Expressing as Luminous Body     January 25, 2016
By L. B.  (Canada)
Hi there, I just want to say I absolutely love Orin and DaBen. I love playing in these spaces with new experiences and sometimes it's not as easy to articulate with words. However, I really felt like it's important to write a review for this.

So here it comes.. I have been experiencing a small case of burn out from my two jobs (Human Resources and Art Instructor), when I took a couple weeks off around Christmas 2015. All I did for two days was work on a huge canvas while listening to all the journeys from this seminar.

I experienced a complete sense of self, remembered who I am and where I came from. I recognized who others in my life were.
I was extremely grateful that this energy has been translated into this dimension for us to experience. These are the most exquisite spaces I never want to return from. I also saw something that I described as the eternal daylight and I felt grounded in the TRUTH.

Also, just last couple days I received more clarity into how thoughts are formed based on our previous patterns. In another journey I have been able to "see slices of time", so literally I see myself jumping ahead now into other segments. It's not like glimpses of past lives like I had before. Instead, I perceive it in sequences and somehow how that is all related together.

LB966     October 26, 2015
By F. K.  (Australia)
I wish to pay my gratitude to Duane and DaBen. I have not done any of the previous 5 parts of this series, but I had some driving force in me to take this seminar, so I took it remotely. I just finished. and I must say OMG! ALL of the journeys are so exquisite and so uplifting. I loved the one for number 10 issues, physical ease and expressing Luminous Body as thoughts. Becoming Your Luminous Body journey literally knocked me out, was so joyous and strong. I look forward to completing all the other parts in this series. I saw while doing some journeys that about 3 or 4 beings (about 20-30 feet tall) were sending their energies/blessings straight in my head center and there was no sense of fear; this is something I have never experienced before. Love you Sanaya and Orin, hope to attend a live seminar in the near future if everything works out fine for me. May GOD bless you both and may you Live at least 150 years each.