest qualities of your Divine Self, showing us by your presence and consciousness into every word, teachings, laughs, smiles, and tender attention on all forms of life, how to follow our higher path of love and light. Your presence on earth as well as your huge contribution was, and will still be, a great gift for humanity for this special period of time. Even in your transition, you inspired me to pursue my dedication in my own life and into my contribution through teaching and healing sessions. I feel so blessed to have known you. I will always love you.

Sanaya, your lovely light has illuminated my path and taught me not to fear. Thank you Sanaya and Orin from the depth of my heart. When I was going through a lot of difficulties in my life, I was also having an "awakening" with a lot of strange, out of this world "happenings" taking place in my life. I thought I was losing my mind until I connected through books and meditations, it put things into perspective and filled in the gaps. Your books carry an energy that is both enlightening and loving. Though we have not met, I feel you and Orin (and DaBen's) energy. Over the last decade, I've put aside your materials and stopped meditating, I went back to the corporate world only to find myself compelled to pull out the books & CDs and looked at your site in November-December 2021. Recently I found out of your passing and felt something missing, only to feel a wave of peace, calm and "beauty". Thank you for everything. May you and Orin's love and light continue to touch and change lives as you have mine.

Sanaya, I am grateful for making me want to be a better person the way Orin says that you don't have to change yourself, you just have to love yourself. So I wanted to be more loving, kinder, more open and more generous with my time and energy, and at the same time opening to receive more love, time, and energy from others. Being able to receive love and to express love is all I wanted. I wanted to be a clear conduit for God's love. This is the dream I carried inside. It became my life's work. Wherever my feet are, there I serve. My feet have taken me to your website every day. It is an honor to have been able to hold a loving space through the years, while reading the books, doing the meditations, listening to Thaddeus music, or just being with the inspiring artwork on your website. I am grateful. I am also grateful for Duane's contribution to my spiritual evolution, as well for each and everyone else's contribution to this work. I am grateful for Orin, DaBen, and all the guides and teachers and light beings. Thank you.

I just learned of Sanaya’s passing and I am crestfallen. Sanaya/Orin’s meditations, books and workshops have profoundly impacted my life and I am sincerely grateful. Although I have not been as present with this energy as I would have hoped, I feel strongly connected to her’s and your work. Allow me to express my condolences to Duane, Edward and all the staff and collaborators at LuminEssence.

My condolences with Sanaya's passing. 'Living with Joy' was one of the first spiritual books I read and it still is one of my favorites, along with the other books Sanaya and Orin wrote. Sanaya meditations I find the best ones I know. They're just perfect! She has been an inspiration for me for many years now and she continues to be so. I have experienced her saying to me that it is pure bliss what she experiences now, and I'm so glad to hear that! My limitless thanks for all the light and love she has given! Also my gratitude to you Duane. Your meditations are fantastic! Thank you so much! And thanks to the ones who supported and are supporting you both!

It's taken me a few weeks to write. I was so taken aback. I've been listening to Sanaya channel Orin for 18 years. I just turned 46. It's very possible I've spent more time listening to Sanaya's voice than I've spent with any other person in my life. Is that possible? I think it might literally be so. Sanaya changed my life. She deeply influenced my way of existing on this plane. What beauty I have known and learned in her care. I can feel my own divine light gracing my life as I write this. Sanaya was my instrument for learning divine light. As a gift, as a body of work, that is magnificent. Sanaya, thank you for this grace. With love.

I have been listening to Sanaya for a number of years and was deeply moved in discovering of her passing. Strangely, I feel a new sense of connection to her, as if our relationship, or connection has increased to a higher level.

It is hard for me to accept that I will not be seeing Sanaya’s radiant presence in the flesh. She appears in my mind’s eye and I feel and see a brightening when listening to her music. Memories of our encounters in class and her silent teasing from time to time stand out. “I live in the house of Light”, she said, and that is how I think of her now.

