Radiance Self-Exciting:
Building Your Light Body
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Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 24 Guided Meditations
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 11 hours
Prerequisites: LB116

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Audio, PDF Manual with Journey Summaries, No Transcripts
Product Number: LB131
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DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting Building Your Light Body

This course is taught at the Self-Exciting/ Frequencies level where you are building and filling in your light body. Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other. The overview chart above indicates key states of consciousness, qualities, experiences and skills for courses taught at the Self-Exciting and Frequencies level (not all states are taught in each course). For reference, it shows the levels above and below the Self-Exciting and Frequencies level of light body study.

Welcome to DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting course

Self-Exciting Skills Form the Foundation for Higher Levels of Light Body Experiences
Self-Exciting is a skill and a state on which many other light body skills and states of consciousness are based. If there is one graduate course to take, it would be this one as it teaches you Self-Exciting states that make it possible to have a better experience of all graduate light body courses.

The Self-Exciting skills support you in having better experiences
of the light body spaces at all levels of study.

The Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills that DaBen teaches in this course support you in having a better experience of the light body energies and spaces at all levels of study. It is the recommended next course after awakening your light body. The Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills can assist you if you have trouble staying awake, if you suddenly find yourself in ordinary reality after being in a high space, feel you are not getting anything, or if you have too much mind chatter. These skills help you surrender and open up to whatever experiences are there for you, stay in the flow, on an upward spiral, able to sustain higher spaces.

The Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills set the foundation for retaining your experience of the light body. They develop your ability to sustain and maintain your consciousness as you move into higher levels of reality. These skills can be used to both open up to higher realms and dimensions, and to bring the light, understanding, and insights you gain into your everyday reality.

Message from DaBen: What Is Self-Exciting?
DaBen: Self-Exciting is an essential skill for learning to surrender and let the light body experiences happen, where you are a part of the flow, and where you are in a stable place that allows the light body experiences to unfold more easily. In a Self-Exciting state, it is easy to be your experience and to be carried by the energies. There is no sense of self-criticism or self-judgment. You have mental fluidity—when thoughts come up, there is no emotional attachment to them; they are simply there. There is a feeling of oneness; you sense the way you fit into everything else. Self-Exciting is an essential skill to understanding energy in ways that allow you to be supported by the energies about you, where you can join the flow, and can have the experience of "everything working".

In Self-Exciting states your mind is clear and
your thoughts flow one into another without circling around.

When your energy and light become Self-Exciting, everything you do contributes to increasing your light. Each thought brings you a new idea, clarity, or greater insight into what you are thinking about. You are more creative, intuitive, and aware of your inner guidance. Your emotions are flowing, peaceful, and harmonious. Your heart is open; you have no need to protect or defend yourself because you can use all the energy around you to go higher, even if it is what you used to call “negative energy.”

Being in Self-Exciting states opens the potential for you to experience having no thoughts. You discover ways to just be, allowing yourself to know your true Self beyond your thoughts and personality.

The Self-Exciting skills do not involve learning additional centers; instead you will use what you have learned to create "Self-Exciting" spaces to stay in a higher flow, and to get back into the flow more quickly.  You will learn to recognize what takes you out of your center and return easily to the flowing, peaceful states you want to experience. As you gain more skill you can experience the many subtle energies, Frequencies, and advanced skills that are included in each journey.

Self-Exciting skills help you stay in the flow,
and to be on an upward spiral.

The benefits of acquiring Self-Exciting skills will be uniquely yours. As you explore, you might experience: times of living more fully in the present moment; an enhanced ability to experience being in your flow and knowing peace and calm; an increased ability to generate emotional flow, mental fluidity, physical ease, and clarity; and continuous opportunities for joy and play.

You need to "place" your growing radiance in order to maintain the flow of light you have begun.  You can place your radiance into anything that can resonate with the energy you create. This can be people, projects you are working on, your light body or Renawre cocoon, higher beings such as Masters, guides, and the nonhuman kingdoms such as animals, plants, minerals, or the earth itself. As you grow you assist all life to grow, and you expand the light about you. ~DaBen

Note: This course in Self-Exciting touches upon the Frequencies, as they are important in creating enough light and radiance to reach and stay in self-exciting states. Studying the Frequencies will enhance your experience of Self-Exciting, and you can study the Frequencies before, during or after taking the self-exciting course.

Prerequisites: You are eligible for the Radiance: Self-ExcitingBuilding Your Light Body course if you have learned the 7 vibrational energy body centers and the 3 light body centers as developed by DaBen, channeled by Duane Packer.

