Lovely     June 17, 2014
By C. B.  (Great Britain)
Thank you so much for the Exploring Infinite Being series. I have felt myself changing with each part, releasing so much and flowing so much more. I am nearly at the end of part 4 and though I have enjoyed many of the journeys including the wonderful Funnel Beings, I had such a lovely experience with no 26 Totality of Experience, Beyond Observer, I felt such a moment of change and then I came to no 30 Beings Whose Experience Spans Corporeal & Non Corporeal and I loved it so very very much that I cried when I came to the end and it was very hard to let go! Thank you so very very much.

RE: the immense space     May 23, 2011
By S. F.  (Australia)
Hi Duane..and DaBen....

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity....If it wasn't for your work i don't think i would be here...having gone through much turmoil in the last 4 years and finding you and Sanaya and Orin...helping so much through this period!...

Bless you both...

Your work with the light body and and other series have given me strength and determination to keep going and evolving and understanding whats been a higher level..

Loved the latest course...have done many, many of your courses...they keep me focused and growing!

Bless you both!

Beautiful     May 13, 2011
By J. M.  (Ireland)
Thank you very much for the beautiful seminar in April. I am experiencing the positive effects within myself each day. I really enjoyed my trip & expect to return to attend another weekend.