I would like to write a big appreciation for the work that Sanaya did with Orin, that has done so much for me in the almost twenty years I have been reading the books. I now have all the books, and their ebook versions and audiobook versions and listen most days! I recently wondered at what a rich source they have been for me in my personal development. And I know they will continue to assist me in life. Thank you Sanaya, thank you Orin! Thank you, Universe. Finally, I would share appreciation at how well suited she was to reading the audiobooks and audio courses that she made, that she reads so well, giving feelings of wonderful calm and refreshment as she informs.

Sanaya Roman inspired my life’s spiritual journey in many ways. She added a whole New Age practical dimension to what would have been a flatter inner life without her work channeling Orin. Her books and workshops taught me how to climb the spiritual light grid and get things done. I would go on to study other teachers, and learn things like Kundalini Yoga, and psychic training, but I would always come back to Orin and DaBen. I first started reading Sanaya’s books back in 1989, when I was 22, during a backpacking trip around the world. A really cool shaman lady in Santa Cruz, had gifted the books to my best friend and I to read on the trip, and told us they were very magical! I started with Spiritual Growth in Bali since my friend was reading the first two. Immediately during the chapter one mediation, I connected with the very strong presence of my Higher Self, who would become my new best friend on the journey of my life path. Later I would realize the voice had always been there, but now I could really work with the spiritual part of my being in a more powerful direct way. Next I would meet my soul, the Ray Lords Of The Great Bear, Pole Star, spirit guides, fairies, over soul, devas, the monad, my light body and many other planetary star beings. Sanaya’s seminars at the Windmill Inn in Ashland were some of the best spiritual gatherings of my life. The gold light energy being generated by her and Orin’s meditations had the whole town buzzing for days. I loved her Southern drawl and easy way of explaining complicated spiritual principles. The way she radiated a strong golden glowing sun light. I really cannot believe I will never sit in a room and have her do another Orin mediation. But wait I have 100’s of journeys on my laptop and can tune into her or Orin anytime. That is beauty of what Sanaya teaches. You can go anywhere if you know how, and you can find out anything you need to know, fix your aura or ask a Star God for some light beams. Thank you Sanaya, Duane, Orin and DaBen for teaching me the most important spiritual skills of my life. Your work has truly made the world a brighter place with all your followers meditating every day! There were 10 major solar flares the morning Sanaya transitioned. I like to think those were all the Star Gods welcoming her home.

With gratitude, Thank You for being an example of a life well lived with Light and Grace. Thinking of your loved ones and holding all of us in Light. I'm certain you are enjoying all the new flowers.

Sanaya was the only one person on earth that I wished I had met personally! Although it never happened I did meet with her in my dreams a few times. I felt very sad to hear about her passing. The world feels different without her physical presence. I want to express my immense gratitude for the great contribution she has made to my life. I have been listening to her meditations, music and reading her books for over 30 years. She has been a source of hope, inspiration, comfort and strength. She has helped me go through many difficult times. I feel so grateful and blessed for all her guidance, wisdom and teachings of pure, true love. I wake up, I live my days, I go to sleep listening to her meditations, music and reading her books. Thank you! Thank you! Forever grateful! Sending you light and love.

Dearest Sanaya, beyond words, I am grateful to you and for your work. Thank you for being with me in the best years of my life, as well as the most challenging. Your Light has not only carried me through, but has helped me experience what it is like to dance and fly as my Soul. Forever I am a brighter Light because of you. May Divine Love, Light, Joy and Fullness of Glory remain with you Always.

My dearest teacher, my light and beacon. You came into my life in a very turbulent time and pulled me up into the light showing me a higher way of being and living. You gave me a vision, a purpose, a quest. And by following your path in the last 30 years I am no longer my parents' child, but what your teachings have molded me into. When my life was in chaos, it was your journeys that I used to heal and move forward. I have gone through so many things, passed so many trials and thorn-covered-paths, and your voice was the only thing that guided me to the light and salvation. You were with me every day, and you pulled me gently forward even when I didn't want to grow. I love you beyond what I can describe with my words, and I am grateful to have met you in this life in a way that I cannot express. I can only vow and make a promise, to keep Orin's work alive, to keep your light out in the world for a sling as I live to the best of my ability. Until I sink into darkness again and your hand pulls me into the light...again. Until we meet again. Your faithful student.

