Tribute to Duane, Channel for DaBen


Our beloved teacher, Duane Packer, died on August 2, 2023. Duane touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people as the impeccable channel for DaBen, our non-physical teacher. Duane's brilliant, paradigm-changing work with DaBen brought forth the Light Body spiritual opening for humanity. Through his hundreds of meditation journeys, writings and his generosity and love for his students, Duane forged a new path for humanity, one of light, joy, wisdom, and compassion. This work carries forward into time in each person who participates in Light Body and embodies these frequencies.

Please share your tribute to Duane and your experiences with how Light Body has changed or improved your life by writing to us at We will be posting your tributes here. In some cases we may edit for clarity or brevity. All posts will be anonymous.

We, the staff and students of LuminEssence, are reaching out to you on the Inner Planes with love and support in this difficult time. It was Duane and Sanaya’s deepest desire to have this work continue for at least 100 years. Please know every effort is being made to assure the work will continue to be available and to evolve and serve all beings.

With love and light,

Comments and Tributes from Students

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I was called to Duane and Sanaya’s work in 1996, early in my spiritual awakening. One morning, I knew suddenly something extraordinary was waiting for me: a life-changing shift. I had to find it. Somewhere. A strong sense of knowing drew me to a local Boston bookstore. Sanaya and Orin’s Spiritual Growth practically flew from a bookshelf into my hand. I read the first page. I felt the Universe pour through me. The next day, after this, my first profound energetic experience, not really knowing what was happening, I called the phone number listed inside the book: a spiritual organization named LuminEssence in Oregon. That began one of the most exhilarating and life-changing chapters of my life. I attended five seminars and worked with the tapes and then the CDs for several years.
Eventually, I flowed into my own energetics and multidimensional energy work and growth. But Sanaya and Duane opened all the doors to advanced consciousness. They have stayed with me, subtly or profoundly, for almost thirty years. And now, so soon after Sanaya, I discover Duane is gone. I miss them terribly as humans on this earth. I can still connect with them beautifully in the nonphysical, of course. But the physical void feels massive right now. I have met no finer, talented, inspired, inspiring, or evolved people or teachers. Thank you, Sanaya, thank you, Duane, my fine friends, for everything. So much appreciation and love to you. Until we are together again in human form, if that is to be. I send you ... magnificent flows.

I got introduced to the work of Orin and Daben in 1986. Their work has had a tremendous impact on me. I have been saddened to hear of Sanaya and Duane. May they be taken to higher planes.

Both Duane and Sanaya (Daben and Orin) have been part of my daily life for over 30 years. Their teaching and presence has changed the course and quality of my life in ways that are immeasurable. I still feel their presence, especially as I teach Awakening Your Light Body to new students. I offer much gratitude and love to all as they are in spirit and as they have been in life.

Duane and Sanaya have been my number one heros for many many years who else is teaching people how to be keepers of radiance? Above and beyond anything I've discovered ... Divine manifesting... I used this material blindly when I was young and clueless... After years of practice and study I know and understand so much about the laws of creating or manifesting. I also clearly see the results of the work I was doing when I was younger and clueless ... I somehow got myself plugged into a main vain of prosperity abundance wealth ... What about the link to the cosmos w solar divas... It's all so astounding - also after so long plugging into these lessons Orin daben are literally there when I ask for help with parenting my kids - I love Duane I love Sanaya. They have been my source of hope for many years. 

Duane departing, so quickly after Sanaya, gave me a shock and a real sense of loss. They both gave me so much for so many years! I had the opportunity to be in the first Light Body seminar series in Oakland, years ago… Before that, he was assisting Sanaya in her Orin’s seminar, the channeling course, etc… I will always remember how at a break I came to him one time with a pain in my back I was having treatment for and how he healed it for good in what seemed less than a minute, to the appreciation of my chiropractor. Although I kept more with Orin’s work, I had a profound respect for Duane. To me Sanaya, Duane, Orin, DaBen were part of the same vortex of possibilities for a much higher paradigm of life. My words are very small compared to the magnitude of the reality they pointed out for me and all of us. Much blessing and gratitude for the Gift.

