Strong and Practical     April 11, 2014
By M. M.  (FL)
I really like and cherish the last two sets of CDs in this series. I have purchased from you Becoming Your Divine Self - Knowing your true identity; and Awakening Your Spiritual power. They are superb.

The journeys of Orin and Sanaya are more practical than what I have learned so far. I appreciate the fact that the Masters Orin and DaBen keep their teachings uncontaminated, and that is very important to me.

Orin's and DaBen's teachings are so strong and practical, I am beginning to realize the oneness and unity that already existed but I could not until this point absolutely comprehend.

They say that the journey of spiritual evolution is endless, and that is an excellent thing to happen because that sweet process keeps all of us occupied in a universal adventure of progression in love and light.

Thank you     September 8, 2011
By M. G.  (Norway)
I have been learning through Orin and DaBen's meditations for about five years now. The Becoming your Divine Self series is the most recent one I have worked with and lead to a major breakthrough. I have just downloaded Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self and can't wait to get started on it. I would like to take this opportunity, Sanaya and Duane, to thank you for the invaluable work you do and the two wonderful Light Beings you channel. Love and Light