By M. R.  (Sweden)
Dear Sanaya and Duane, Orin and DaBen, my guide Angelos and I joined in the sunday morning meditation, running the energies of Solidity of Connection and peace of purpose. We entered into the rainbow cloud of ideas and had a wonderful experience of Oneness. Thank you for being out there with your life work and focus. In love and light.

By G. L.  (NY)
After experiencing the electrical blackout of 2003, I woke up from a dream, Friday morning, in which someone mentioned DaBen's name and I said something about finding his teaching good. I heard the mayor of New York City tell everyone to stay home because all the power was not back on. I was able to meditate during the whole weekend without being interrupted. That was very unusual. I listened to my meditations from the Self-exciting album, the peace of purpose album, the Solidity of Connection album, and Thaddeus music. I found the experience to be deeper and intense than even meditating during the Sunday morning meditation. My meditations are still deep and intense. I've even had a feeling of calmness like I never experienced before. I'm looking forward to more experiences. With Love and Light