Reconnecting with all of you close to Sanaya Roman at LuminEssence. Her life’s work has been essential for me personally, as for many lightworkers. I send Love and Gratitude to Orin and Sanaya Roman! And to all at LuminEssence! Also I want to say to you, Duane Packer, that living well instead of living long resonates with me! But I am ready and willing for more World Service! Making new material available will be important and, I'm sure, wonderful. I am grateful for your life’s work with DaBen. Thank you, thank you, thank You! Blessings of Light, Love and Gratitude!

It was around 25 years ago I found the book “Living with Joy” and reading it was like sensing energy, as the chapters took deep and different meaning each time I read them. Other “work” from Sanaya and Orin such as Personal Power, Spiritual Growth, Creating money, Opening to Channel, and Soul Love had also a deep influence on me and helped me to find the light and joy within. It is not often that you read a book and you see the world differently after, but such was the energy in those words carried through translation into the core of peoples that were ready for them. I did think about coming to some course that she would be on just to be able to say “thank you” to her but I did only send energy and light to Sanaya and Orin from my Soul as a small token of appreciation. In small token of appreciation now, I would like to say that throughout life I have found answers within reading or listening to Orin and Sanaya's work, and I can only say thank you for enriching my life in countless ways. My life is so much better because of your work. With love, light, and appreciation.

Dear friends of Sanaya. I am a light body graduate and I have been so much transformed by Orin and DaBen meditations. Sanaya is in my heart and every time I meet my beautiful group of Italian and Swiss women to meditate online we hold a space of love for her and thank her for her blessing. It is a very powerful moment when we do so. Thank you Sanaya and thank you Duane for your precious contribution to our spiritual growth.

I feel deep love and gratitude for Sanaya. I feel her near me every day. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her life's work. Orin found me in 1995. Since then I have been working with her books, the light body course and the meditations. I feel deep love for this work! Sanaya you are here to support me on my soul path. Thank you so much and I wish you a wonderful journey. With love.

I have so much love for Sanaya and Orin. I was lucky enough to stumble upon “Personal Power Through Awareness” in January 2012. Prior to finding that book, I had struggled a lot because I was extremely energetically sensitive and had no idea! Reading that book felt like coming home to myself—it was so special to me. I quickly devoured the rest of her and Orin’s books. I used to joke to all the people I’d recommend their books to (which was a lot!!), “I don’t need to write books! Everything I’d say is already in these!” Every time I read their books, I felt a deep and profound energy healing while absorbing their wisdom. Eventually, the Orin material was all I’d ever read or listen to because of the profound and simple truths contained within them. I have probably read each of their books 20+ times since I found them! There are no words for the gratitude I have for Sanaya and Orin and the work they created together. It’s no surprise that the interdimensional travel course she left behind as her last piece of work is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Truly out of this world! Sending my Love to Duane and those that loved her. What a legacy she left behind!!!

Thank you Sanaya for saving my life. Not one time but twice. I have been coming back to your meditations a few days ago. Now I know why. It was you. Thank you. Love you.

Sanaya, Orin, you and Daben have been an integral part of my life for over 28 years. Meeting you changed the trajectory of my life and your work is woven into the fabric of my being. Words cannot convey my deep gratitude for the light you have brought to my life and to the planet. I'm especially grateful for the way Sanaya modeled living as a soul-infused personality and modeled how to bring light to the world. I feel Sanaya and Orin's presence with me/us - only in a different form. I've told you all this on the inner planes but thought I would try sending words as well. With deep appreciation for all you do.

On the physical plane I mourn Sanaya’s passing from the earth plane. On a spiritual plane I recognize her now as one of the Great Ones holding a space of love and growth for us all. I feel immense gratitude to all she brought to the world and all the lessons she has provided. Her legacy will live on forever. The impact of the Light Body work has been profound in my life. In doing the Jewel Body meditations I can feel her as the human channel of Orin as well as the other dimensional Master she now is. It brings me an overwhelming sense of peace and support. Peace, love and gratitude to all of you!