DaBen's Self-Exciting course consists of four parts, with a total of 24 journeys
Part 1: Building a Stable Base–Discover new levels of emotional flow and mental fluidity that are necessary to reach Self-Exciting states.
Part 2: Becoming a Solid Light–Learn the Frequencies that enhance your ability to create light solid enough to reach and sustain Self-Exciting states.
Part 3: Beginning Self-Exciting–Explore skills that will teach you how to reach Self-Exciting.
Part 4: Self-Exciting–Experience the incredible states of consciousness that are possible as you learn Self-Exciting. Know yourself as a radiant being of light. Discover the light of these spaces and bring it into your daily life.

All the journeys contain transmissions by DaBen of Self-Exciting states, and states that are beyond Self-Exciting, allowing you to experience new states of consciousness every time you listen. 

Course consists of 24 guided meditations by DaBen plus an extensive manual of written material with information about the skills you will learn, answers to commonly asked questions, and step-by-step instructions for using the journeys. Included in the manual are sections by Duane on how to live the light body and use your light body skills in your daily life, and includes a summary of each of DaBen's journeys as well.

Transcripts of the Radiance: Self-Exciting: DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting course (LB131) comes with an in-depth summary of each of DaBen's journeys, presented in a format that highlights all of the important steps in each journey.  Many people find this information sufficient and do not need the transcripts. However, you may also purchase transcripts of DaBen's journeys.  The transcripts will not teach you the Self-Exciting light body skills, which are based on the energy and sounds that DaBen transmits as you listen.  The transcripts are only available if you have ordered the Self-Exciting course from LuminEssence or are a qualified Self-Exciting teacher.
Order Self-Exciting Transcripts here.

Sponsoring and Teaching Self-Exciting After Graduation

Upon graduation you can sponsor others or teach classes by playing your audio journeys for others. When you complete this Self-Exciting course, you are eligible to teach the Awakening Your Light Body course by transmitting the sounds of the centers as DaBen does if you have completed the Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher's Course, and if you meet the other Awakening Your Light Body teacher's qualifications.

To continue to deepen your Self-Exciting experiences, we recommend
Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Courses

LB221 product imageLB126 product imageLB125 product imageLB124 product imageLB123 product imageLB122 product imageLB121 product image

Sanaya: The Frequencies courses are some of my favorites. I love working with them for clear insights and to set the energy for everything I do.

You can work with DaBen's Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies courses before or after his Radiance: Self-Exciting course. As you work with the frequencies you gain qualities of consciousness that change how you experience your mind, thoughts, emotions, consciousness, and ordinary reality. With the Frequencies you build and fill in your light body, giving you a solid foundation to sustain your consciousness in the higher levels of the light body.

Orin provides wonderful guided meditations to transform your life and consciousness. DaBen offers the experience of four incredible frequencies in each of the seven Frequencies courses. The Frequencies offer new qualities of consciousness that allow you to more effectively manifest what you want, including better circumstances, successful projects, harmonious relationships and prosperity. You will learn how to create what you want by working with energy before you take action. Changing your reality in this way allows you to create forms, relationships and circumstances that carry light and work well over time. The Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies courses assist you in exploring and experiencing many new qualities of consciousness that are immensely practical and that will positively affect your ordinary reality.

Additional Study of Self-Exciting Skills

lb932DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting Expanded  Learn more about Self-Exciting skills; experience the self-exciting expanded spaces. You will explore Self-Exciting in new ways never before presented. DaBen will take you more fully into Self-Exciting states, exploring ways to deepen your experience of being in the flow where you can live in the moment. He will guide you to explore in more depth the skills required to get into and stay on the upward spiral, where everything you do contributes to your increasing light, and you have the skill to use all the energies around you to go higher. You will learn how to use these skills in ordinary reality so you can stay in a flowing, higher-energy state no matter what kind of energy you are around. DaBen will show you how to increase your ability to surrender to whatever experience you are having, to get out of your head, to stop mind chatter, and to become your experience of the higher energies you will explore.

SL104Orin Journeys to go with DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting Course
Orin made journeys to go with DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting course called Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light (SL104). Transmitting and using Self-Exciting spaces, Orin leads you to work with Solar light, one of the most powerful energies in the universe, to create profound changes in your consciousness, in your spiritual path, and in your daily life. As you work with the Solar light you can fulfill the essence of your soul's higher purpose: to become a more perfect light. You can draw Solar light into your mind, emotions, body, aura, atoms, and every part of your life. Bring Solar light into your circumstances, projects, relationships, and activities to enhance all the light that is there, and to release anything that is not light. You will discover how to recognize who and what increases your light, and how to release those things that decrease your light. Choose your path of most light in everything you do, making those choices in every moment that assist you in joining the upward spiral.

