That's beautiful!     April 29, 2020
By H. H.  (Japan)
Thank you for your continuous support. I listened and did the work to 6 courses in order. Especially, parts 1 to 3 worked repeatedly and carefully. I connected from my iPhone wherever I went outside my house. It was especially helpful when I was driving my car on the highway and freeway road and going out into the mountains.

Orin and Daben recommended me aerobics besides yoga, exercise and trekking to light mountains.It has dramatically increased the amount of new energy flow for me.

Finally, I was advised to go out to the sea. So I had take a light ceremony. It was a sign of graduation, but I repeat, and when I get interested, I review 6 courses anytime when I need it.

Following the intuition of my Higher Self, I find that using Thaddeus music, Orin and Daben some other courses together can make a difference in my daily life. 

I am experiencing transition to change this year, My heart is open with full of higher light.

When I took the picture of nature view with the sun shine, my aura show and appear a beautiful perfect self-light body. Have a try!

Please continue to take care of me.

Very beautiful!     August 21, 2019
By M. W.  (Netherlands)
The Dutch version of ‘Living with Joy’ was one of the first spiritual books I have read. I was still in high school back then. Later I read ‘Soul Love’ and at the end of the book I found some information about the writing of the ‘Awakening your Light Body Book’. I immediately felt attracted to it. I found the ‘Light Body Course’ on the internet. I thought it was too expensive back then, but I kept feeling attracted to it. It felt like a path that was really sort of meant for me to go. I can only say that the course is really great! Without doubt one of the best spiritual courses I know! I feel more stable and have more clarity! I did all the journeys quite some times. If you feel attracted to this Light Body Course I really recommend (if you can) to buy it!

Love and Light to all!

Crescendo of light, just amazing!     December 5, 2017
By A. A.  (France)
I am really enjoying my Light Body course, I almost completed LB4 and will start LB5 next week.

Believe me, it is just going crescendo and the meditations are just amazing!

I did the forgiveness journey many many many times and my Ranthia just became radiant and it diffuses light now. This one meditation released old things that i was caring, it just freed me. It also changed my relationship with my boss who became very caring with me. The past lives journeys helped me understand and accept who I am. I could write pages and pages to share my experience!

I am a happier person, I am becoming more positive and I am a bit more organized now. I am also more sensitive to energy in my body, I feel what drains me, what fills me, I started distinguishing my desires from other people's desire and energies. I don't feel this need to have approval from others; it is ok for me if others don't share my view. To summarize it this course is helping me find myself, my way and sooooo much more.

Have a great day and thank you for your support!

A big THANK to Sanaya/Orin and Duane/DaBen for their incredible work!

powerful gift of enlightenment     February 10, 2016
By K. H.  (GA)
I completed the Awakening Your Light Body 6 part course over a year ago. It has completely transformed my life and spiritual practice. Peace, steady mind and emotional stability along with synchronicity, have greatly increased and I am being introduced to greater knowledge. I am continuing my education and plan to become a light body teacher, transmitting the energies and creating programs myself. Thank you for sharing this powerful gift of enlightenment! I will pass it on. Namaste!

Great Course     May 4, 2015
By T. H.  (TX)
I just started part 4. Looking back on working with part 1, I can see how it has helped me a lot. The healing the inner child and sub personalities has helped me a lot, and did so soon after I worked with them, but I needed to do part 3 to finish what my work on my inner child and sub personalities started since part 1 deals with the emotion, and part 3 has a meditation about one's thoughts. I've also learned quite a bit and look forward to finishing the course.

I'm very glad I got part 1 and going back to do some meditations again after I finished part 3, I get more out of it.

I can feel it building!     May 22, 2014
By B. S.  (Italy)
I'm so thrilled with the Awakening Your Light Body course. If I could I would just listen to the CD's all day. I can feel the harmony building. I can feel the frequencies while listening to the CD's but not so much when I run the energy on my own. I don't see much inwardly, such as the points of light in the gridwork. I would like to see this but I can be patient with myself and maybe it's not necessary. Right now I'm playing the harmonizing the energy centers CDs a lot and it seems to be working. I absolutely LOVE DaBen's (Duane's) voice!!! Right now I am without a computer so I can't download any more of the Thaddeus music. Too bad for me. It's very magical. I send you lots of love and gratitude.

Wonderful course     February 14, 2014
By D. M.  (Colombia)
This part is the first step to a path of transformation. My mind is relaxed and receptive to higher frequencies. Experiencing the vibrational centers brings bliss and liberation. I am very grateful for this opportunity to evolve.

