Start with this one!     June 7, 2012
By A. C.  (MA)
This course is amazing! I recommend it to everybody! I am experiencing more moments of peace and calmness, even though at the beginning, when I started these meditations, it seemed like nothing was happening.

If you are not sure where to start, with so many interesting courses available by Orin Daben, start with this one! It covers so many basic things that need to addressed before moving forward.

I was not aware of all the areas that I needed to straighten out, and as I started with this course, plenty of circumstances are showing up in my life that help me recognize what to work on and how to improve.

it has brought so much love and energy my way     October 27, 2010
By M. R.  (Great Britain)
Hello everyone at Orin DaBen, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do. I'm half way through the Living with Joy book and audios ... wow! it has brought so much love and energy my way and I am now on the way to creating a wonderful business, sharing my gifts with others.

I absolutely adore the Creating your highest future room and affirmations room, I visit them every day, several times a day in fact, they keep me focused.

By H. W.  (Ireland)
I have used Taking a quantum leap audio for many years at different times in my life. I have found it amazing and absolutely love it. I bought it again cos I lost it recently and have bought other meditations. Love the teachings and especially the way the meditations are done... brilliant!!!