Invaluable Meditations     December 8, 2021
By J. S.  (CA)
I have been working with these meditations for many years now. I may forget about them for a while, but then I feel stuck about something or recognize that I am not grounded or in alignment with Source and suddenly I remember them. As soon as I listen to one of the many options appropriate for my situation I feel release and clarity. I've also used them daily when going through a difficult time. Clearing for the Day Ahead and Clearing Before Going to Bed are great short ones that keep me in a good state of mind.

A Lifetime of Support     March 30, 2020
By J. S.  (CA)
After listening to each meditation in order when I first receive it, I have been doing these meditations on an as needed basis for over eight years. I love the variety of needs addressed and that some are very short when I don't have much time. The Clearing Before Bed is my favorite because I can let go of any stress or upsets from the day and get a good night's sleep.

There is tremendous never-ending value in this set of guided meditations.

Miraculous     March 4, 2018
By A. A.  (France)
The Clearing Energy With Your Divine Self course is extremely powerful!

It has meditations for all types of situations.

I am oversensitive and have the tendency to take things with all my heart. This course helps me connect to my Divine Self and wash the energy that I don't desire away. I am amazed every time I use any of these meditations. No matter how the situation is, it works and brings comfort and joy and happiness.

The Clearing for the day ahead meditation has smoothed some though situations for me to a point where I was really amazed.

The clearing before going to bed also does miracles, every time I use it i wake up the next morning with a shift and a completely different view and new ideas!

Thank you to Sanaya, Duane, Orin and DaBen for your great work, the Light and Love you are giving to us.

With All My Love and Blessings

Marvelous     August 3, 2015
By E. S.  (FL)
This set was wonderful. Three years ago I started off with the Clearing with The Divine Self meditations, the third set in this series. I was not ready to tie it all together, but now that I circled back and did this set it all makes perfect sense. The depth and understanding of Orin, and his ability to translate it into wonderful meditations is profound. Got the set with the intention to do 1 or 2 per day and ended up doing all 12 meditations in a weekend. I felt like my whole awareness had shifted. Great clearing processes and insights throughout. All I have is gratitude for this work.

Your work saved my life!     June 23, 2015
By O. R.  (Mexico)
9 months ago I was desperate. I was going through the most dark period of my life and I started doing the meditations of this CD and the others that connect you with your Divine Self.

I was hurting so much because of a separation of my beloved partner of 12 years that I didn't want to live anymore but this meditations helped me sooooo much.

I don't have enough words of praise for your work Sanaya; Orin my heart is full of love and gratitude and I will always be grateful for your marvelous work.

Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self: Becoming Your Divine Self Part 3     October 30, 2014
By P. K.  (Malaysia)
First and Foremost From my heart I wish to deeply thank Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer and all The Beings of Light, Orin and DaBen and all the Masters and Angels of Light.

Your meditations have truly helped me a lot. I will always remain grateful for all your kindness.
Abundant thanks once again.

With Divine Love and Divine Light.

A miracle after another     October 28, 2013
By G. S.  (Panama)
Almost every day I listen the Clearing for The Day Ahead journey in the morning and Clearing Before Going to Bed at night, among many other Orin or DaBen courses. My life has become a journey from a miracle to another. Problems and issues of all kinds just disappear or transform themselves easily. Stubbornness directed at me suddenly dissipates. I just bring them to my Divine Self and forget about them, and act only when confronted with the opportunity or the urge to do so. Then, before me, things get better and better, even in ways I would not have imagined.

The Best Clearing Ever     April 27, 2013
By E. S.  (FL)
I got the Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self set and did the meditations in order for a month. Following the instructions, I then began to listen to selected meditations to clear energy as issues came up. At first, I felt subtle changes and almost always felt better after each session. A year passed and I experimented with the daily clearings, space clearing and the before and after being with people clearings and miraculous things began to happen. At one point I was able to stop using the audio - just as Orin said in the meditations - layers of old thoughts fell away until the moment an illusion or fear or old negative memory came up it was immediately absorbed by the light of my Divine Self. Amazing! I never have been so clear before. I sleep better, I find that old issues are less problematic and most of all - I feel more connected to my Divine Self. This has given me the confidence to now go on to the Asking and Receiving set. After years of trying other clearing techniques I have to say that this is the best approach to truly clearing patterns that I have ever experienced. If you simply follow the instructions and practice, it works - every time. I have learned a lot about myself in the process and my awareness has expanded. I've been doing Orin's tape sets since 2000 and had many wonderful experiences. If I could only recommend one set to a person who is sensitive to energy - it would be the Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self. It's a very practical and effective approach.

Thank you!     December 27, 2012
By J. S.  (Canada)
My heartfelt gratitude for all you do and thank you for the audio meditations! All that we've done in the past years has been wondrous, delightful and exciting, particularly the past couple of years. The Transcending Your Ego and Divine Self course work has provided a greater depth in my meditations as well as a far stronger feeling of upliftment, liberation, and expansiveness in both my inner and outer life. As I continue to listen to whatever I'm guided to, it is with a sense of joy and anticipation. Thank you!