Absolutely AWESOME!!     December 5, 2013
By A. S.  (VA)
I took the six-part Awakening Your Light Body course through your website, purchasing and downloading each part as I finished the preceding part. An awesome course. Absolutely AWESOME!! I think I've been working it for the last seven or eight months continually since the day I downloaded the first part. What a life-changing course. I can't wait to start some more work at the next level. I'm very excited. Anyway, thank you for what you do!

A new door has opened     March 4, 2013
By J. B.  (Great Britain)
Many thanks for the fantastic meditations, I have really enjoyed the Awaken Your Light Body program and I have been absolutely delighted with the positive shifts it has made in my life. When I did the last two journeys, It was as though a new door had opened and the start of something much bigger and incredible was beginning.

Highly Recommended     September 16, 2012
By B. P.  (MS)
Only about two months ago did my psychic and spiritual abilities finally start to open up and work with me for the first time in my life. I have worked with everything - energy work, meditation/self-hypnosis, psychic healing/guidance, Angel Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and finally, Merkaba meditation and activation. A few weeks after doing that, I felt something open up in me. A friend of my family is a Light Body Teacher, and he told me that what I had was a fully active light body, and this light body was made of and channeling in the newest energies coming to the world yet - I see it in the forms of stars, galaxies, and universes "within" and around me. He said I really didn't need the light body material, but I persisted and got this first course anyways. It has been subtle at first, but it is growing in depths of experiences of energy. I know that I feel interesting doing meditation. Orin's meditations come alive for me in a way they never have before. I am seeing shifting happening in myself and in my life, and in the people around me. No, not all of this is because of me. I have some VERY spiritual and advanced family members who are unbelievable for who they are and they are all doing their own thing. Their energy has helped open and activate mine, and I have to say, this light body energy work is assisting me in feeling and working with these energies in greater flow, control, and balance - and I've only done one run through of this first part! My teacher is gonna sponsor and guide me for the rest of the course because of the positive effects I'm experiencing - so I can save money for college!! The Universe is providing for me, and I am willing to allow it to use me as a light body channel for the earth and humanity.

Awaking Your Light Body     July 11, 2012
By D. B.  (Australia)
Truly a beautiful set of journeys, thank you to Sanaya, Duane, Orin and DaBen. For me I had to dedicate much time and patience into this course, I didn’t pick it up as quickly as others, but practice makes perfect , and it has been very worthwhile. I can sense things at more subtle levels and the energies calm my emotional body like nothing else. I know today more of who I am, the power and love of who I am. The journeys to the Temples have been life changing, as I take the opportunity to connect with loved ones. I have been working with Orin for 8 years and while working with him on many journeys, I have found great peace through the process. It has truly changed my life for the better, I have been very blessed to have had such kind and loving guidance. Love and light to you all.

I recommend this course     June 25, 2012
By E. M.  (CA)
I have just completed the sixth volume of "Awakening Your Light Body" and have come back to volume one to re-inforce the first 3 energy centers (It has helped immensely).

The light body course is truly transformational. I have experienced so much change for the good. Everything I do has a touch of a higher thought. I gladly raised money for a good cause, I am more aware of speaking my higher, true, and real thoughts. I am more open and grateful for everything in my life.

A lot of rainbows around my work space and things that I've needed for my next step in my life purpose have just magically appeared and brought tears to my eyes. I realize that learning the light body and living it on a daily basis does take effort on our part as we all live with problems to solve everyday. However, I now feel the energies more and more on a daily basis; they just come without my having to run them, and as I feel these subtle energies, it is as if they are reminding me to be in a higher mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state. When my mood is low I know my thoughts are not aligned as they should be, so I imagine "changing your thoughts"(volume 3, #6),giving light to my mental gridwork along with my higher self. Lower thoughts seem to be losing their power and eventually they may not be there at all. Doing this has really helped me stay on the course of higher thoughts which is the basis of the light body. As you align the goodness, bliss, and wisdom of your soul with the goodness of your being, your blissful feelings, and your higher thoughts, you are in alignment with attracting everything beautiful into your life, for manifestation then becomes easier.

The bliss and happiness that comes with this course gets better and better. Thank you! Thank you!

I recommend this course, and especially, living the light body everyday, because as you do, it will expand and evolve as you realize that your life can be lived in a happier and easier manner.

