powerful gift of enlightenment     February 10, 2016
By K. H.  (GA)
I completed the Awakening Your Light Body 6 part course over a year ago. It has completely transformed my life and spiritual practice. Peace, steady mind and emotional stability along with synchronicity, have greatly increased and I am being introduced to greater knowledge. I am continuing my education and plan to become a light body teacher, transmitting the energies and creating programs myself. Thank you for sharing this powerful gift of enlightenment! I will pass it on. Namaste!

Part 4     February 13, 2014
By D. M.  (Colombia)
This course have been wonderful. Since I began doing the journeys I feel more calm and now I am able to stay in harmonious states more time. This part is great because you can integrate and practice with all the vibrational centers. While doing the journeys in this album I noticed an increased mental peace and purity. I also noticed positive changes in my home while I run the energies.

I would recommend this course to anyone who want to evolve spiritually and transform the mind.

Ever more beautiful with every volume.     February 11, 2013
By B. P.  (MS)
I completed the 4th volume a few weeks ago and have been reviewing various journeys from all of the previous courses and just playing with my experiences as best as I could. Once I started connecting with my high level guide through the channeling course, I started to experience greater harmony, flow, and ease of working with the centers. What I mean by that is my very vivid imagination, that had been giving me more problems than focus for a while, suddenly started to cooperate and begin working as a sense. I started developing multiple awarenesses in the journeys - one part of me watching my imagination unfold like a movie, the other part of me focusing awareness in my body at the centers. Parts of me experienced bliss beyond words before the part of me that had words was hit by the same wave of bliss. Parts of me discussing, thinking, and interconnecting with each other, growing, changing, and shifting around. When I did the final journey in this course for the second time, I felt a true merging with and melting with my Soul and awakening of my innermost Spirit. I had become light and energy, and could feel this so beautifully. So, I shortly began the 5th volume and have experienced such radiant shifts. The journey is only getting more exciting, more fun, more powerful, more subtle, more complex, more simple, more profound, more experiential and universal and intimate and beautiful - always more beautiful! I am so grateful, so thankful, and I appreciate so much the sharing of this work. I believe, someday, I will be sponsoring and teaching others to experience the Being that they are, that I am discovering that I am, we are, you are, we all always have been and all that that means. Thank you!

Part 4 Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Body     December 28, 2011
By E. M.  (CA)
I want to thank you for your uplifting, beautiful material. I have just finished the fourth volume of Awakening Your Light Body, running my energies for an hour a day in the last seven days, and my 13-yr.old granddaughter, who is psychically sensitive, asked me if I was still "meditating." I had explained a little of the light body to her through the months as she noticed a somewhat rainbow aura around me. Now she says I have much more energy around me than before! I am so excited because as I am feeling this expanded energy, I am also experiencing calmness, peace, and happiness as I look forward to manifesting the publishing of my writing to help and enhance others lives, thereby doing my life purpose. Awakening Your Light Body has helped in many ways. I am gently assertive without experiencing negative emotions, I am more loving and compassionate, I have let go of grievances that no longer define who I am today and I have a new excitement about my life as this positive change and new energies take on a greater hold. Twenty five hundred years ago Buddha told his followers that they should practice his meditations as long as they experienced a better, happier life. I can't thank you enough, Sanaya, Duane, Orin, and DaBen for the transformation of my life to a happier and better one.

this course by far as made the biggest impact on my life     January 13, 2011
By S. D.  (CA)
I just wanted to write to let you know that I have just finished the forth out of six series in the light body course. I am amazed at how light, centered and happy I feel. I felt many different feelings through the journeys, but really stayed with it even at times I felt scared and nervous at the materials being presented. I never thought I could feel so free and clear. I want to move on to build my business (I'm therapist), but right now I'm just enjoying the feeling of freedom. I am excited to see what my future holds and I feel excited about the possibilities for my life. Thank you for doing such important work and your profound impact on my life. I have done a lot of spiritual work and this course by far as made the biggest impact on my life. I look forward to the last two series. Forever grateful.

Thoroughly Enjoying     October 18, 2010
By S. L.  (NY)
I am thoroughly enjoying the light body course and am so appreciative of finding this resource.

I have returned to my higher self     October 5, 2010
By S. L.  (WA)
I just want to tell you what a difference you have made for me in my life. I'm so grateful that I began studying the Awakening Your Light Body course. It has returned me to my higher self in ways that I couldn't have imagined and my personal evolution is ever unfolding.

Over the course, I transformed the paradigms that gave me my perception of life in new and exciting ways. I left my ambition driven life and found my purpose in life, establishing my own business. Looking back, I shed old habits and ways of being like resentment, my need for the approval of others, smoking, eating meat, etc.

I look forward to our continued journey of expansion, love, light and information and thank you and all of the higher frequencies from the bottom of my heart.

This is the way for me     August 12, 2010
By D. M.  (Czech Republic)
Dear Orin and DaBen, I thank you very much for everything. I am now beginning the 5th part of Awaking Your Light Body. I love it, my life begins to change and I feel, that it is the way for me.

Excellent     December 13, 2009
By A. H.  (MI)
This has been a wonderful course. I have meditated for 7+ years, most of it Buddhist meditation, and this has brought so many new dimensions to what I already had planted seeds for- I feel like I can productively work with almost all aspects of life now, in a continually increasing way. Amazing.