My deepest condolences. I read Living with Joy over 20 years ago. In addition, I would turn to Soul Love, channeling and Creating Abundance. One of my first Life and Business coaches, who was very spiritual re-introduced me to Orin/DaBen.
Life is precious and fragile and always seems to come full circle.  I'll always be grateful for this work because it always bought me comfort.With deep gratitude and condolences.

Real life experiences live with us forever, vivid, fresh and  new. From the 1st "opening to channel " seminar in San Francisco. Duane, you always came around and made gentle adjustments with my neck and head, saying just the right words and I was lifted to the space you were preparing us for.  I still use what you taught me. All the amazing light body seminars in Oregon too!  Thank you Sanaya and Duane

I have always considered Duane to be the most extraordinary person on Earth and I feel so very blessed to find him, DaBen, Sanaya and Orin. They helped me to get through the most difficult times of my life and they instantly felt like family to me.
The Light Body courses brought a new level to my awareness and there are no words to describe my gratitude.It is hard to let them go, but thinking about how much fun they both are having, traveling the Spaces with Orin and DaBen... It makes my heart sing.
And I know they are still guiding us through the journeys. Perhaps more then ever....

Thank you Duane and Sanaya for all you have done for me through channeling Orin and Daben.  My life has changed forever as a result of your work.  I always loved listening to Duane’s voice which was so soothing throughout the many meditations I have done with him.  The light body courses enabled me to see auras and I have also learned to channel as a result of these courses.  Duane your legacy will live on forever through all of us and everything you have taught us. You were a phenomenal teacher!

Duane and Sanaya/Daben and Orin have been very much a part of my life for well over 20 years now.  Following their teachings, through numerous courses, there have been massive transformational changes in my life as my spiritual awareness has increased helping me to cope with challenging circumstances at times.  For me, other spiritual teachers simply do not compare so I stick with the sole group that appears to be right for me.
Still a few more of, what I consider to be, Daben’s more challenging courses for me to study.  Most days I listen to an O&D meditation, at present revising the frequencies courses before moving on.   Recommend including one of their meditations as part of a daily routine with or without their assistance.  I invariably feel better afterwards. Learning of Duane’s passing when read about Duane’s tribute meeting came as quite a shock.  Both Duane and Sanaya have become part of my life and so it will always be as I continue my journey with them.  Thankfully, they have left so much material to help us on our way.  I feel so blessed that they came into my life.

Please accept my condolences, love, light and many blessings as you continue their good work.

My condolences. Duane and Sanaya along with Orin and DaBen have changed my life for the much better.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I still remember the first experience when I listened to your voice in the basic light body course. I felt the tremors on my body with deep calm comfort. I didn’t have a chance to visit there to see you, but I can’t thank you enough for all your teaching and your contribution to spread of the light. In deepest sympathy. I really miss you.

I am sorry to learn of Duane’s passing. For thirty years the light body courses have been accompanying me and have been a source of light and joy. I am very grateful to Duane and Sanaya for having conveyed to us the love, light and wisdom of Orin and DaBen. I am sure that we can keep spreading the light by continuing the meditations, and Duane and Sanaya will still be with us and guide us.

My life’s work is accompanying souls for 53 days after they have transitioned from the earthly plane. The teachings of Orin and DaBen channeled by Sanaya and Duane are an essential part of the opening that had to happen for this work to become as rich as it has over the 40+ years of accompaniment. Their teachings helped me to see and clean my inner spaces of much of the debris that blocked the light, and helped me to be the inner space of Being that is common to the created and the uncreated, to the manifested and the unmanifested. Orin/Sanaya’s and DaBen/Duane’s teachings are one of the main streams that still feeds the river of my life’s work.

Sanaya and Duane and Orin and Daben saved me... I know Im just one of so many! I started doing their meditations in 1992 with a light body teacher and did the whole course with her, I read all the books, it took me months, I needed the healing and the growing desperately. it changed me forever! Years later, I attended two of the seminars and I got to experience Orin directly in one of the exercises where we did triangles and Sanaya chose me to anchor one of the angles. My shoulder hurt all day after a spiritual bomb went off inside of me! I’m forever grateful To al four of these beings, I feel sad but determined to continue their legacy.