Wonderful Space     February 29, 2012
By D. B.  (Australia)
From Australia

I have been working with Orin now for 7 years and during this time I have had many wonderful life changing experiences. Working with the Light Body I am now also working with Daben and I am so enjoying his soft gentle energy. The course is life changing and is bringing out the softness and love that was always there deep down within me. I have the confidence now to work with others on a different level through my healing work. I feel much guidance and support from both Orin and DaBen throughout these journeys, and I thank Sanaya and Duane from making this possible; in love and light to all.

I love this course     March 8, 2011
By V. M.  (New Zealand)
I would say the most important things I have done in my life have been the Awakening Your Light Body, Becoming Your Divine Self, Transcending Your Ego, Divine Will and having kids so far to date. They have given me the most growth and learning and helped me become more of my true self even during unstable outer circumstances.

I hope that sharing my experiences will help others in their choice when considering their next step.

With much love.

Amazing Journey     February 26, 2011
By L. D.  (WA)
I have taken a number of the Orin/DaBen courses. I have found all of them to be excellent for assisting me in my spiritual growth. Since each person has his or her own individual path to follow, the particular course that may be best for them at any given point in time, will vary, depending upon where they presently are on that path, what they have already been exposed to in the past, and what their current intent or desire may be.

However, having made that very important distinction, for me personally, there were three courses in particular, that were most beneficial for my spiritual growth, given where I am on my present journey. These courses included the "Transcending Your Ego" series, the "Becoming Your Divine Self" series, and the "Awakening Your Light Body" series.

I am very consciously aware that I am on a relatively highly accelerated spiritual path. I have been following my intuition with respect to my lessons, and the pace of those lessons. I have not taken any of these courses at the "recommended" pace. I recognize that rapidly churning through one's "spiritual lessons", can often result in emotional, intellectual, and experiential turbulence, but I fully accept that responsibility.

When you finally begin to realize that you really do create your own reality, and that the external world is nothing more than a mere mirror or a reflection of your own thoughts, then contending with the turbulence, gets easier and easier. As the integration of the personality self with the Divine self gets under way, pain is gradually replaced with joy, bit by bit, as that progression occurs. Rapid spiritual growth compresses life events and lessons into a narrower band of linear time, thus making correlations of synchronistic events, inspirations, and insights, easier to recognize, and also easier to tie into the broader big picture.

I first became conscious of my accelerated spiritual path about three years ago. Prior to that time, I was largely "unconscious", although I can see that my lifetime events were leading me to the place where I am today. There is something very thrilling about such a realization. Following my awakening, I passionately followed an aggressive spiritual growth path.

During the earlier part of that three year period, I had worked with many other teachers. Over the past year and a half, I started studying some of the Orin courses on CD format. More recently, I started with the Orin and DaBen courses that I have enjoyed the most, and have discussed in this review.

After completing each course, I went back and reviewed them all, several times. Each time, I was blessed with new revelations, insights, and the recognition of the synchronistic events that lead to each.

At some point, I made a most amazing discovery. It was after I was about half way through the Light Body coursework. I discovered that when I combined a Light Body exercise with a Divine Self exercise shortly thereafter, that there was a synchronistic effect that was utterly mind blowing! This magnified several times over, the effect of both the Light Body course, and the Divine self course exercises. My most profound revelations followed from this, and they were so powerful, that they always brought me to tears the instant that they entered my consciousness.

I ceased asking myself how can I become a master, for it no longer seemed to be a relevant question. I came to sense that the more accurate question to ponder, was how long would it take for me to remember that I already was a master.

this course by far as made the biggest impact on my life     January 13, 2011
By S. D.  (CA)
I just wanted to write to let you know that I have just finished the forth out of six series in the light body course. I am amazed at how light, centered and happy I feel. I felt many different feelings through the journeys, but really stayed with it even at times I felt scared and nervous at the materials being presented. I never thought I could feel so free and clear. I want to move on to build my business (I'm therapist), but right now I'm just enjoying the feeling of freedom. I am excited to see what my future holds and I feel excited about the possibilities for my life. Thank you for doing such important work and your profound impact on my life. I have done a lot of spiritual work and this course by far as made the biggest impact on my life. I look forward to the last two series. Forever grateful.

A true shift     January 12, 2011
By S. S.  (CA)
I have completed the first in the Awakening Your Light Body coursework and I can only think to call these transmissions of light, initiatory. The higher awareness, the sense of the subtle levels of light, and the awakening of the master is truly awesome.

Words almost fail me... the light, the wisdom, and your enlightenment are now, you have only to tap into it to become it.

