Amazing discovery     February 2, 2021
By S. H.  (France)
A great course for transmetting light body as teacher but also for every student. For them it could be very supportive in their light body experience. I discovered with an Orin meditation an incredible travel on the grid , go far away in consciousness spaces and on at some points of this grid metting masters and other being of light and souls who ask me for transmettingthem the awakening light body skills. Amazing discovery! As a light body teacher it's a great challenge a wonderful purpose.

Missing Pieces Fall Into Place; New Horizons Opening Up!     September 24, 2017
By B. P.  (MS)
The transmission skills were fairly easy – just that right amount of challenging to be exciting but not overwhelming.
The excitement of this understanding on how to USE the Light Body's radiance CANNOT be overstated! Even if you do not wish to be a teacher or don't think you can be, I STRONGLY recommend this course because the skills of transmitting light and working with energies is such a richly empowering set of skills to have. For the first time in a long time of challenges in my life, I feel ready, willing, and capable of tackling anything with the knowledge I have enough skills and mastery to bring Light to anything and anything to reality with Light.

my experience     October 26, 2015
By F. K.  (Australia)
I did this course in May 2015. I must say it is one of the most evolving courses out here. Orin's journey of connecting with your guide and calling your students amazed and rather shook me. These are so strong. I loved the first one so much that I did it almost 5-6 times on different days. I learned so much about how to transmit vibrational energy body energies from DaBen and it is not as hard as I had imagined. A number of times I send these energies to sick and suffering people and hope they get the best out of them.
I feel my physical life has been made more worthy since coming in contact with Orin and DaBen. Much blessings to SANAYA and DUANE. Love to you both and thank you wholeheartedly.