I feel eternally grateful for the service Duane has provided as a very lucid channel.  I have been listening to the meditations and appreciating the books for 23 plus years now. Grateful so many of the offerings are recorded and available.  I do feel Duane is now continuing to work with us from the other side. Thank you .., thank you and thank you. I am sorry for all whom are left grieving. Sending a soothing energetic balm for the broken hearts during this time.

Suddenly hearing that Duane had passed six weeks ago, it brings tears of loss, yet I can imagine how he is joyfully aware of how very much love and gratitude is coming his way now, from his many many students whose lives have been changed radically by his (and Sanaya’s) truly marvellous and blessed work. The Lightbody work was immensely life-changing for me and gave hope and a new context for everything, and presented me with my own powers to help others, myself and the world. I know that both Sanaya and Duane will be continuing to work and connect with all of us who are continuing in this path.  I give gratitude from my utmost depths.

From1993 to 2023, April, each course, each seminar recorded our encounter together and your support for my growth.
And I know it will last for---beyond the earth life and time.

I got to know about Orin and DaBen in 2020. Till now, it's been 4 years and it has been a most transformative and life-changing 4 years for me as I undertook the Divine Will and Light Body courses. Duane and Sanaya through their channeling of Orin and DaBen, changed my life. I can say that I'm now much more joyful and peaceful than I've ever been.  Everything that was mentioned in their books came true for me - life lessons got easier and more joyful to go through, I have released those goals which are not in alignment with my path, manifestation happens faster and easier etc. I am eternally grateful to the light and love that Duane and Sanaya channeled and I would like to help spread and preserve their work if the opportunity comes in the future as I further integrate Orin and DaBen's light and work into my life. I believed that Duane crossed over because there is work he and Sanaya can do at the other side and I believe their work will continue to live on. I never got the chance to meet Duane or Sanaya in person but through their meditations, I felt like I know them. Hopefully, I pray that those who learnt to channel through the channeling book might continue Sanaya's and Duane's work and channel amazing teachings for the world as well! After all, Soul Love book is only book one. Hahaa. Hopefully there is book two and book three etc. The Earth Life Series can have a book four or five as well. Love the books so much! Lolx. That's my hope for all of us.

Duane, thank you for bring the Light Body courses for me and many others. Such a blessing. It has changed my life. May Sanaya and your mission continue on through us.

Duane just like Sanaya - had the gift of being able to look inside of a person and pull out, cultivate and magnify the most positive traits for the world to see. I miss him daily and will forever hear his calming voice encouraging me, through all my human faults-to just be the best me that I can possible be. I can say with all sincerity that Duane and Sanaya really did change my life in a positive way and helped me become a better person. All their knowledge, compassion and wisdom will continue to bring light and love to the world.

I would like to thank Duane's teachings as it helped me through a hard part of my life in 1989, taught me to see things from a different perspective.  Although I went back into to old human thinking for a while, they brought me back, in my sixties to regain the peace and love shared.
Dear Duane, my deep gratitude for your teaching on the Earth plane , love and light
In deepest gratitude, blessings of love and light to Duane on his new journey and many thanks for all the wonderful journeys and new openings that your teaching has brought to our group light with DaBen.  Thank you to those who are helping so that the work Sanaya, Duane, Orin and DaBen have contributed will still be available and continue on as they have planned for years to come. in love, light and gratitude to all.
When I am truly troubled, as I have been the past few years, Sanaya's books I always turn to for healing! I am very emotional and at a loss for words. May they both rest in Power, Light, Love, and eternal happiness for what they provided for me and the spiritual community!
You are a very very special teacher to me and I love the way you initiated me more than anything else. Thank you for teaching me for more than 30 years, allow me to work as a full-time light body teacher for my lifework.
As a non-English teacher, I translate your voice, your space, and the powerful energy transmission I feel. I admire the way you’re channelling and your connection with DaBen. Working with you is almost my daily life. I never thought that I would not have chances to take Orin's seminar again. And now, I lost the other precious spiritual nourishment for me.
In many gatherings with my students, I led them to radiate light with you. I feel that you are just moved to a higher space, giving us even subtler and broader support and guidance. Thank you.
Thanks for Sanaya, for Orin and DaBen. Without you, I would not be me. With the highest regards and gratitude, thank you. I will continue the work, I know the inner guidance will always be there.

