Amazing Shifts     January 7, 2014
By S. C.  (CA)
I've been really enjoying my journey through the Transcending Your Ego series, but the Illuminating Your Mind course has been the most amazing yet! I didn't realize how many thoughts I have had going through my mind over and over and how my focus on them has really distracted me from hearing my Divine Self and Soul.

I feel so much clearer now. My mind is quieter and I can feel my guidance. I'm not as quick to judge or to see things as automatically negative. I feel profoundly transformed, and I am so grateful to Sanaya and Orin for this amazing course.

Thank you     March 23, 2011
By L. O.  (MA)
I started to study "Transcending Your Ego", while I was already well on my way of studying the "Awakening Your Light Body" course. It was at that time that I became aware of my Divine Self as a constant presence and guidance. It was very tiring for me in the beginning because I had to make a conscious effort to pay attention to the guidance instead of picking the automatic pilot (at least right now I am able to describe in words what was happening at the time). For some reason I pushed through being tired until one day I realized that I just am that way, a constant combination of automatic pilot and Divine consciousness and that I have a choice in each and every moment what to choose. In time the automatic pilot choices became "softer" and the tiredness subsided and I did not have to struggle with my choices anymore. I was at a point where my Divine consciousness "would allow" me to really reflect on what my choice was in the moment and show me that what I "thought" at the time as being "bad/unwanted" it was another form of "yes/good" that I did not consider before. If this seems unclear, it just is. This is where I am today, and any time I try to use words to describe what is happening, a part of what I "know" it is happening gets lost translated into words. The above process is helping me for more than six months now through my divorce. I don't know what I would have done if Sanaya (Orin) and Duane (DaBen) would have not been my constant companions through "Transcending Your Ego" and "Awakening Your Light Body" journeys, because the automatic pilot wanted me to give up almost in each and every moment. I have to mention that for the past three years I read all your books and I journeyed and meditated through many of the courses offered through this site. Thank you for your guidance and Light.

the most powerful and transformative class to date     March 17, 2011
By E. D.  (GA)
Dear Sanaya, I just want to express my appreciation to you and Orin for the wonderful "Transcending Your Ego" series. Thank you a thousand times over for this amazing course! As a long-time student of your work (since Living With Joy was published) who has completed many of your classes, I can tell you that this is (for me) the most powerful and transformative class to date. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with this material. I am currently working on #4--Illuminating Your Mind. My Divine Self has been awakening me at 4:18 almost every morning (yes--not 4:15 or even 4:16) to do one or two of the processes and it is a fantastic way to begin each day! Then I do my best to put into practice what I am learning throughout the day--some days more effectively than others!

Many blessings to you, Sanaya, for sharing your clarity and radiance so freely with your many students.

Transcending Ego Parts 1-6     November 1, 2010
By J. L.  (NM)
This course was truly wonderful. I began a new relationship about 5 months ago. It's the first serious relationship since my husband passed away 3 years ago. Taking this class at the same time helped me tremendously. I noticed my ego created all sorts of stories (lies) about this person and fortunately I wouldn't act on the stories. I used Orin's suggestion to drop the situation into the Divine Self rather than acting from the ego. Every time my ego came up with a story I would stop and place the situation into the Divine Self and always the situation would dissolve. I would talk to him or see him later on and everything would be fine. The ego was always wrong. I have been able to build a wonderful new relationship based on joy, love and friendship w/out all the drama that the ego loves to create. Thank you Orin and Sanaya