The Orin DaBen Foundation

As many of you know, Sanaya and Duane talked over the years about creating a non-profit foundation to carry on their work after they were gone. Duane created the Orin DaBen Foundation for this purpose. Its prime directive, as designated by DaBen and Orin, is to keep the work out for at least 100 years. 

Board members have been selected and vetted by Duane. These are: Miriam Trahan, President, Susan Tobiska, Treasurer, and Roland Verschaeve, board member.

We would like to assure everyone that a great deal is being done to archive and safeguard all the journeys, talks, books and and other relevant materials created by Duane and Sanaya for the future. The website will continue to function as LuminEssence for some time, with all your downloads and streaming available. 

This is a difficult time for us all, having lost Duane suddenly. Please know he authorized us with specific instructions and guidance, which will be faithfully enacted in the days and weeks ahead. We thank you for your support as we pull together this new organizing principle in the wake of Sanaya and Duane’s departures. We hope you find comfort in the fact that the Orin DaBen Foundation will be maintaining this important work and continuing to make your journeys, talks and seminars available. 

You are important to this work. Please send your highest light and energetic support to the Foundation and each other as we all undertake this important task on behalf of humanity. 

Mission statement

“The mission of the Orin DaBen Foundation is to keep Orin’s and DaBen’s forty years of spiritual teachings available to current and new students worldwide until at least the year 2130, and to envision their imparted, evolving, light-filled consciousness benefiting humanity. Orin and DaBen provide a timeless spiritual focus and signature meditation tools for hundreds of thousands of students through books, recorded meditations and seminars, empowering like-minded teachers, healers and light workers to experience their birth into light and follow their path of joy.”

We send our love to each of you,
Miriam, Susan and Roland