Dearest,     December 9, 2020
By H. H.  (Japan)
Orin and DaBen. Thank you so much for supporting me (us). I am nurture for my whole body, what it wants and needs fulfilled by myself. And I learned how to heal and bring love on it's guilt, shame, illness. They were released more physically or mental to be easy and quick. I need more experience to want to find self and grow up. And the divine wisdom along the way is my joy and gratitude. 

Sanaya choice     October 3, 2016
By M. T.  (PA)
I found the Living your Light Body seminar to be a wonderful way to allow my personality to use the energies of the Light Body in my daily life with more fluidity, skill and play. Fountains of colorful light sprinkle into my vision from time to time. The Universe bends to me in new ways, without my effort. (I had two separate events where I wanted something, resigned myself to the status quo, let it go, then BING, the wanted thing came into being.) I’m more in tune with my body, what it wants and needs, and how to heal and bring ease to it’s pains and illness. More to learn and more to grow, but the deep wisdom along the way is exquisite.