It works!     February 12, 2015
By N. L.  (Hong Kong)
I am an emotional and sensitive person since I was very young. Most of the time my emotions go up and down without definite reasons (although from the outside I pretend to be calm). I finished the six books of Orin and realized that most of the emotions are not mine. This album worked to release my negative emotions gradually, to a certain extent. I am now moving to the next album "Evolving Your Desire Body".

Already transforming     October 6, 2014
By D. A.  (CA)
I ordered the first 2 CD sets in this series of 6 albums altogether. I am most thankful I did! I have only listened to the first 5 CD's of the first set (each set has about 6 CD's) and I am already transforming on the deepest levels. I grew up in a very stressful, conflicted home and now, as an adult, I have carried that energy with me. I am nearly 50 years old now and it's about time I started to live my life MY way, not the old dysfunctional way. I am noticing that I am now much calmer, have much more peace, and, for the first time, feel safe. This series has been deeply transformative for me so far, and I have only just started! I know the Divine guided me to this set, and I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much Orin and Sanaya.

I have enjoyed experiencing the light of my Divine Self     October 1, 2012
By M. H.  (Austria)
I'd like to take this moment to thank you for your light and personal support in my life. At this moment I am downloading the second part of Transcending Your Ego, called Transforming your Emotions, and then thought of writing you. I have enjoyed experiencing the light of my Divine Self in the meditations of the first part and feel now like continuing the course.

I can maybe not fully describe in words what your light and meditations have meant to me, but it has been a lot of guidance, mental clarity and a steady light-basis on which I could always rely. It has given me trust in this reality, its possibilities and helped me enormously in my self-discovery and growth. Although sometimes there are situations in my life that I don't always know how to solve, meditations like Transcending Your Ego support me tremendously and always help me reach higher. This evokes a wonderful feeling within me. Thank you for that.

So much release in such a short time!     July 5, 2011
By T. O.  (NY)
I am blown away by the Transforming Your Emotions meditations!

I've always, all my life (and I'm well into my fifth decade now) been all over the place with emotions, and had absolutely no idea of how to manage or control the experience, or that my emotions even could be managed or controlled (other than repressed, which doesn't work, trust me :)).... but now I do know how to handle them, what they're 'about', how to use them, mitigate them, and move past -- transcend -- them.

Stuff that has dogged me for as long as I can remember, since I was a little little kid, I have come to understand and transcend, as a result of these meditations -- it has been a very amazing experience. The awarenesses and shifts have been coming so very gently, but also fairly quickly, and the experience of release has been like knowing I got the entire taproot of an unwanted plant (dandelions!) out of the garden... (not that I don't like dandelions... they just have notoriously assertive and difficult-to-get-out taproots.. :)

All the years of therapy, while helpful, were not able to create the shifts in me that a few weeks with these CDs have created. The Orin way of doing things is POWERFULLY effective.... I'm just amazed.

words cannot explain what amazing insights     May 25, 2011
By D. B.  (Australia)
It is 4am here in Australia and I have just finished listening to the 6th CD, WOW …..words cannot explain what amazing insights have come to me from this course, very emotional to experience such enormous shifts. I thought I had listened to Orin's best in past courses, then this comes along, thank you so much Orin and Sanaya for helping so many with your wonderful work. Love to you all

Transcending Ego Parts 1-6     November 1, 2010
By J. L.  (NM)
This course was truly wonderful. I began a new relationship about 5 months ago. It's the first serious relationship since my husband passed away 3 years ago. Taking this class at the same time helped me tremendously. I noticed my ego created all sorts of stories (lies) about this person and fortunately I wouldn't act on the stories. I used Orin's suggestion to drop the situation into the Divine Self rather than acting from the ego. Every time my ego came up with a story I would stop and place the situation into the Divine Self and always the situation would dissolve. I would talk to him or see him later on and everything would be fine. The ego was always wrong. I have been able to build a wonderful new relationship based on joy, love and friendship w/out all the drama that the ego loves to create. Thank you Orin and Sanaya

results are amazing     July 19, 2010
By G. D.  (Belgium)
The Transcending your Ego series are marvelous and evoking big shifts for me. Finally I get to understand how to live a happy and meaningful life, based on and connected with my simple and true Self. It was a rough ride doing the Being born again and Transforming your Emotions, but the results are amazing.

transforming your emotions     May 21, 2010
By Z. R.  (PR)
Well, like always IS AMAZING,in Puerto Rico a little island surrounded by oceans we are very very emotional people. Well, during all of these years your work helped me to work with this issue and I think it is great! But when I take this new audio course, it is so powerful, I take my time to work with it and the freedom, peace, also I can feel more peace with my dead son, I can talk about it and feel peace inside. I work with the past, and the emotions of other persons and is powerful. Now I feel I can go to the next one. Thanks Sanaya and Duane for giving us all this knowledge and energy all my love and energy to LuminEssence and the 7 higher wills, ORIN AND DABEN thanks and all my love.