I am saddened by the passing of Sanaya. I’ve done so many journeys with her and Orin. I took for granted Sanaya would always be here or at least until I passed. As usual, I’m learning to not take anything for granted. Condolences to the family. She will be missed so much.

Thank you Sanaya for the amazing experiences at all the gatherings we did for many years. All the love and light that you are now and forever.

Sanaya's voice has led me through so many spiritual journeys throughout the years. I feel blessed to continue to be led by her beautiful voice on many more journeys to come. Thank you Sanaya.

Learning of Sanaya’s passing was a real shock. I felt much sadness and unsettledness, and then love and gratitude for her. I have not seen Sanaya since you both left the Bay Area, and Orin has been my main teacher for earlier than that. I now meditate daily with the courses over and over again, each time, with more depth and expanded consciousness. I found there the safety of kindness and gentleness I need, along with the stretch to clearer intention and higher consciousness. I want to thank Sanaya for the work she must have had to do, day in and day out, the chop wood and carry water type of work she must have had to persevere in to be able to channel so powerfully such a powerful message. That is Love as I see it. For me, to dedicate one’s life to be the best transmitter of Light for others is to truly love. I know this is true for you also, Duane. My heartfelt gratitude goes to you both for your gift to me and your love. May I too in my own way reach this level of surrender and devotion to the Highest Source. Staying connected through the higher planes.

One of the most important events of my life was the moment I became acquainted with the work of Sanaya and Duane. The light they've brought into my life is immeasurable and continues to increase to this day. With the passing of Sanaya, a voice of Light and Love has left us, but her legacy is the everlasting imprint of that Love and Light on Mankind. Thank you!

I was in my early adolescence around the time when the first few books of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer were published. In some ways I was a typical teenager of the 80s in terms of music I liked, the awful junk food I sometimes ate, and the wild things I did to my hair, but in other ways I wasn't. I was quite sensitive and aware of my intuitive abilities but didn't really know where to go with them. Reading Living with Joy, Personal Power Through Awareness, and Opening to Channel were enriching, exciting, and made me feel supported and understood by a community and teachers that I never actually met in person. I successfully connected to one of my guides as a 13-year-old from practicing the meditations in Opening to Channel and began seeing auras more regularly. During the pandemic I returned to these books, also read Spiritual Growth, and purchased a few of the other audio courses. It now feels wonderful to recharge and reconnect to my guides and the collective consciousness in a more organized way. I wrote to Sanaya when I was this age and she was nice enough to take the time and reply with an encouraging message and enthusiasm for my spiritual development. I was really happy to receive it. I am grateful to Sanaya for her authenticity, generous spirit, and the wisdom and support she and Orin have provided me. It's amazing to me how powerful Duane and Sanaya's books and work have been, how far reaching their work has gone, while maintaining a less commercial and more subtle presence in the New Age/ wellness landscape. Thank you, Sanaya. I know you're still with us.

May the greatest blessings of love, light, healing and peace from all of the highest master teachers and guides be with Sanaya and all who have been touched by her work. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at LuminEssence as well. Blessed be!

Listening to Orin daily for 25 years coming through Sanaya's beautiful voice has changed my life in every way possible. Thank you, dear Sanaya, for allowing yourself to be the vessel through whom so many of us learned so much. I will see you all again in the soul plane:'-)

I have been working with the Orin/DaBen material for decades now (almost on a daily basis). Through a series of synchronicities I found out Sanaya had left her earthly body. A couple of days before I found out, I had felt guided to work with a meditation where one is led to blend one's consciousness with that of a role model, with their special gifts in mind. I had chosen to blend with Sanaya to learn how to channel my Higher guidance the way she channeled Orin. If I were to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of my life and was only allowed to take one book with me it would be "Spiritual Growth". Although it had always been my dream to meet her in person one day, I do feel she is still present. I feel so enormously blessed to have come across her books decades ago. I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would have been like without that wisdom. I've read countless books on spiritual growth and many have had an impact, but somehow it's always the Orin material that helps me to see the higher perspective. Needless to say I have gifted her books to loved ones too. With my warmest wishes to you all.

