powerful gift of enlightenment     February 10, 2016
By K. H.  (GA)
I completed the Awakening Your Light Body 6 part course over a year ago. It has completely transformed my life and spiritual practice. Peace, steady mind and emotional stability along with synchronicity, have greatly increased and I am being introduced to greater knowledge. I am continuing my education and plan to become a light body teacher, transmitting the energies and creating programs myself. Thank you for sharing this powerful gift of enlightenment! I will pass it on. Namaste!

Results After Light Body courses 1 through 6     January 10, 2015
By S. H.  (WA)
It took me about and year and a half to get through it and it was worth every minute. My life has changed dramatically for the better. I feel very happy in general and on a day when there's bad news, negative feelings don't last for very long because of a change in perspective. My relationships with others have greatly improved, but I do feel much more sensitive to others feelings so I'm ready to continue on with the Radiance: Filling In Your Frequencies to learn how to deal with those energies. Another interesting thing I experienced after completing the lessons is I felt the need to go back through the book Opening to Channel. It hadn't really 'sunk in' the first time I read it and now I felt very ready for it. Channeling, getting insights and advice from guides, having a clear mind, and feeling like I have access to a whole higher level of assistance has become the new norm. Many, many, many thanks for this wonderful gift.

Uplifting and Life Changing!     November 14, 2014
By J. B.  (NC)
As a Light Body teacher, I am always in awe of the incredible changes I saw in myself and now see in my students as they make their way through these journeys. They release fear with grace and ease while gaining self-empowered emotional maturity. So much transformation takes place after working with the lower centers and understanding how the physical, emotional, and mental bodies became entwined. Moving into the flow and becoming our experience facilitates such extraordinary healing. Thank you for bringing this gift to the world.

thrilled     May 22, 2014
By B. S.  (Italy)
I'm so thrilled with the Awakening Your Light Body course. If I could I would just listen to the CD's all day. I can feel the harmony building. I can feel the frequencies while listening to the CD's but not so much when I run the energy on my own. I don't see much inwardly, such as the points of light in the gridwork. I would like to see this but I can be patient with myself and maybe it's not necessary. Right now I'm playing the harmonizing the energy centers CDs a lot and it seems to be working. I absolutely LOVE DaBen's (Duane's) voice!!!It's very magical. I send you lots of love and gratitude.

An awesome course.     December 5, 2013
By A. S.  (VA)
I took the six-part Awakening Your Light Body course through your website, purchasing and downloading each part as I finished the preceding part. An awesome course. Absolutely AWESOME!! I think I've been working it for the last seven or eight months continually since the day I downloaded the first part. What a life-changing course. I can't wait to start some more work at the next level. I'm very excited. Anyway, thank you for what you do!

I am so grateful to have had the experiences I had     March 22, 2013
By B. P.  (MS)
I finished the AYLB course on March 22, 2013 using the home study MP3 course. I also received constant mentor-ship, sponsorship. My goal is to work through the entire graduate light body system and become a teacher, it has been that powerful, that real, that beautiful, that blissful, that amazing and joyous for me. I am so grateful to have had the experiences I had that have lead me to the light body course and I am excited for the past, present, and future it is creating for me. Thank you. I have also worked with Orin's Creating Money, Soul Love, the 4 Millennium Journeys, the first Vision course, Transforming your Life with Divine Will, and numerous single journeys. The light body course has made them stronger and deeper for my consciousness. I have also worked with the channeling course and just purchased Orin's new channeling course. My connection to my guide has grown stronger every day.

Opening a new door     March 4, 2013
By J. B.  (Great Britain)
Many thanks for the fantastic meditations, I have really enjoyed the Awaken Your Light Body program and I have been absolutely delighted with the positive shifts it has made in my life. When I did the last two journeys, It was as though a new door had opened and the start of something much bigger and incredible was beginning.

I love this course     March 8, 2011
By V. M.  (New Zealand)
After being through the Christchurch earthquake many emotions and thoughts have come to surface and through doing the Divine Self and Transcending Your Ego series I have been able to clear and release them leaving me peaceful, centered and in the flow. I feel grateful to have been guided to Orin and DaBen's courses as they have given me the tools to deal with life's many challenges in a positive way whilst seeing how circumstances effect and impact upon others. I can then be more supportive to others through coming from a stable base.
I daily use the Clearing Energy for the Day Ahead and Clearing Energy Before Bed as it leaves me feeling revitalized and ready for the day and the other helps release any negativity or thoughts so I can have a more restful sleep. And importantly, with a young family I need something that can fit in with my lifestyle and which gives me results.
I would say the most important things I have done in my life have been the Awakening Your Light Body, Becoming Your Divine Self, Transcending Your Ego, Divine Will and having kids so far to date. They have given me the most growth and learning and helped me become more of my true self even during unstable outer circumstances.
I hope that sharing my experiences will help others in their choice when considering their next step.
With much love.

This really does add light on a big scale     December 3, 2010
By M. C.  (Great Britain)
All 6 albums in this course have been a gift for a friend who has been helping and teaching me. As a result of her help, I have got the property of my dreams, more money, more happiness, and most important, a wonderful relationship when I thought I would never have this again. I can testify to the amazing effects from this course, not just on the person who takes it, but on the influence they have on the people they know. This really does add light on a big scale.

Thoroughly Enjoying     October 18, 2010
By S. L.  (NY)
I am thoroughly enjoying the light body course and am so appreciative of finding this resource.

I have returned to my higher self     October 5, 2010
By S. L.  (WA)
I just want to tell you what a difference you have made for me in my life. I'm so grateful that I began studying the Awakening Your Light Body course. It has returned me to my higher self in ways that I couldn't have imagined and my personal evolution is ever unfolding.

Over the course, I transformed the paradigms that gave me my perception of life in new and exciting ways. I left my ambition driven life and found my purpose in life, establishing my own business. Looking back, I shed old habits and ways of being like resentment, my need for the approval of others, smoking, eating meat, etc.

I look forward to our continued journey of expansion, love, light and information and thank you and all of the higher frequencies from the bottom of my heart.

Completed the course and feel empowered    
By S. G.  (WA)
I've completed the Awakening Your Light Body course and feel empowered and expanded by what I've learned, and integrated into my ordinary reality. My writing has improved along with many other things. I can help people not at a personality level but on the inner planes, and there are miracle stories here too! I feel very much like I've found my home, where I belong, where I can be at peace. I will be taking more courses, and enjoying the process of expansion, and the profound ability to help people at a soul level.