This seminar initiated a significant change for me     February 1, 2013
By K. L.  (AZ)
The last seminar of Basking in the Love, Joy, and Peace of Your Creations initiated a significant change for me. I no longer feel that I need to sit down and focus to find the higher spaces. It is more like having a little glowing shadow friend that I can choose to see/feel at will. I keep this energy active while I work with people (even if they are grumpy!) What a difference a little flow makes! I am a happy camper.

By L. O.  (MA)
The more my awareness experiences the seminar, the more it evolves into a CONTINUOUS FLOW, EVER-UNFOLDING INTO LOVE AND EVERYTHING IS PERFECT JUST THE WAY IT IS. When words flow, these words come back as LOVE, Love, lOve, loVe, lovE, L...O...V...E... evolving into the next aspect of love.

Then peace is profound, deep serene peace flowing into peace, P...E...A...C..E.

My mind is puzzled, like being a very very young child with eyes wide-open looking through the window-glass into the most astonishing store of ever-changing and evolving beautifully expressed aspects of love. Which, NATURALLY AND PERFECTLY IS A MYSTICAL TOY-STORE. It is 2012 Christmas, after all!

We bask in this together     October 24, 2012
By T. W.  (AR)
Thank you for everything!

Thank you for the seminar and these most beautiful, lovely and exquisite experiences!

Thank you for your love, service, and devotion in assisting us in experiencing these spaces, the truth of who we are as One.

We bask in this together . . . smile . . .

With Infinite Joy and a depth of Peace,

With Boundless Gratitude and Boundless Love

Lovely Seminar     October 24, 2012
By J. M.  (Netherlands)
Thanks for a lovely seminar, it made a lot clearer what developed in me over the last year.

I found myself playing with language on different levels, struggling a bit with it as I saw all these levels in me and in front of me. It was confusing, all at the same time present and clear.

And on top of that, realizing that I am space, as it is just playful roles, I just am potential. I am in the moment with the energy and life itself unfolds.

So thanks for your refined work, your language (and the perspective how language is just not there or here. Love and light.

FANTASTIC!     October 24, 2012
By M. P.  (NY)
I just came back from the Medford Seminar (October 2012) - it was fantastic!