I am very saddened and a bit shocked to learn of Sanaya’s transition. Her book “Spiritual Growth “ is my bible, always right on my nightstand. I would often just select a page to read a message from Orin, which is always exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for your work in bringing Orin to us. I am so immensely grateful!

The work of Sanaya and Orin, Duane and DaBen has been important to me since 1997, when I began studying the Light Body Courses in England. I have books, CDs, tapes filled with Divine Will studies and other wonderful work that means the world to me. I was thrilled to find the new Jeweled Vehicle course offer from Orin. The news of Sanaya’s passing has muted my delight somewhat. I felt so shocked and saddened and send my loving thoughts to Duane and all at LuninEssence. I am so grateful for the work that has been ‘3 years in the making’ and feel it has a special value now and I will treasure it. With love and thanks to Sanaya and to Duane with what your have given the world.

Like many I am deeply saddened by the news of Sanaya's sudden departure from the planet and yet there is a part of me that feels that greater work is ahead of us with Sanaya and Orin. More than ever I feel ready to contribute to changing consciousness on the planet with all that I have learned and become doing transformational work with Orin's meditation courses. I am humbled by Sanaya's love and life long dedication to Orin's work. Sending my heartfelt prayers, love and condolences to everyone at LuminEssence. Much love and gratitude to all of you.

What a shock to read that Sanaya has made her transition and my heart and prayers go out to Duane and staff for your loss. I found Orin and Daben’s books and courses in 1993 and have been with you since throughout the years. Sanaya’s courses touched and changed my life. I keep the book “Creating Money’ on my bedside table and still read it often. She and Orin have been like special friends urging me on to my best life, even if my physical reality looked and felt challenging at times. When I received the email about Sanaya and Orin’s newest course “Interdimensional Traveling Through Building Your Jeweled Vehicle”, I knew instantly that I had to take this course and that it would be profound and life-changing as all their other courses have been. It feels like I’ve lost a long-time friend even though I never met her personally. A heart-felt thanks to Sanaya for her powerful work which has touched my life and so many others. Blessings.

25 years ago, I stumbled across a book from Sanaya and Orin, “Personal Power Through Awareness.” An acquaintance who I barely knew gave it to me. I read the first couple of pages and heard a voice tell me I wasn’t ready for it. So, I put the book away. Several years later I had heard someone talking about “Living with Joy.” I bought the book from Barnes and Noble and felt deeply connected to Orin. It felt as though through Sanaya, Orin was speaking directly to me. I started looking for everything I could absorb related to Sanaya and Orin. I hadn’t remembered that I briefly looked at another book from them. For some reason the author’s name had completely been forgotten. But when I discovered it was one and the same, I went back to the book and this time the words impacted me in a way I never knew was possible. The voice that I previously heard that said I wasn’t initially ready for the book was so right!! Now, not only was I ready, I became voracious in my need to study and expand. Within a few short months, I read the other books and then started on a journey to go through many of the audiobooks and training programs. My world completely changed and opened up. Previously I was struggling financially, was 35 pounds overweight, and very unsure of my ability to create a world that worked for me. Now, through more than 20 years of work, I’m able to control my world and attract beauty, love, business, good health, and so much more. I’m able to help others in a way I never knew was possible. I was previously a Reiki Healer and I’ve been able to incorporate Orin’s light work with the Reiki and Shamanic healing principles that I already knew. Due to Sanaya’s Channeling teaching, I began channeling and connecting with one of my own guides, Greyden. This has changed my life so very much. Sanaya was a gift to this planet. Her work has been completely transformative. I’ve never felt so connected to someone I never knew. I’m so thankful for how her work with Orin changed my life. Thank you so very much!

I send sincere condolences and love to the family of Sanaya. I say thank you, a thousand times over, for the beautiful work of Sanaya and Orin and Duane and DaBen. Wonderful gifts of Light to the world.

