A Beautiful Series, Solidity of Connection Being My Favorite!     September 24, 2017
By B. P.  (MS)
I worked on this series between mid 2016 and completing it with Beauty and Perfection of Being in early 2017. The states taught in these courses are some of the most peaceful, beautiful, blissful, colorful, radiant, euphoric, dynamic, and just downright fun by the time you have mastered the skills as a whole. It was putting them all together as a process that was the most amazing, because it was the first graduate light body series of skills I grocked fairly well and still have many joyous experiences it. This course, and the Solidity of Connection, are the most fun to re-visit and rebuild, readjust the space and become connected to even more light all around me. I love using it any journey that is not opening up well for me to get connected to the energies and suddenly it's a beautiful experience. Thank you for this amazing series, Duane, DaBen, Sanaya, and Orin!