Most enjoyable Light Body course I have taken     February 1, 2013
By R. A.  (FL)
Exploring Connections with Light Body Consciousness is the most enjoyable Light Body course I have taken. I am starting Manifesting From Light Body Consciousness, and I look forward to it. I am in the process of interviewing for a job that I expect will take me out of state, so this is a wonderful time for me for me to be manifesting in the best way.

By J. G.  (Australia)
A belated thank you for the amazing Connections course. Since the course I am connecting and manifesting at a level I have never before experienced. Wow! Issues become non-issues. connections are made so easily. This is a definite case of be careful what you wish for!!! During the main seminar, I was aware of how practical and accessible everything was and I thought, fine; this is good and important. And a few days after I completed all of the journeys, a new clarity and easiness has kicked in and taken hold. It is quite marvelous and I am grateful to you and DaBen.Love and Blessings.

By J. B.  (CA)
I have been feeling immense support since Light Body Consciousness 5 and this Connections course. All of these profound energy spaces are tangible, reverential and pervasive, with limitless opportunities to explore and expand. I feel the utmost gratitude for this journey we are all on and for your continued support as guides.Thanks again for everything.

By W. I.  (New Zealand)
Thank you for the Connections seminar. I feel as if I've finally clicked into what all this is about. I found your talk in 41T very useful. So we have to fully engage with the emotions and other parts of the physical plane, and that it the point of it all. I'd sort of thought (or hoped maybe) that the more I meditated the less I had to engage with this world. But it all makes sense, to fully engage in this world, while directing our lives from a higher plane. It is really good to have access to the Sea of connections, and to spend time in the Oneness. I also liked the prompts to remember to use this new way of thinking (well, that is my interpretation).So anytime I notice myself thinking from the lower self I can remember to change my thoughts, and there is a "hotline" to the new way of thinking. So lots of breakthroughs.Many thanks.

Connections Course    
By J. M.  (Netherlands)
I felt the need to inform you about my experiences after the Connections course. I feel now that I can choose the me in the moment, even qualities can be chosen in the moment I don't feel identified anymore with a lot of ideas, concepts, expectations from myself or another. What is true, is true in the now. What is true, is true from this perspective, I see at the same time different perspectives, truths from another persons I am talking to, connecting with. I can see their truth and that this is also true at the same time. I have a feeling of helicopter view (like I am a bird that sees all from above and at the same time through levels). It changes my way of communication from discussion to dialogue. It gave me insight in my deepest values. It makes me finally feel, and this moved me. FREE This freedom has given me an enormous boost in my painting process, I have never painted so much, in such an flow (no need for food or drinking) as ever before. I have painted paintings from the Light Body Consciousness state. It is as if I haven't painted them and I surprised my earthly me. It resulted in a Just-Being-collection. I feel expanded (greatness) and little at the same time. Result: new 'me', new paintings, leaving old job and expansion on my own business, dialogue in communication and a load of ideas.... more than I actually can describe. I would like to express my enormous gratitude to you and for your excellent work.