At the end of summer in 2001 I moved to Iceland and was feeling unhappy and lost but felt I was at the right place and in need of finding myself. I was at that time always thinking: "I want to find myself ". One day I was walking by a New Age shop and entered the store, in there I found the book “Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self” and it changed my life for the better. The woman who owned the store guided me through the Awakening Your Light Body course and my life was forever changed. I cannot express the love and gratitude I feel for Sanaya´s and Orin´s, Duane´s and DaBen´s work and what it has done for me. It saved my life and made me a better person. It has been ups and downs but I always find comfort in Sanaya´s and Orin´s work so thank you for inspiring me to wanting and needing to be a better human being for myself and all life in the Universe.

Sanaya's soothing voice, and Orin's vast energy, have been part of my daily meditation practices for more than 30 years. She has been a friend to me, a dear companion, though we never met in person. Sanaya, thank you for your presence in my life, for sharing your many gifts and deep caring, for your unwavering dedication to helping all of us grow, personally and spiritually. I have benefitted in countless ways through your work in the world. I am profoundly grateful to you, to Orin, and to the Divinity that has communicated so beautifully through your partnership. Thank you, and Godspeed, dear one.

Just realized that Sanaya has transitioned this life. I am so grateful to have been a student of the teachings of Orin and DaBen. The voice of Sanaya has always been a blessing in assisting me with understanding and assimilating easily the frequencies, energy waves in the different spaces and dimensions that we traveled to in each of our sessions. She was like the shepherd directing us to gain the most out of our experiences. To gain and expand our consciousness and love to share with others. I personally have gained so much and have looked forward like a little child for the next. Like so many of us I feel the separation but I know that it’s temporary and that Sanaya will continue to lead us and usher us into the correct spaces and stages of our lives together with the collective for our continued evolving souls. We love you very much Sanaya and wish you a happy and joyful journey home. I’m so grateful and humbled to have had you in my life in this lifetime. I appreciate you.

The meditations I have learned from Sanaya Roman have been life changing events in my life. I was introduced to Sanaya’s work by a precious friend and client of mine some 13 years ago. Orin’s meditations have truly changed the way I live in this precious world in which we live, her work made me look into the deepest part of my being, and the light in my environment. Orin changed the way i look at my family and my dearest friends, her meditations elevated my soul to higher dimensions of which i had glimpsed before. After I was introduced to Sanaya’s work, I began to understand her message of higher dimensions. My life was changed in ways that I had never experienced before. I am very grateful for her teachings and her wonderful voice of love, light, and peace! Mahalo nui loa Sanaya for your inspiring kokua! You will always be a part of my life!

Ho'Oponopono / I'm sorry / I love you / Please forgive me / Thank you
I found you, or you found me / On Maui Island in 1987 / You changed my life
You gave me love, light and strength, / And the tools to evolve, / But I was blind,
Living in a deep-sea castle of glass / Now that I swim in the waters, I can see.
I have, time and again, come back to you, / Or you have come back to me.
You found me, and picked me up, / Time and again.
I have been blessed by the Light, time and again, I have been saved.
Ho'Oponopono / I love you / I'm sorry / Please forgive me / Thank you
You are always there, at the back of my mind, / But I was a lazy traveler,
Doing only what came easily, / And got caught up in the illusions you so often warned about.
People said that you were gone, / But how can that be, when you're always with me?
Ho' Oponopono / I love you. / I'm sorry, / Please, forgive me! / Thank you!

I am very sad to learn that our dear Sanaya is no longer with us. I did not have the privilege to know her personally but it is many years that her books and records on the website are my companion in my home in Jerusalem, Israel. She was always a hope and a source of light for me. I loved her dear voice, her meditations and Thaddeus music. With her you were already in the realm of the angels. She has been a blessing for so many people and for the whole humanity. With love.

I realize I am late coming to this but Sanaya has been in my thoughts lately. I have completed most of Sanaya's courses including her last in person teaching seminar in Ashland. I have been drawn to the early meditations I participated in in Ashland in the 90s when Sanaya was giving seminars there. My family and I are in Oregon originally because of Sanaya. Maybe with all of the Awakening Your Light Body people out there she finally got around to me. I'll miss her good natured humor and her love of all things, of humanity and the Earth. She certainly has been my most influential teacher. With Warmest Regards.

