Beginning Clairvoyant Sight
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Type: Audio Short Course
Journeys By: DaBen
Contains: Duane Talk, DaBen Meditation
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 38 minutes

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Duane Talk, DaBen Journey
Product Number: D001
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Beginning Clairvoyant Sight

Learn more about developing and experiencing clairvoyant sight in this talk by Duane and meditation by DaBen where you will be guided to experience the energy states necessary to begin seeing clairvoyantly.

Clairvoyant sight is seeing or sensing energies that are beyond the range of your normal vision or senses, and may be thought of as an amplification of your normal senses, not a replacement of them. You have all had moments of some amplification, like those moments when flowers or scenery seem to be especially vibrant or have an added richness. As this amplification increases you begin clairvoyantly seeing auras and energy fields around and in life forms.

Developing your clairvoyant sight gives you powerful ways to consciously affect your and others' realities. You can begin to "see" various energy patterns in yourself and others, and learn to change them mentally or in other ways. You can change the energy in a whole room, in a business meeting, or a personal encounter. You can work with your own aura, take out energy from others you may have taken on, become transparent to other people's energies, and improve your health by working on yourself at an energy level. 

Many people with a high sensitivity to energy have found that seeing clairvoyantly is a way to adjust to and use these energies for their higher good. Note that you may find yourself making major shifts in your life as you open up to this ability. It takes imagination, creativity, and patience. Your world view will greatly expand as you open your clairvoyant sight.

Program 1 is a talk by Duane about clairvoyant sight. 
Program 2 is a guided meditation by DaBen to open your clairvoyant sight, to begin to sense or see auras, to learn some beginning techniques to becoming transparent, and ­to experience the energy states necessary to begin ­seeing clairvoyantly.  D001 

Also recommended:  Clairvoyant Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies, a graduate light body course.