This light body journey has been the most precious gift ever. I am so honored and appreciative of knowing Duane on this earth. How wonderful to have shared and been a part of these groups  As I read through the tributes, I also felt such love and appreciation for all of you who are on this similar journey.  There is so much that I can feel resonating with each message written, so I thank you as well for your being here.  Duane, thank you for the personal and group connection you have brought about.  I will always use these journeys for my spiritual practice.  I thank each of you on this journey. My light and love continues to grow.  May I be a worthy vessel to be and give light and love to all life  for the betterment of all.

I’m sorry to learn of Duane’s passing on August 2nd. I learned to channel in 1993, and it was through reading first “Creating Money” and then “Opening to Channel” that was so important and instrumental in helping me to do that. I enjoyed listening to DaBen and also to Orin. I was thrilled whenever I heard the rumbling of DaBen’s voice.
I know that nothing is ever lost, but I want you all to know how very important both Duane and Sanaya have been in my own development as a channel.

I have the deepest feeling of gratitude for Duane as such a significant guide and positive influence on my life for over 30 years. It has been a true blessing to share the journey with him and to continue to be able to with all the work he has left us. One thing I feel about Duane is, what a life he led! What a profound contribution he has made, was willing to make and was committed to making in such a clear way. I didn’t know him personally, but in his role in sharing the lightbody with all of us, he was impeccable and the highest quality one can hope for. Such beauty and growth and opening is the lightbody path and experience. Thank you Duane and Daben for your loving and intelligent service. I miss you dearly, and wasn’t ready for you to move on, but I’m also looking forward to continuing the work, continuing building not only my consciousness and experience, but the greater lightbody energy. May our light be there for you, as I know yours is for us. Thank you Duane for all your love and given to us as the channel of DaBen
So grateful for your devotion to us all

It felt as though a beloved parent had died.
Shock and grief coursed through my body.
And yet, and yet…..
Fond memories arise
Blinking through awareness like a slide show.
New concepts, new friendships, new vistas to explore
Deepening into a way of life.
Gatherings and sharings -
As student, and teacher and
Co-conspirator in unraveling
The mysteries of the universe
And of the self.
Precious, precious opportunities
For openings and connections.
And so I come to gratitude, and love and release into the Alpha
And Omega.
Devolving, evolving, the end
And new beginnings.
Duane, DaBen…Sanaya,Orin
We will carry the torch, and bid you Godspeed on your journeys.

Dearest Duane with Daben and Orin. I cared about my surroundings and lived for others before. After that, I knew that Duane's light body building course helped me. I continue to meditate and I acted small steps everyday. My light body continues to rise inward. And I got the power to make the money. I didn't give up day by day. Now, I live my life being me and I want to stay true to myself forever.  I’m very sorry to hear that. And please accept my deepest condolences.
I'm glad that you were here for us.

Thank you Duane for Being one of my beloved teachers. And thank you for Being your True Divine Nature. Now your Holy Spirit is soaring in the Freedom of Eternal Love. Peace and Blessings.

My condolences. Duane and Sanaya along with Orin and DaBen have changed my life for the much better.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I still remember the first experience when I listened to your voice in the basic light body course. I felt the tremors on my body with deep calm comfort. I didn’t have a chance to visit there to see you, but I can’t thank you enough for all your teaching and your contribution to spread of the light. In deepest sympathy. I really miss you.

Thank you Duane, for all that you have opened for me, our group, humanity and the Earth.
I can only feel immense gratitude that you, Sanaya, Orin and DaBen came into my life. I immediately fell in love with all of you and like so many others, I knew that my soul had guided me to the path of Awakening your Light Body.

You and DaBen have guided a large group to opening to very high states of consciousness.
Together with groups of light beings a lot of portals have been and are opening up.
You’ve set up the light body gridwork which is firm and powerful and continues to grow and refine.

Thank you for all you’ve done.
Thank you for being my teacher for over 30 years.

Dear Duane, if you’re on a journey, I bet it’s an exiting and marvelous one.
In deep gratitude, love and light

Thank you Duane for being here on Earth. The difference your work has made and continues to make in my life, and I know in  the lives of so many others, is incalculable.  The beauty and power, the precision and detail, the subtlety and depth of your channelling with DaBen has been amazing.
I will continue to value, study and benefit beyond measure from your teaching. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for your continuing work to keep Duane and Sanaya's teaching available and accessible.

