Beautiful, blissful experience of growth     October 31, 2018
By R. A.  (FL)
I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful Evolving With Peace and Evolving With Vast Consciousness seminars. I had a wonderful experience, and I love all my memories of the event. Wonderful connections and bliss all around. I'm so grateful. My experiences in Medford and Ashland were all around wonderful. I've purchased all of the Evolving into Your Luminous Body series (LB961-LB966) so that I can now work and play diligently with evolving my experience of Luminous Light energies, and so far I am having a beautiful, blissful experience of growth. I am holding the same intentions I have held all year for the Divine Will Study Group: increased Divine Love as my spiritual goal and a personal change (which is happening successfully, I might add) for my earth plane goal. I now see even more of the importance for me and others to hold space for others in the world and perhaps for other light beings; that others may experience more Divine Love in abundance, and that others may make personal transitions such as the one I have mostly done in safety, abundance, continuity, with community support, and with love. Now more than ever the world needs support for the gentle, loving souls who embark on what they feel is their true self-expression. I hold the space for inclusion for all. I thank you for the space you have assisted in holding for the joyful, loving experience in the energies and I ask that we hold this space of inclusion for all who are on similar learning paths of personal transformation and spiritual service to humanity, the earth, and beyond. I look forward to the connections on the inner planes of light. Thank you very, very much.