This course is one of the many beautiful ways in which you can become your light being. Light of higher consciousness. Light of radiant heart. Light that can be given back to your world, family, friends, job, and to really begin your journey on this plane connected to the vast and limitless love of the universe.

When you are ready -it took me 15 years to decide to take this course- you will begin. Take your time, go through the meditations with an awareness that they are transmissions, a process of AWAKENING, and you will see the light. You will experience the light. You will begin to transmit that light into all acts, thoughts, and instances.

This really does add light on a big scale     December 3, 2010
By M. C.  (Great Britain)
All 6 have been a gift for a friend who has been helping and teaching me. As a result of her help, I have got the property of my dreams, more money, more happiness, and most important, a wonderful relationship when I thought I would never have this again. I can testify to the amazing effects from this course, not just on the person who takes it, but on the influence they have on people they know. This really does add light on a big scale.

Thoroughly Enjoying     October 18, 2010
By S. L.  (NY)
I am thoroughly enjoying the light body course and am so appreciative of finding this resource.

Loving It     October 13, 2010
By J. F.  (Australia)
I have recently started the Awakening Your Light Body course and am loving it, subtle changes but definitely significant. My experiences with all the courses and music have been beautiful as well as moving me rapidly along my spiritual path. Thank you!

I have returned to my higher self     October 5, 2010
By S. L.  (WA)
I just want to tell you what a difference you have made for me in my life. I'm so grateful that I began studying the Awakening Your Light Body course. It has returned me to my higher self in ways that I couldn't have imagined and my personal evolution is ever unfolding.

Over the course, I transformed the paradigms that gave me my perception of life in new and exciting ways. I left my ambition driven life and found my purpose in life, establishing my own business. Looking back, I shed old habits and ways of being like resentment, my need for the approval of others, smoking, eating meat, etc.

I look forward to our continued journey of expansion, love, light and information and thank you and all of the higher frequencies from the bottom of my heart.

The light has such a purity and clarity to it     April 15, 2010
By J. S.  (Canada)
Throughout all the light body work over the years there has been this liberation and these courses have brought a whole new meaning to that. I feel as if I had wings that were tied down and have now been released...and I'm really flying. I'm able to see the perfection in all things more frequently and of courses with that comes an increased sense of peace.

The light has such a purity and clarity to really does feel new like turning to the first page in a new book, or a new beginning.

So thank you for all that you've done and are doing.

Excellent     February 4, 2010
By A. H.  (MI)
After finishing this last part of the series, the rest makes more sense- going back is even more full of an experience, you might say, than it was the first time around.

As to changes in my life, it almost feels as though all the seeds have been planted, and now they are all unfolding. Which is pretty nice :)


By H. M.  (Iceland)
I have taken the lightbody and did so approx. six years ago as well as some of the radiance meditations. I am very grateful for your work and I thank you dearly. This has completely transformed my life.

By D. B.  (NY)
15 years ago I took the Awakening Your Light Body Course and completed it. It changed my life. At the time my children were 3, 4 and 9 months old. I was in an abusive marriage and very lost. All I knew for sure was that there was an answer for me and for my life. I read all of your books and bought many of the tape albums including creating money, channelling and others. When I started taking the Light Body course I began to change. I felt a personal power and a beauty that I had never known before. I was sure beyond any doubt that I was on a path that would lead me to remembering my purpose. The more light I brought into my life the more I knew I had to leave my dysfunctional marriage. I went on to become a massage therapist and my gifts of spirit began to grow.Much of my work as a therapist is to help people find their own path spiritually. My children are now nearly adults and I am finding body work harder and harder as I grow older. One day last week I was in a deep prayerful and meditative state imploring my guides to tell me what the next step for me was. I asked many questions and was led to my computer and typed in the words "What is the next step in my spiritual growth" certain that my guides would direct me. Your site, to my amazement, came up. I opened it and all of the questions i asked of my guides were there and the answers as well. I felt a a surge of knowingness that I was to continue my studies here. So I went down into the basement and dusted off the tapes and began to do the light Body course over again. I thought it would take a while to retun to those states of awareness but within 10 seconds I was there. it brough tears to my eyes. I am finding it fasinating reading my notes and seeing how far I have come in my life and it all started with you. so I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am going to complete the course again and am sure my guides will show me what to study next so that I can continue to share my wisdom, knowledge and gifts of spirit with the world. Love and light

By -. -.  ()
I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Things are going so well, the doubting part of me says this is too good to be true. But it can be true, can't it? I have been using Orin's subpersonality journey to work with my doubting self, and it is working. I have never really lived my life this way before with things going so well, so I do not have the security of experience, only my faith to go on.

