Amazingly beautiful spaces     September 28, 2020
By O. D.  (Canada)
I have completed the light body consciousness courses and am able to access huge, expanded energy fields as well as thoughtless awareness. These spaces feel amazingly beautiful and I can experience the immense space with ease. I notice I can maintain an incredible level of inner peace where nothing bothers me. I find I can tell instantly when I’m out of flow and can elevate my vibrational states right away to a higher level. I thoroughly enjoyed all the light body consciousness courses and I would highly recommend them.


Getting More out of the journeys     September 15, 2010
By C. H.  (CA)
I am going back through the Light Body Consciousness seminars again now and I am enjoying them very much. I'm getting more out of them now than when I attended the seminars. Perhaps the energy has gotten clearer - or I have.