There are no words, I am speechless. Sanaya and Orin have been a foundation of such love, helping me with strength and courage. I know, she's still here, however the emptiness of her presence must be huge for you Duane and the team. I send you all my love, and feel so grateful through her work, that she continues to live on for me.

I'm so sad to hear of Sanaya's passing. Her books and tapes have impacted my life greatly. I listened to her tapes daily for many years and they've helped transform my life in so many ways, including finding self-love, increasing my abundance, and manifesting my soul mate. Recently I needed to raise my vibration in order to manifest something important in my life, so I came to your site to play some Orin tapes, since they always shift my energy to a higher vibration. That's when I saw the news of Sanaya's passing. She was my one great teacher, mentor, and guide. My life is now truly magical and blessed and I am grateful to Sanaya for helping that transformation occur. She will live on forever in her books, tapes, and in people’s hearts. In love.

I'm really saddened to hear of Sanaya's passing. Her work with Orin has been a strong influence in my life from the time I was a teenager. I came across her work many years ago, probably around 2003. Creating Money, Living with Joy and all her work, including her loving voice has been a healing influence on me and a consistent source of inspiration. Now I'm a lot older and have identical twin boys. For one of the boys, we gave him Orin as his middle name. When I travelled to the US back in 2015 I could have come to a retreat and met Sanaya but I guess it wasn't to be. Thank you for all that you have done.

Sanaya changed my life in a profound way. I have been doing intuitive readings for over 30 years and it is all because of two days with Sanaya and Duane -two very special days of opening to my Spirit Guide, Ish. Two very special days of learning to love myself for probably the first time in my life. I am so very grateful for all that Sanaya and Duane have created in this world. In these very troubled times, the meditations and music that offer to all are powerful and important beacons of hope and healing and light. Thank you for Sanaya and thank you for all that you do! Love and Light.

I just learned of Sanaya‘s transition when I visited the website. I feel sadness at one level but I also along with many others I know that she has moved into a greater expression. I just recently got out one of my oldest favorite books, Spiritual Growth - Being your Higher Self for support. There are so many underlinings and highlights by me. I bought the book when it was new and I have referred to it many times over the years for inspiration. I also have cherished the online guided meditations available to us. Thank you, Sanaya and Orin for lifting us up in so many precious ways. Blessings to you.

I’ve just read about Sanaya’s shift to higher life. I can’t express how overcome with sadness I feel. I know she is still with us in spirit, but I mourn her physical passing. Through Orin’s meditations and writings I felt a connection with Sanaya, and I feel so blessed to have met her in person when I was finally able to attend a Light Body seminar back in 2017, a journey that took me six years to achieve. She had such beautiful, welcoming energy, and she took the time to help me move through something that was going on in my life at that time. I feel truly grateful that I had that opportunity. I was first introduced to Sanaya and Orin around 2009 when someone I had met had given me a book to read called Personal Power Through Awareness. I read the first couple of chapters and knew I had to have my own copy. Orin spoke in simple language that I could easily follow and understand, but more than that, I felt I knew Orin. I then purchased every book I could by Sanaya and Orin. Then I discovered the world of downloads. I love listening to Orin through Sanaya. I always feel at home and immediately comforted, along with a powerful sense of belonging. I am truly grateful for Sanaya and Orin being a part of my life, and through them, Duane and DaBen. I feel blessed to be part of the wider community. Thank you for all you’ve done, and for all that you do. With love and much appreciation.

My goodness. I only just heard about Sanaya’s passing. I just want to say how deeply grateful I am to have come across your work. You have been an absolute Blessing in my life and I feel so sad to think that you have passed. Even though I know that you are still living but on another dimension. I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for humanity. All my love.

I learned of Sanaya's passing a few months ago, but could not find the right words to express my gratitude. I still cannot, as words will never be enough to show my appreciation to Sanaya and Orin for inspiring me and transforming my life. I am still learning, and growing through your work. I love you, and am forever thanking you/Orin and Duane/DaBen from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Fellow Light Worker, I read today of the passing of our beloved Sanaya. Although I feel sorrow for her passing I feel the energy of her love for us all. She is still with us on the inner planes it’s clear. I read Personal Power Through Awareness in 1994. That book irreversibly changed my life for the better. Thank you Duane and DaBen, Sanaya and Orín for the Light Body courses. I sincerely feel privileged to have attended the wonderful events in that time and space in Oregon 2003 and 2004. Much Love Light and Hope.

