Mind changing     October 15, 2016
By P. M.  (CA)
I've been listening to Orin's Opening to Your True Identity. It has been excellent for me and is changing my reality and mind for the better.

Infinite     August 3, 2015
By E. S.  (CO)
I have studied Orin's materials since 1987 and I have to say this set was superb. The meditation, "Expanding into the Infinite You" was mind-blowing. Such love, such support, such depth in this set. Years ago I read the Life and Teachings of the Master of the Far East books, but had no meditations to assist me in being a master. This set has the meditations to go into Unity Consciousness. Thank you so much for taking the wisdom teachings and giving processes.

Your books and meditation     August 1, 2014
By P. K.  (Malaysia)
Dear Orin and DaBen -Our Loving Beings of Light and Love.

From my heart I wish to thank you abundant times. Your books and meditations have helped me abundantly and I have felt divine love through your loving words in your books and meditations. I feel the strong urge to gain more spiritual knowledge from the higher spiritual dimensions.

Abundance of thanks to Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer for all your good work.

Once again thank you.

With Love and Light

Suberb     April 11, 2014
By M. M.  (FL)
I really like and cherish the last two sets of CDs in this series. I have purchased from you Becoming Your Divine Self - Knowing your true identity; and Awakening Your Spiritual power. They are superb.
The journeys of Orin and Sanaya are more practical than what I have learned so far. I appreciate the fact that the Masters Orin and DaBen keep their teachings uncontaminated, and that is very important to me.
Orin's and DaBen's teachings are so strong and practical, I am beginning to realize the oneness and unity that already existed but I could not until this point absolutely comprehend.
They say that the journey of spiritual evolution is endless, and that is an excellent thing to happen because that sweet process keeps all of us occupied in a universal adventure of progression in love and light.

Thanks!     December 27, 2012
By J. S.  (Canada)
My heartfelt gratitude for all you do and thank you for the audio meditations! All that we've done in the past years has been wondrous, delightful and exciting, particularly the past couple of years. The Transcending Your Ego and Divine Self course work has provided a greater depth in my meditations as well as a far stronger feeling of upliftment, liberation, and expansiveness in both my inner and outer life. As I continue to listen to whatever I'm guided to, it is with a sense of joy and anticipation. Thank you!

Great Course     May 18, 2012
By V. L.  (Hong Kong)
Thank you Sanaya and Orin for this wonderful course. It's the first time I've written a review, and I must say that the Orin materials have been an enlightening source of understanding in the past few months. I have taken many courses, and this course, Knowing Your True Identity, is probably one of the most amazing ones. Through the course, I was able to experience fourth dimensional awareness - which felt like a spherical expansion beyond my body - and really feel for the first time the complete oneness of all our beingness through this energy field. I felt a great love that I have never felt before, understanding now that what we do to others really comes back to us, and that all we see in others that we do not approve are merely a reflection of our own minds... Truly an amazing course. I recommend this to everyone who feel ready to experience a greater oneness, to feel and expand their divinity through love and grace.

Knowing Your True Identity     January 21, 2012
By L. O.  (CA)
Reading Orin's comment that his "path of self-realization" gives one an opportunity to live one's life from a spiritual perspective rather than a personality one was my trigger to write these notes. I listened to "Becoming Your Divine Self" some time ago. In the meantime I listened to many other journeys both by Orin and DaBen, and here I am today recognizing that INDEED I AM LIVING MY LIFE FROM A SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE AND I AM SAYING THIS IN DEEP GRATITUDE AND HUMBLENESS. I AM PRESENT AND AWARE OF CHOICE: DO I CHOOSE WHAT MY PERSONALITY SAYS, OR DO I CHOOSE TO ASK FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD FROM MY SOUL AND DIVINE SELF? I choose my divine self again and again, and I have to say that I become very quickly aware when I was in fear and my choice was not in love because my life becomes struggle instead of the peace that it is when I choose love.

Knowing Your True Identity     October 17, 2011
By G. P.  (Great Britain)
I have found these meditations to be very uplifting and transformational. My life has shifted and continues to shift by working with this series and I highly recommend it to anyone who is requiring support, encouragement, or hope to live at a higher vibration. It gave me all 3 and more and my life is certainly easier than it was before I took the course.

Thank you     September 8, 2011
By M. G.  (Norway)
I have been learning through Orin and DaBen's meditations for about five years now. The Becoming your Divine Self series is the most recent one I have worked with and lead to a major breakthrough. I have just downloaded Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self and can't wait to get started on it. I would like to take this opportunity, Sanaya and Duane, to thank you for the invaluable work you do and the two wonderful Light Beings you channel. Love and Light

Honoured and Grateful     March 14, 2011
By G. W.  (Great Britain)
I've been following Orin's meditation journeys for 12 years and found the teaching gentle and subtle yet deeply transformative. I feel honored and grateful that Life led me to Orin's and Sanaya's guidance. The change in myself has been substantial and lasting.

The journeys have followed the energetic patterns unfolding over the years and the two latest series, 'Transcending Your Ego' and 'Becoming your Divine Self' provide an excellent way to utilize the unique potential of present time.

I love this course     March 8, 2011
By V. M.  (New Zealand)
After being through the Christchurch earthquake many emotions and thoughts have come to surface and through doing the Divine Self and Transcending Your Ego series I have been able to clear and release them leaving me peaceful, centered and in the flow. I feel grateful to have been guided to Orin and DaBen's courses as they have given me the tools to deal with life's many challenges in a positive way whilst seeing how circumstances effect and impact upon others. I can then be more supportive to others through coming from a stable base.