Thank you for everything, Duane.  I feel honored to have had the opportunity to be your student for over 32 years as you were continually challenging to expand and empowering us to recreate the peak experiences, that over the years became just part of life, for ourselves.  Now we get to see what kind of students we are.
You gave us everything and more!  I miss you in surprising ways and sure hope you can feel all of the love and appreciation -- to you and for you -- in a way that is meaningful to your new moment to moment experience.

Honestly can't believe how much I miss him and how much I interacted with him that I didn't really take into account until the void was left.  So much love and appreciation.  Thank you for everything.

The love and generosity of Orin, Daben, Sanaya and Duane have helped me to transcend my deepest grief.  I certainly understand how deeply missed Duane is.  I’m glad that his Spirit continues to work through you all.

When Duane walked into a room, his presence raised the energy of the room and everyone in it. He could look at me and deeply understand my energy and exactly what was next for me. The light he transmitted and resonated was tangible. Duane’s legacy is that of being the kindest, most inclusive, most generous  teacher of these frequencies of light that anyone could ask for. He understood that when people grow, they should not be blamed for their growing pains or the past. He fostered trust and remained graceful and gentle while peacefully carrying silent power. When the energy we were learning was immense beyond measure, he conveyed his strength through gently and kindly holding and making secure our emergence into new light. Duane delivered us to great new heights again and again and again. Duane, words are not enough, but thank you for sharing DaBen with us, thank you for all you did, and thank you for all you were and are.

I was introduced to Sanaya, Duane, Orin and Daben around 1989 and their beautiful contributions have uplifted me and all of humanity.
Duane was and still is an amazing force of love, light, wisdom and compassion. The gifts of the Lightbody and all the courses he did with DaBen truly have helped all of us evolve in the most beautiful way and I believe we are only at the beginning.
I am grateful for the gifts of consciousness these evolved teachers have shared and I know we all are united in sending them our love and gratitude. The Lightbody grid work and all of those who they have taught will continue to bring their work to many in the next 100 years.
In love and light and deep gratitude.

Thank you for coming to Earth and accepting the mission offered to you by the highest Light.
Thank you for dedicating your life to creating and bringing down to earth the Light Body and enabling profound growth and enlightenment for us all.
Thank you for being my inspiration, my teacher, my guiding Light.
Your path, and Sanaya's, the teachings of Orin and DaBen will continue - that is a promise!
Now be in the highest Light which is your natural home, and please continue transmitting to us all.

To our Beloved Duane and Sanaya, the moment I was drawn to your teachings from our Beloved Orin and DaBen my desire to continue on this earth plane was infinitely magnified. That was in 2018 and my expansion and level of Self Love and Love for Humanity and our Divine is indescribable. I have and continue to evolve ‘through JOY instead of fear” as Orin says, both through the Self Realization and Lightbody teachings. Although the transition of Sanaya and now Duane, from our earth plane brought tears to my eyes, my heart reminded me that they are still with us, but now from a GREATER state of LOVE! So, it is my intention to tune into this deeper LOVE that is being radiated from them each time I listen to a meditation going forward.  Sanaya and Duane contributed to one of  the GREATEST SHIFTS IN HUMANITY by being the Divine Channels for ORIN & DABEN and I speak for my entire earth family as I express my most heart essenced APPRECIATION AND JOYOUS LOVE for each of YOU!!!

Duane - I am beyond grateful for the path of the light body which has been so central to my life these past 28 years. Your impeccable channeling and deep commitment to DaBen’s teachings have helped us bring in and anchor such expansive and opening energies for all our groups and the planet. Your gentleness, intelligence, kindness, caring and groundedness made studying with you a joy and an inspiration. Infinite thanks.

My deepest condolences for you all. Sanaya with Orin and Duane with DaBen has been the most expansive part of my spiritual growth. I am truly blessed and grateful to have been a part of this incredible journey. Sanaya and Duane will always be remembered as Great Pioneers of the expansion and growth of Consciousness on our planet. They have brought so much light and I know will continue to do so in the wealth of contents they have created over  the years. These journeys will always be a part of my life because there is nothing quite like it anywhere else. My deepest love and gratitude …

Thank you, Duane, DaBen.
Thank you for showing me the way to Nirvana.
It has been 30 years, and I will continue to climb this path of meditation.
I strongly believe that your guidance is not over.