By -. -.  ()
The quality and my overall sense of well-being and aliveness is fuller and higher. I am learning to trust myself and my feelings. Usually I am a workaholic, and I deny my impulses to play or eat properly. I found myself actually taking time to walk in the park, observe the flowers, and eat a healthy meal rather than snack all day on whatever was around. I am beginning to notice what things make me feel alive and I am seeking more of them.

By -. -.  ()
I started realizing that I do not really trust my inner messages-at least not enough to act upon them. Since running the energy I realize that I can trust my inner messages, and am working on taking action based on what I see within. I realize now that I have always waited for validation or worried that I might make a wrong decision. I feel more relaxed about things and have a greater sense that the universe is a friendly rather than a frightening place.

By -. -.  ()
found DaBen's emotional release journey most useful. I was able to breathe more easily after using it, and release some anger I was still holding toward my ex-wife. I found I could think about some difficult situations at work with a greater sense of calm.

By A. H.  (MI)
I am currently on part 2 (Ranthia), and in the weeks since starting part 1 (Building your Power Base) I have seen many changes in my life- a greater sense of connection with my surroundings, including the individuals in my surroundings, a greater emotional stability, clarity, and bliss, and many amazing experiences. What a profound and beyond amazing path.

By -. -.  ()
Now that I recognize how calm and good I can feel, it really disturbs me when I let my emotions get to me. I yelled at my kids today and yesterday I felt terribly depressed. I felt so low I didn't even want to run the energy. The next two days after that I was on top of the world. I do not know what is wrong with me that I go up and down so.

By -. -.  ()
I am finding that emotional issues about my work and my living space have been surfacing. I knew these issues were there, but I had been ignoring them. I am working on resolving things so I can be clearer and more focused, but it has certainly been an emotional roller coaster for me!

By -. -.  ()
This is far more than meditating. I have been meditating for years and never gotten to these places. At first I thought, this is just a more efficient meditation technique. Now I realize after running the energy in many different situations this is far more than that. It changes what you can manifest, and how you create everything around you. I feel as if I am growing wings and living in a higher reality!

By -. -.  ()
I find myself more centered and even-tempered in all areas, even in a recent argument with my spouse. I found my higher self and held that space well, felt detached and not as emotional as usual. I kept the Nu'a cone closed and didn't take in any of my husband's anger. Things calmed down much more quickly than normal.

One of the most transformative processes I have ever worked with    
By N. C.  (Canada)
I originally took the course in 1996 and it has opened up a new world for me. Not only providing a vehicle for reaching expanded states of consciousness in meditation, but helping me to bring those higher states into daily life. One of my concerns when I first started was whether this was just teaching the chakras in a different way. Since then I've worked with qigong, the chakras, and the Light Body (LB) to the point of having strong experiences of each system's energies. To my inner senses, the chakras seem more concentrated, the sensations having more of an "emotional" quality, while the vibration of the LB centers seem more ethereal. My experience of each center and its effects on my body and consciousness (even those in the same physical area) is also very different. I've had a broad range of experiences while working with the LB centers - from bliss on an emotional level, where every breath was ecstasy, to deep inner stillness and mental silence, to beautiful states of being connected to higher spiritual energies ("light"). It has given me tools to more easily move out of negative emotional states (I can move out of most in 30 mins to an hour) and increased my awareness of light, which has added a new dimension to my life. It has brought stronger emotional balance, a clearer, quieter mind, and feelings of joy and aliveness that are wonderful. It has also helped tremendously with my writing, creativity, and insight into problems.

By -. -.  ()
I have been using these energies while I manifest and visualize what I want. The results have been wonderful. It has taught me one important thing, however-to let go of the form and the way things come. I have been getting more than I asked for and now I am challenged to believe that I can really make my life work so easily.

By -. -.  ()
I seem to want mostly live and raw foods. I feel like I am growing a new spine and nervous system.

By -. -.  ()
I definitely need to stretch my body during the transformation that is taking place. I visualize each stretch as opening an area. I hold it open by staying in the stretch, then I add light to this area. I know I am increasing the ability of my body to hold light.

By -. -.  ()
I feel a change taking place in my physical body and my ability to sense and control my energy. I run the energy at least once daily; if there is no time, then I do it as I wake up in the morning or before I fall asleep at night. It feels like my cells are tingling, I can almost feel them taking in more light. I know I am transforming at a cellular level.