Note from Sanaya and Duane to Light Body Graduates

If we have your Email address, you can receive special messages from us just for you, a Light Body graduate, in our Light Body eNewsletter.  We send these 2-4 times a year, and they can include links to online audio light body meditations as well as current seminar information and other light body news.  If you have not yet given us your email address, need to change your email address, or if we do not know you are a light body graduate, please create a membership, log-in and let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter.  You can also sign our Guestbook to let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter. All information you give us is confidential; we never share or sell your contact information.

  2022 Upcoming Seminars Online with Duane and DaBen
Seminars will be available as live broadcast, download, and streaming

Next seminar in this series starts October
October 21-23, 2022
Being, The Ultimate Reality

Register or read more about upcoming October  Seminar here

More information about each seminar will be provided closer to the seminar times.
DaBen's goal for every seminar is to offer you a significant shift in consciousness that is part of a larger path of reaching new and higher states of consciousness with each course. DaBen's goal for every journey is to offer you an opportunity to have a memorable experience. You can listen again and again, continuing to have peak experiences as you do.
In the upcoming seminars, DaBen will offer you yet another immense shift in consciousness.
Each seminar is designed to be experienced and enjoyed without needing to complete the previous seminars in the series. However, every light body course you take will enhance your ability to experience what is being taught in the seminars.
As you open to the energies being offered you can shift into as high a space as you are able to experience. DaBen's transmissions will assist you in opening to a vastly expanded perspective of your life from a higher level, often from beyond the earth plane.  In this seminar series, you will reach these higher planes by going through portals, getting to meet and work with some amazing, highly evolved beings as you do.
As a metaphor, you might think of living in one room, where your perspective comes from just that room. Then one day you walk outside, and see that room is part of a house, with a whole environment around it. It completely changes your perspective of your room and your life in it. DaBen equates the room to living from an earth plane consciousness.  
As you go through these portals to realms beyond the earth plane, it allows you to explore the nature of reality and discover more about what it is.  You will be able to view your life from beyond the earth plane, giving you some interesting and unique perspectives of who you are and what your life is about.
Each seminar is on the leading edge of what DaBen is teaching.
Duane and DaBen have connected with these beings, and they are prepared for and welcoming us to join them so we can experience reality in many new ways.

Discover new inner ways to connect with others.

You can enjoy these seminars in many ways, such as through a live feed, with streaming/ download also available. It is wonderful to come together to support each other in rising to a higher level of consciousness, and opening to a greater light. As you do this you can change your life with light.

DaBen is showing us new ways to connect with each other on the inner planes. People have loved connecting with the group energy in these new, inner ways, and have found it to provide a great boost in their ability to experience the higher energies DaBen is transmitting. We also have student-sponsored Facebook groups you can join, as well as Zoom meetings to share your experiences with others.

DaBen offers this opportunity for a major shift in consciousness in a concentrated period of time, twice a year, in October and April. There are additional mini-seminars in between to assist you to continue to expand.
To create this shift, DaBen says he needs to bring through a substantial "packet" of energy all at once, in a short time-frame, (such as the longer April and October seminars) so that the energy is complete and extensive enough for it to be established on the earth plane. This allows you to better experience the spectacular shift into higher consciousness that is being offered.
The seminars are offered as a live stream, and the journeys and talks will be available as streaming/download options so you can listen at your convenience. You can "unpack" DaBen's transmissions over whatever time frame works for you.
Some suggested ways to listen to the seminar journeys
DaBen will transmit to you the energies that will assist you in opening to these spaces whenever you listen. Some people participate in the live stream, listening to as many journeys as they can. Others combine listening to the live stream with listening to the streaming/downloads that are available a few hours after the journeys. Some listen to the full set of seminar journeys over a period of days, weeks, or months. DaBen transmits to you whenever you work with the journeys, from his space of no-time. 
Each seminar's full complement of energy and journeys are there for you to play with, enjoy, experience, and expand upon whenever you want to do so during and after the seminar times. The feedback we have from people who took these courses has been very enthusiastic.