My heart hurts to hear of my stepbrothers passing, I will miss his kind and gentle soul on earth.

Gentle Duane
In an exquisite field of love and light You're holding me in, with You. I am so, I am so happy, feeling happy, loved. Like I am a little child.
Thank You.

Bless you and thank you for all your wonderfully transformative work. Peace.

Thank you for an an immeasurable gift. Your passing is an era for me. The end of being a light body student, even as I still have another lifetime of meditations still to explore, and old ones to revisit. The library is extensive. What a gift to humanity. These journeys have helped me experience things out of this world and expanded my consciousness forever. In all my lifetimes I doubt I’ve ever been given a greater gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The impact that Duane's work had on my life personally, and the world is incalculable. The light of his work will stand the test of time and shine brightly for generations to come. For all his love, wisdom and devotion to higher awareness, we thank you. Duane, you were a Great One incarnate. 
I just saw this notice, Light to all of you at LuminEssence. 
I'm so sad that I never got to meet Duane and Sanaya - in person - but who they are really came through all of the many meditations and journeys. Very warm, loving light filled people. 

Oh my I can’t believe this news. I hope you and the staff are doing okay. I’m so sad and in a bjt of shock honestly.  Sending love.
Duane thank you for all the work that you have brought into the world. The Lightbody work has changed my life profoundly and continues to do so. To have this work and access points to explore and deepen is a life long journey. I have gratitude that goes beyond words. A most wondrous soul, thank you. Sending love and the most beautiful light.

I am so sorry and very saddened to learn of Duane’s passing.  I first started the Awakening Your Light Body courses in 1992 (ordered the very first volume in December of 1991!)…  these teachings have changed my life in such profound way that no other teachings have done. They have literally changed my life and my perception of life 180°.  I feel so grateful that I was led to their teachings. And I feel so grateful to have met Sanaya and Duane in person when they were holding workshops in San Francisco (so many years ago!!).

I still continue, on and off, doing the meditations and trying to keep up with the new ones, whether it’s Orin’s or Daben’s.  Even if I know that they will always be with us, with Duane's passing I feel like an orphan... both Sanaya and Duane will be greatly missed! I sincerely hope that Orin and Daben’s teachings will continue for a long, long time and that there will be a kind of structure to continue their teachings. Thank you for everything that you have done Sanaya and Duane, thank you Orin and Daben, and thank you to the staff at LuminEssence.  
With all my heartfelt gratitude,

I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being a student of your and Sanaya's work. It brings me great solace to know that you and Sanaya are now operating in synergy, harnessing a higher plane of existence in your work together.

Duane is/was my step Brother. I have the upmost respect for Duane. His mind was always thinking about something. Ways to improve. Ways to help others improve. He had an excellent life as a geologist as well as a spiritual teacher and leader of so many.

At the most difficult time in my life, I miraculously came across the light body teachings of Orin & DaBen. At that time, I had lost my home, all my financial assets, had been the victim of 3 attempted murders and had to live in hiding. As soon as
I started this wonderful work my life changed for the better and step by step my life came into a new flow full of miracles, healing, light and abundance. I am forever grateful to Duane, Sanaya and Orin and DaBen for bringing me out of the darkness and into the light. I have always felt their loving support as I listened to the meditations. So, Duane and Sanaya, I hope you enjoy the higher dimensions of light together with Orin and DaBen. And thank you for
being such an inspiration to so many here on Earth

I am so sad of the news. I have no words really. I consider that learning and working with the light body is the best thing I did in this lifetime, certainly it is sacred to me, this works has been at the centre of my life for the last 30 years. I go to Orin and Daben everyday and their meditations have been my daily North Pole. My deepest and most sincere heartfelt gratitude to Sanaya and Duane for being such great channels and for the beautiful and stunning spaces they have introduced us to. My condolences to their friends and family.