It's taken me a long time to write this. I still can't believe Sanaya is gone (well not gone gone, you know what I mean) - I think about her every day. I never met her in person but she was, and continues to be, in my life in one way or another every day, whether that is through reading her books over and over again or listening to the guided meditations on a regular basis. When I first read Living with Joy in 2007 or 8, can't remember exactly, I am not exaggerating when I say that book saved my life. I was barely functioning due to the near constant presence of intense self loathing and anxiety from years of unresolved trauma. I had tried therapy but it only made my situation worse. I didn't know what to do but I was determined to feel better because I was having a hard time keeping a job or friends or just about anything meaningful. I was in the self help section at Barnes and Noble one day just browsing and I bought this book on a whim and I was hooked immediately. I had tried other spiritual practices and self help processes, but nothing had ever resonated with me like this. Now 15 years later I am a completely different person. I can hold down a job with ease and I have a great relationship with my husband of 9 years. I am happy and like myself most of the time and before I honestly did not even think was possible. I still have moments of anxiety or self loathing, but they are fleeting compared to those of yesteryear that would put me in a catatonic state for days on end. Beyond that my life has improved in so many other ways thanks to Sanaya and it keeps getting better every day. I am so thankful for Sanaya and Orin, I don't know what I would do without them.

I recently felt an urge to reach out and thank Sanaya but saw she had passed. Her books helped me get through very difficult and dark times when I was in grad school and first moved to New York to pursue a career in opera. I felt out of place and lonely in that world and was also seeking my soulmate. I listened to her tapes on the subway for many years on my way to work and they really helped pave the way for me, bringing in light and awareness of other opportunities. In 1999, the gift/energy of music composition started pouring through me suddenly after a trip to Australia where I felt I received energy from the stars and earth. I have since gotten a job as a pro bono coordinator at a large firm and my music is doing well on Pandora and Spotify and am with the man I dreamed about for years. I decided to revisit the meditations to help handle the stress of doing so much and to move my music into an even higher level. The energies in Manhattan can be a bit intense and her gifts help so much. She and Orin really helped shape me to become who I am. Thank you so much!

I had a feeling Sanaya was no longer in a physical body, which made me very sad, but somehow I had missed the news. After sending an email asking what was happening with Sanaya, that night I felt Orin’s presence more strongly than I have since that night in the 80s when I read the first pages of Living With Joy and had a wonderful dream, with fun, cute comical animal characters that I knew came directly from Orin. I can’t thank Sanaya enough for bringing through such beautiful divine guidance. It has been a lifesaver for me all these years. In deepest gratitude for you, Sanaya and Orin, and the amazingly beautiful work you continue to do!

When I learned about Sanaya's transitioning a bitter sweet wave emerged through my bodies while the deepest of gratitude and love inspired me to write to you all to celebrate together her legacy and her ever expanding expressions here on Gaia...they have been contributing to who I am becoming, as a world server. I intuit this is why I felt her and Orin's beautiful presence so clearly strong during that time, and ever since. I feel so much peaceful and steady joy these days, I want to humbly share the image that has been popping up: Sanaya's light (I heard a gentle whispering when I asked for a name). In whimsical reverence, many blessings.

Thank you so much! I have not done any Orin courses for a number of years although I have always continued to feel close to Orin and Sanaya throughout the years. Yesterday, when I was meditating, I suddenly had a feeling that Sanaya had left this earth plane. On looking into it, I l learned of course that she had passed back in late December 2021. I felt so sad and yet so tenderly aware that she - her gentle spirit - was with me in that moment - she was the one who had just whispered to me that she had passed! So I am very thankful for the Jeweled Vehicle course so lovingly designed by Orin and Sanaya before her passing. I still feel deeply connected with them both, and with you all. Blessings and A Heart Full of Gratitude.


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