Life Changing     November 22, 2012
By A. C.  (Great Britain)
I really want to thank Orin and Sanaya for this course as it is literally an absolute 'God send'.

Growing up I have always been considered by those around me to be 'over sensitive' and the type to take comments to heart. Many times people would tell me to 'let things go' and not to let things upset me, but I would always sit and think, "well how? when I am feeling all this hurt, pain" etc.

Having connected with my Divine Self a few times I felt a strong urge to do this course and it has been life changing. It's like I have been given a set of tools, tools I have been looking for all my life.

I am now able to physically 'let go' of all sorts of situations and negative energies that were/ are affecting me. I drop them into my divine self and feel them release. I am finding that things that used to bother me no longer do and when things do upset me, the upset is lasting for shorter periods of time. (Days or hours as opposed to weeks). Although my life is not perfect, I have had days when I feel amazing joy, life seems to flow effortlessly and synchronictic events seem to be occurring more frequently.

I also love that with this course there is a journey for every need. Some of the shorter 15 minute ones are great for when you are commuting. I stick my headphones on and 'clear' whatever seems to be bothering me. The clearing before bed journey is particularly effective.

This course has forever altered me as a person and given me the tools to help cope with life's challenges. I am very grateful.

Transformative     May 21, 2012
By E. S.  (FL)
Over the years I've read all the Orin books, done most of the tape sets and taught classes based on the books. In February I got the Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self CD set.

This, to me, is the best set I have ever worked with for clearing energy. It works really well if you have done a lot of belief work and are ready to release the ones that are not working for you anymore.

After so many years and processes and disciplines, what a relief it is to clear a pattern in minutes!! What a relief to let my Divine Self handle the clearing. It's amazing to watch the energy patterns just wash away in the light of my Divine Self and then to see those old energies dissipate.

I've struggled at times wondering if I could fully actualize what Orin and DaBen share with us about our infinite nature. After doing these meditations I know I can, and all the work that we have done personally and collectively is making an impact. I am just glad I have these tools.

Audio journeys     February 6, 2012
By J. W.  (Australia)
These are such powerful journeys for transmuting lower energies. I have been experiencing psychic attack for over 3 years now. It has been very dark and has created chaos at times in my life. Whilst I understand there are lessons to be learned here I was becoming disheartened. Methods that had worked in the past were no longer effective. When this course was released I felt it had been made for me! Most recently I had a "chance" meeting with this person after which the attack came thick and fast. I sat down and did 2 x 15 minute journeys for "Clearing After Being With A Person" and "Clearing Your Environment". WOW, it was amazing. I cleared myself, my home room by room, my husband and my husbands work. The power and beauty of my Divine Self was so beautiful that dense heavy energy could not be sustained. Since this experience I feel empowered knowing that dark energy cannot prevail in the presence of Divine Love. I feel much greater compassion for this person as well. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The courses have given me the tools to deal with lifes many challenges positively     September 9, 2011
By V. M.  (New Zealand)
After being through the Christchurch earthquake many emotions and thoughts have come to surface and through doing the Divine Self and Transcending Your Ego series I have been able to clear and release them leaving me peaceful, centered and in the flow. I feel grateful to have been guided to Orin and DaBen's courses as they have given me the tools to deal with life's many challenges in a positive way whilst seeing how circumstances effect and impact upon others. I can then be more supportive to others through coming from a stable base.

I daily use the Clearing Energy for the Day Ahead and Clearing Energy Before Bed as it leaves me feeling revitalized and ready for the day and the other helps release any negativity or thoughts so I can have a more restful sleep. And importantly, with a young family I need something that can fit in with my lifestyle and which gives me results.

I would say the most important things I have done in my life have been the Awakening Your Light Body, Becoming Your Divine Self, Transcending Your Ego, Divine Will and having kids so far to date. They have given me the most growth and learning and helped me become more of my true self even during unstable outer circumstances

I hope that sharing my experiences will help others in their choice when considering their next step.

With much love.

Thank you     September 8, 2011
By M. G.  (Norway)
I have been learning through Orin and DaBen's meditations for about five years now. The Becoming your Divine Self series is the most recent one I have worked with and lead to a major breakthrough. I have just downloaded Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self and can't wait to get started on it. I would like to take this opportunity, Sanaya and Duane, to thank you for the invaluable work you do and the two wonderful Light Beings you channel. Love and Light

clearing energy meditations     May 22, 2011
By Z. R.  (PR)
Thanks for these meditations! I listen every day to one or two and the changes in my life appears. Everything is different, more easy beautiful, joyful, changes all around and I start with them and everything going more easy. Thanks, blessings and love.

perfect for times     November 20, 2010
By J. B.  (WY)
Been going through a period of intense adversity for the last few years, as I imagine so many of us have.

Found the clearing sections of this series as effective as vipassana and skillful means; in a different way. For me if I combine it with breathing-it knocks down the level of mental distraction to a point where it is possible to maintain consistent focus.