Beloved Soul, you lit the Earth and now the Heavens. There is infinite gratitude for you. I can no longer selfishly weep because you are no longer walking with us and teaching us. Your transcendence signifies a huge shift in humanity, your personal life purpose and that we, the students, are truly ready.
You lived and taught as your higher self. You and Sanaya shared divine love. You became the most cutting edge scientist - physicist, perhaps since time, teaching practical quantum physics and beyond. When time catches up with your work, only then it will be understood by the masses. You always said, the best communication is on the inner planes, so please receive the immense love, light and gratitude. “

We only just now heard about Sanaya’s passing in December 2021. We were shocked to hear about it.
With this email we want to express our enormous gratitude to Sanaya and Duane. We have been attending lots of seminars in the period 1996-2003. Their work has brought an incredible shift in our lives. For years we spoke about our lives before and after the lightbody course. It seemed a different incarnation!
Our gratitude is beyond any words, it is a deep feeling in our hearts. We feel it very often.

Words cannot begin to say how much Duane has given me. From the beginning in 1992, increasing as time passed and really accelerating the past year, he was always there, transmitting, offering new consciousness, providing unimaginable personal opportunities, if seen, for me and my students. It’s a lifetime of lifetimes and he tried to help us all reach those same peaks in our personal awareness and development. What he gave will last, in consciousness available to everyone, anonymously, and available as it’s carried by all those he impacted, and then, finally, directly available in LuminEssence. He sent out a body of teachers. None of them will fall short or forget. Also, he lifted up my writing intentionally. It received that lift-up. Thank you, Duane and DaBen, and thank you, Sanaya and Orin. In Love and Light and Gratitude,

Thank you so much Duane for all the joy and sense for adventure you brought into our lives by exploring the Light Body Energies. I am sure that you and DaBen together with Sanaya and Orin continue exploring and observing your journeys in the Light!
We will keep in touch in the Inner Worlds, the Light Body Gridwork and the Cities of Light! In Love and Light

My condolences. Duane and Sanaya along with Orin and DaBen have changed my life for the much better.

I’m so deeply sorry to hear the news about Duane. I can barely write :( My condolences to his family.
I hope somehow the legacy of the extraordinary teachers continue forever in this planet (Sanaya and Duane)
Thank you, thank you forever Duane, much love and light

All this light I experience and live, is in great part a result of the work of Duane and Sanaya. I appreciate it immensely. They showed me a non-dogmatic way for spiritual development which resonated deeply with my soul. It is a priceless realisation to know that I am an expression of light. Let us continue their work. ta

I’m deeply saddened by this news of Duane. I’m not even over Sanaya yet, but I journey with her every day still. Duane and DaBen taught me how to awaken my light body which is still spinning strong to this day. I’m eternally grateful.

My condoleances with the passing of Duane. I'm really thankful for the meditations he gave us. They are really great. They're among the best meditations I know!

I felt like in some way the 'Being Your Unique Light' seminar could still go on. I remember Duane saying in one of his courses that in the future there will be meditations without any talking and that people would just follow the energy.

There are no words for the gratitude I have for Sanaya and Duane. They had been supporting me energetically for many years. Their never-ending Love and support helped me become who I was meant to be. After Sanaya passed, I got to know Duane better and he helped me so much during a hard time in my life. Like a lot of people, his death came as a shock to me. I wasn't quite ready for him to go! But I sense he is soooo happy to be reunited with Sanaya..I am happy for him..sad for our loss. They both left an amazing legacy behind that we'll be able to enjoy for generations to come. I love you Duane--so happy you are reunited with Sanaya. So grateful for your contribution on the planet. Thank you for your never ending support!

Am so sorry to hear of the loss of another amazing person on this earth plane. Have been doing Sanaya and Duane work for over 30years now. Absolutely love their work and will continue to do so as long as I live. Light body work is SO incredible, highly recommend to those who are considering. Definitely life challenging. Like anything for change to happen discipline must be there. Incredible work. Thank-you Duane for your incredible output. May you rest in ‘PEACE’.

Duane Packer, our teacher, our friend and our guide to the unimaginable. Producing impeccable work for us year after year.  His light, warmth and compassion for his students, only got deeper over time.  He led us to find amazing spaces while having our own unique experience and enriching us with seeds of consciousness and light that we can carry with us out into time. Duane got us through the pandemic by adding on the half day seminars each month so we could connect and support each other in the energies from home. He was loved by so many within our community and as well as life long friends.  Each one, believing that they had a special relationship with Duane, that they were like Duane in some way.  That was the depth of his connection, his sincere gift.  His focus was exceptional.  Other’s have spoken of his genius and the gifts he’s brought to the earth plane but there is really no one way to describe the man.  May we feel his presence always and may he carry our love and light with him.