Duane at recent seminar

2022 Duane and DaBen's Seminar Information
Seminar Series: Expanding and Creating Light Realities

DaBen will transmit to you individually whatever spaces are next for you during each journey. 
  • There will be 25 or more DaBen meditations and numerous talks in each Main Seminar Friday through Sunday.
  • There will be 20 or more guided journeys in each 2-day Companion Seminar Tuesday through Wednesday.
  • For graduates of the Main seminar, there will be four mini-seminars (Fridays, 9AM - 12PM PST) with 6 journeys you can register for to continue to explore these energies inbetween seminar times.
  • A PDF manual with transcripts of the Main and Light Play seminars will be available several weeks after the seminar.
  • A zip file will be provided with the talks and journeys of the Main and Light Play seminars, which will include a PDF file with transcripts, several weeks after the seminar.
Ways to Listen: You can listen to the seminar audio journeys by logging in to the Member's Area, and then clicking on "My Downloads and Seminars."  When you Log In you will have access to any seminars you have enrolled in. 
  1. Live Audio Feed: You can listen to Duane and DaBen's talks and meditations as they are given in real time by clicking on the LIVE AUDIO FEED. 
  2. Streaming and Download: Duane's talks and DaBen's meditations will also be posted for streaming and download usually about 2 hours after they are given, as our audio engineer does some preliminary processing and clean up of the audio.
  3. Final Edited Audio: Our studio engineer does post-production audio clean up, so that you can usually pick up the final edited audio about 12-14 weeks after the seminar ends.

2022 Graduate Light Body Seminar Dates and Topics

Main Seminar, New Series:
Expanding and Creating Light Realities
Two-Day Light Play Seminar series following the Main Seminar:
Mastering Light Realities
Main Seminar Each seminar series is composed of a Main Seminar with over 25 DaBen journeys and is complete within itself. $575
Light Play Seminars The Main Seminar is followed by a Light Play Seminar with 18+ additional DaBen journeys that build on what you experienced in the Main Seminar. $375
For people who have completed the Main Seminar and want more frequent contact, you may enjoy the four Mini-Seminars that are given in-between each Main Seminar. $375
Part 1: Experiencing Reality, What is It? (LB981) This seminar is now available in full for download and streaming.
Part 1: Two-day Light Play Seminar to expand upon what you learned in the Main Seminar Mastering Experience and Senses (LB715) Now Available.

Part 2: Consciously Flowing with Reality (LB982) Main Seminar.  Now Available
Part 2: Boundless and Boundaries (LB716) Two-day Light Play seminar to expand upon what you learned in the Main seminar. Now available

Part 3:Solidity in Flow (LB983) Main Seminar. 
Part 3: Luminous Creativity (LB717) Two-day Light Play seminar to expand upon what you learned in the Main seminar.

Part 4:
October 21-23, 2022 Being, The Ultimate Reality (LB984) Main Seminar.
Part 4:
October 25-26, 2022 Evolving and Precipitating in Sequence (LB718) Two-day Light Play seminar to expand upon what you learned in the Main seminar.

Prerequisites for all light body seminars: You need to have completed DaBen's Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course or have taken it with a teacher to enroll in any of the graduate light body courses above.
To participate in the two-day Light Play seminars, you will need to have taken the Main Seminar as a prerequisite, as the Light Play seminars build on what was taught in the three-day (Friday through Sunday) Main seminars.
There will be four mini-seminars (Fridays, 9AM-12PM PST) offered in-between the April and October seminars for graduates of the Main seminars.
How the Main Seminar and the Light Play Seminar work together
The Light Play seminar will build on what you learned in the Main seminar. The Main seminars taught Friday - Sunday will have a larger focus on the bigger picture, while the Light Play seminars taught the following Tuesday and Wednesday will help you bring what you have learned in the Main seminar into you and your life at a more concentrated, focused level. Once you have taken the main seminar and have some of the bigger general picture and principles, in the Light Play seminars you will discover more about how to integrate this energy and work with it.
What preparation do you need to get the most out of DaBen's seminars?
You can have wonderful, expansive, and breakthrough experiences at all levels of study as you get into the energy spaces DaBen is transmitting. Success with DaBen's meditations is not about keeping up with the group or getting the same thing as everybody else is getting, (because everyone will have a completely unique experience as well). It is about opening to the individual opportunities that are the right ones for you.

During each journey DaBen transmits to you
whatever energies are next for you.
Each light body meditation can bring you incredible experiences and life-changing realizations. You will experience exactly what you need to shift into higher consciousness in whatever way is perfect for you. You can experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative as you participate in DaBen's seminar journeys. Each DaBen meditation offers you an opportunity to experience unique, memorable, and insightful experiences that will expand your consciousness.