Site Credits

The current version of was worked on by everyone in our LuminEssence office as a group project.  The website was written and designed by Sanaya and Duane and the staff at LuminEssence.

Our Website creation and custom design is by Jeff Haug

Visionary Art Graphics:  Sanaya spent many hours working with Mitch Posada, the graphic artist who created most of the download covers and website banners on our site.  The graphics were created for the purpose of awakening your ability to sense light and energy.  It is our hope that this art will help you gain a greater sense of the subtle energies of light, begin to awaken your clairvoyant sight, and open your awareness of the divine seeds of light in all forms as you look at it.  The art represents the energy of DaBen and Orin's meditations. 

The graphics on our original site were created by Ishoni Wakiya Ohunco, many of which are still on our site, such as the graphic in Orin's meditation room, some of the banners, and many of the Thaddeus music covers. 

We are not licensing the artwork on our site for use by others: Sanaya worked with Mitch for hundreds of hours to create the download cover art and web banners just to fit the energy of the meditations and Orin and DaBen's vibration, and the energy in the art is very specific to Orin and DaBen's work. 

Our current staff that work on the website and in our office are: Trisha Studer, our office manager, with us for 14 years, handles operations, customer service, and many other things too numerous to list as well; Edward Alpern, an experienced Graduate Light Body student, who has attended every graduate light body seminar and Orin course given, has been with us for 23 years as our office projects manager and coordinator; Greg Badger, with us for 7 years, is our audio engineer and also a customer service representative. Mitch Posada has done our computer and printed graphics for the last 8 years.

Please remember that all art is copyrighted.