I daily use the Clearing Energy for the Day Ahead and Clearing Energy Before Bed as it leaves me feeling revitalized and ready for the day and the other helps release any negativity or thoughts so I can have a more restful sleep. And importantly, with a young family I need something that can fit in with my lifestyle and which gives me results.

I would say the most important things I have done in my life have been the Awakening Your Light Body, Becoming Your Divine Self, Transcending Your Ego, Divine Will and having kids so far to date. They have given me the most growth and learning and helped me become more of my true self even during unstable outer circumstances.

I hope that sharing my experiences will help others in their choice when considering their next step.

With much love.

Amazing Journey     February 26, 2011
By L. D.  (WA)
I have taken a number of the Orin/DaBen courses. I have found all of them to be excellent for assisting me in my spiritual growth. Since each person has his or her own individual path to follow, the particular course that may be best for them at any given point in time, will vary, depending upon where they presently are on that path, what they have already been exposed to in the past, and what their current intent or desire may be.

However, having made that very important distinction, for me personally, there were three courses in particular, that were most beneficial for my spiritual growth, given where I am on my present journey. These courses included the "Transcending Your Ego" series, the "Becoming Your Divine Self" series, and the "Awakening Your Light Body" series.

I am very consciously aware that I am on a relatively highly accelerated spiritual path. I have been following my intuition with respect to my lessons, and the pace of those lessons. I have not taken any of these courses at the "recommended" pace. I recognize that rapidly churning through one's "spiritual lessons", can often result in emotional, intellectual, and experiential turbulence, but I fully accept that responsibility.

When you finally begin to realize that you really do create your own reality, and that the external world is nothing more than a mere mirror or a reflection of your own thoughts, then contending with the turbulence, gets easier and easier. As the integration of the personality self with the Divine self gets under way, pain is gradually replaced with joy, bit by bit, as that progression occurs. Rapid spiritual growth compresses life events and lessons into a narrower band of linear time, thus making correlations of synchronistic events, inspirations, and insights, easier to recognize, and also easier to tie into the broader big picture.

I first became conscious of my accelerated spiritual path about three years ago. Prior to that time, I was largely "unconscious", although I can see that my lifetime events were leading me to the place where I am today. There is something very thrilling about such a realization. Following my awakening, I passionately followed an aggressive spiritual growth path.

During the earlier part of that three year period, I had worked with many other teachers. Over the past year and a half, I started studying some of the Orin courses on CD format. More recently, I started with the Orin and DaBen courses that I have enjoyed the most, and have discussed in this review.

After completing each course, I went back and reviewed them all, several times. Each time, I was blessed with new revelations, insights, and the recognition of the synchronistic events that lead to each.

At some point, I made a most amazing discovery. It was after I was about half way through the Light Body coursework. I discovered that when I combined a Light Body exercise with a Divine Self exercise shortly thereafter, that there was a synchronistic effect that was utterly mind blowing! This magnified several times over, the effect of both the Light Body course, and the Divine self course exercises. My most profound revelations followed from this, and they were so powerful, that they always brought me to tears the instant that they entered my consciousness.

I ceased asking myself how can I become a master, for it no longer seemed to be a relevant question. I came to sense that the more accurate question to ponder, was how long would it take for me to remember that I already was a master.

they have been a real turning point for me     December 1, 2010
By W. I.  (New Zealand)
I’ve really benefited from the Transcending Your Ego courses, and the Becoming Your Divine Self courses, and they have been a real turning point for me.

Most days I listen to one or two journeys from the volume on Clearing Energies with Your Divine Self, and it really helps to pull me out of what is going on around me.

Highly recommend this course...     October 22, 2010
By K. L.  (NY)
I completed the Transcending Your Ego course few months ago. When this course came about, I remember I was thinking "more???" But there was a strong inner urge nagging me to continue that was impossible for me to ignore so i jumped in and purchased the entire course including the 3 parts..

I've taken numerous Orin/DaBen's courses over the years and am a long time light body student. I feel that this course is the most transformative so far of all of the courses I've taken. Or to say it more accurately, I feel as if all the energy work and consciousness expansion guidance/training (e.g. Divine Will, Light Body consciousness, Transcending Your Ego, just to name a few)were to prepare us to be ready to take this most significant step - the physical embodiment of our Divine Self in this 3D world.

Through this course, I am experiencing my Divine Self as an energetic reality. The growing knowingness and connections with my Divine Self feel very real to me. I am right now in the middle of the Part 3. I found connecting to my Divine Self offers me the most incredible energies to blast through many negativities around me in a very powerful, loving way. Judgments naturally drop away when enlisting Divine Self consciousness. Personal Will power seems unnecessary when we lift ourselves up beyond the personalty/ego identification...This is an exciting course. I have a deeper commitment to exploring ways that I could emerge/embody Divine Self consciousness to bring higher frequencies and energies into my day-to-day life...

This is a truly amazing opportunity to be sponsored and guided to embody our Divine Self... A step I feel we have been preparing for so long under Orin and DaBen's loving guiance and the energetic support.

I sincerely hope this review would be helpful to someone in making the decision to participate in this course.

Love and blessings!