Breakthrough with the Transparency Frequencies     September 21, 2020
By J. B.  (Great Britain)
I have had an amazing experience with this course. I decided to take it again along with the other frequencies after a long break. The deep levels of consciousness I have experienced this time are profound. In a time or what seems to be turmoil at the Autumn Equinox in 2020 I have found great peace and a 'knowing' that all is perfect. This had really made me realize that the new dawn of light is unfolding perfectly and we can chose to be a part of the vast and exciting future open to us all. After the journeys I am feeling a joyful peace and harmony I have not had before. It doesn't diminish, in fact I feel it is building and I am ready to move to higher levels of consciousness and take more advanced courses I would not have thought possible for me in the past.