channeling to connect....     August 15, 2012
By N. G.  (Italy)
I had a very great shift after this seminar. I saw and felt great and new sensations, also with the previous seminars, but this one in particular opened the flow of money...and in these days I'm feeling a sort of awakening. It seems to me that my thoughts are not just thoughts but a kind of secure consciousness. When I think about something, I feel secure of the purpose I have in what I'm going to do, as a kind of precise focusness. Very interesting for me this consciousness of thoughts I'm living in these days. I no longer feel asleep as before and more present in the earth plain. Thanks for all and see you in the next seminar.

Two Archangels     May 1, 2012
By P. T.  (France)
This was the first seminar I attended in person. Everybody was very kind and very friendly. During the meditation in the afternoon of the second day, I had a direct meeting with two wonderful great beings, very beautiful and powerful archangels! They invited me to visit their home in the spirit world and assured me of their help and support for all my needs and desires. They told me that all I have to do is just ask them for help! I really appreciated this amazing experience that remained in my heart and soul for several days. Thank you very much to Duane and DaBen!