It is with sadness and surprise that I learned from the passing of Duane the other day. My heartfelt condolences for you all at Luminescence. Duane and Sanaya have changed my life since I first experienced their meditations 20 years ago. Since then I have learned so much with them and their beautiful channelings from Orin and Daben. Beautiful souls and an outstanding service for humanity. I have been so lucky to be a student of their work for so long. So lucky, seriously... they saved my life. It is difficult to put words on all the experiences and insights I have had with their work. My life would definitely not be the same. The light body course meant so much to me... I felt at home, my spiritual home. Thank you thank you thank you!!! You have been and still are such an inspiration to me.

Greetings beloved companions of Love and Light, Lights of The Pathway to Divine Self and Truth unveiled! Such gratitude, love and appreciation for all your devotion,  time, energy and offerings, such an incredible gift and blessing beyond words! As it is time for your release according to your Divine Plan, blessings; and as you are missed here, so I trust Your Presence is ever Present and enfolding us in Light, Love and Peace beyond the appearances here. Thank you with such gratitude and Love,
My heart goes out to you as you proceed to preserve the body of work that Duane and Sanaya began so long ago. They have been my treasured teachers and mentors for 33 years and I can hardly believe they have both transitioned to the higher planes now.   I will forever miss their presence on this plane but I know they have earned their reward for all their work on expansion of consciousness for humanity.  We are left to do the work of continuing to expand and grow into our Souls and Higher Beings with their immense volume of journeys to help guide us on our inner travels.  Take heart as we must and know that they will continue to send us their love and encouragement.  We were blessed to have them for as long as we did.  I am sending my love and gratitude to them both!

Sending love and light to duane and his family and my gratitude to all at luminesence. thank you sanaya and orin and duane and daben for bringing these beautiful energies to the world….has been an honor to
participate for almost 30 years …blessings and love to all….

With deep respect and reverence for the great souls, Sanaya and Duane.
I am so gratefull for so much love, so much dedication, so many breakthroughs…
Let us praise them know.
May their souls continue to inspire and guide us. Until we come home together in the light.
We’ll meet again.

Deepest condolences to family and friends.

Whenever I hear Duane and DaBen I am amazed by their work and the effects on my being. The skills and qualities I have integrated. The depth and new perspectives I gain, or broadened view. And there is the joyous feeling of being a child on an adventure in the vast consciousness of life and the universe. Thanks to their overflowing and wealthy work.
Duane is so good at adding information and instruction where needed. It is inspiring to listen to him; of course he is the most experienced person. And to me, he talks purely on play and practice the energy, which is most satisfying for my sense of freedom. I love his talks on flow, levels and mastery. I always feel his support as a skilled teacher and a much evolved human being. I admit, sometimes I listen to Duane just to hear, what I call, flow & pep talks. In his words: Sometimes a word can be the trigger.
 “Mastery is not how long you maintain high spaces but how quickly you can get back to it.”
Duane and DaBen´s guidance is timeless. Their presence and the courses are a most wonderful and indeed unique gift.
When great teachers like Duane die, large-scale shift sets. It is happening. In gratitude. Harmony and light to all.

The teachings from Daben and Orin channeled by Duane and Sanaya have been life changing for me and I am eternally grateful to them.
Duane has given me great advice such as "when you feel you're approaching an abyss, it's" and something he said which I repeat all the time is "it doesn't matter if you lose it, what is important is how fast you can get back."
Duane greatly missed. May his memory be for a blessing.

Duane,  thank you so much for the incredible body of work you brought through DaBen!
Awakening your Lightbody changed my life in indescribable ways!  I am so grateful for everything you and Sanaya brought to us.  I will continue to enjoy the work for the rest of my life!
Both of you are so very accessible now that you are on the other side.  I know all of us can continue to reach out in the inner planes for guidance!  I’ll miss you and new classes, feels like a hole in my life right now.


Thank you all for holding the light and for the kind comments and memories.
The LuminEssence Staff