Genuine advice brought joy to my life     August 21, 2018
By I. C.  (Canada)
Hi! I came across your books during a severe illness and while I felt that healing was something I could do I didn't know how. Being a fairly naive person, I tend to be doubly skeptical of things that are less tangible but since I had vowed to try everything with an open mind in order to get better, I decided to give those books a chance, despite my initial reticence at many concepts that were completely new to me.

When I first started the book, I immediately felt loved, felt better morally than I had in a long time and I knew I had embarked on a great journey! It took a bit of time to accommodate to these new realities but it was fairly easy because the message came from such a good place that it felt thoroughly genuine and the application of the advice I received brought such joy to my life!

I had been ill for a few years and my health radically improved in 2-3 months as I was able to realise that illness and wellbeing were of my own doing, I could simply chose to grow through joy from now on :) I now know that I am meant to help others who are in the situation I was in.

I simply wanted to express my gratitude. I am so glad I found your message and was able to welcome it!

no other book has been as valuable     December 25, 2015
By E. M.  (CA)
I purchased Living with Joy through your website four years ago. No other book has been as valuable, changing the way I think and experience life today--truly a life-changing book! About two years ago I noticed that each time I opened to a random page it spoke to me, always giving me a wise and soothing answer to my current thought.

Two months ago my daughter began thanking me for gifting her this book years ago. The book has come into her life at a perfect time--when she was ready for it. She, too, has opened to its precise and personal message, describing the practices it offers as "a beautiful way to live life."

Realizing the positive impact this book has had on many lives, I am now giving the book as gifts to my son, granddaughter, and other loved ones. This is a book to be re-read and kept nearby, especially in times of stress and negativity. As we internalize its message and practice it, it will gather a momentum in a few months time as we stay with the practices it so gently recommends.

Living with Joy has taught me how to create inner peace, and knowing that as I do it radiates out to others, helping them. And as I experience its peace and calm it attracts only good into my life.

My favorite doorway into joy is through appreciation and gratitude. As I gather appreciation for the smallest experience--a tiny flower opening to the light of day-- a momentum takes place after a few minutes and slowly but surely joy comes through for no reason at all.

I have appreciation and gratitude for you, Sanaya, for opening to the light, love, and compassion of Orin. It is a gift to humanity from the Universe that has encircled the world through Living with Joy. It is a gentle reminder that we hold everything within--the freedom to choose the thought of a higher energy that attracts our best life experiences despite the chaos of a difficult world.

I now wake up early and eager to start my day, in full trust that the Universe is friendly, now knowing my life purpose--my life work-- and fully immersed in it. I can "be" at my core of strength and power. I've learned this mostly from "Living with Joy." It is truly "a beautiful way to live."

LIVING WITH JOY     August 24, 2013
By L. S.  (CA)
AMAZING! AMAZING! I'm in love with love with this book. I began reading it and I could literally feel the energy coming off the pages as I read the words. Simple and True. I read a little everyday. Open it up to see a surprise page and there--it is exactly what I am working on with myself. It has freed me from so much pain and struggle and supports me everyday where I need to grow.

This book has profoundly changed my life.     September 10, 2012
By K. C.  (WA)
While visiting family in OK, my aunt, her friend and I stopped into a small store downtown just to kill a little time. Within 2 minutes of being there, this friend was suddenly drawn to the table the book was rested on. After purchasing the book, he stated that his spirit guide felt I needed to have it. This man was a Native American born and raised in Seminole, OK. Very Spiritual individual. I have read this book about 3 times now front to back. It stays on my nightstand at nights, and in my purse throughout the days. I read this book religiously. Whether it is from the beginning to the end, closing my eyes and pointing to a specific affirmation, or opening the book to a random page to read it's message... This book has profoundly changed my life. Thank you...

LOVE     September 10, 2012
By M. D.  (MN)
Amazing writings... most enjoyable, resonating so deeply creating an immense feeling of home. I am in great Love. Thank you so much for being such a beautiful and Peaceful Messenger of Orin's truth. You are an absolute sparkler, this book found me. Shine on!

Life-changing     April 5, 2012
By A. B.  (Dominican Republic)
I'll be forever grateful to Sanaya and Orin for this book, and all the other material on this site. I don't know where I would be now in my life without them. I got this book, as well as Soul Love, when I was going through a very challenging relationship, and without Orin's books, I would have probably been a depressed person and feeling like a victim now. But they helped me discover my true strength and reconnect with my inner self. I can't thank you enough, Orin and DaBen.

Living With Joy     January 9, 2012
By K. G.  (MA)
This book was given to me by a healer at a very tumultuous time in my life, and I credit it for giving me my faith back. It awakened me to a new path that I continue on to this day (and I got the book about 20 years ago) I was raised a Catholic, but as I matured, and for various reasons, I felt something was missing.... Anyway, I have bought this book for several people in the hopes that it would enlighten them as it has myself. I still have my original copy and I still pull it off the shelf and read it when I feel the need - let's just say that I have never been the same since I was introduced to it, and I highly recommend it, especially for those who are feeling as lost as I was. I may just have to get the updated edition... Thank you Orin, Sanaya, Duane, and DaBen.

Found Confidence!     September 21, 2011
By R. F.  (TX)
I am absolutely in love with this book, I have been going through a hard time in my current love relationship, feeling like something is missing and not having the courage to stand up and ask for the things I need. This book opened my mind to a whole new confidence for myself and getting what I believe I deserve. It seemed like every time I opened this book, I felt at ease because I knew as soon as I started reading, it would fill my mind with positive wisdom and assure me that I am right to feel however I need to feel. It has made me more positive every day and encouraged me to put more positiveness out in the world! To want to help people see the beauty in what they have and what they call "life issues". There is beauty and wisdom in all aspects of life, I can relate to the book so much in how I view my obstacles and problematic times, I see them as weights, strengthening my wisdom muscles. Making me over stronger and happier with who I am. people tend to lose their confidence, especially in relationships. This book helped me gain that confidence back and lose my fear!

every time I read it I feel like I get new information     May 31, 2011
By L. T.  (WI)
I have had the "Living with Joy" book for many, many years. I read the whole book many times, and have read some of the pages passages many times, but every time I read it I feel like I get new information. I keep it next to my bed. When I am struggling with an issue I open the book to any page and start reading. Every time it seems like that page was written just to answer the question I had. Your books and your meditations are life changing.

A Classic!     February 2, 2011
By J. E.  (United Kingdom)
Wow, wow, wow !!
This book sings to the reader. It is so blatantly obvious that it has been channeled - the words are all soooo perfect.
I feel I'm nearly 'done' with reading Spiritual books, and will be clearing most of mine out.
This book, along with ALL my other Orin & Daben (Spiritual Growth, Opening to Channel, Creating Money and Personal Power through Awareness) will all be staying in my 'collection'.
An absolutely fantastic book which I cannot live without (and neither should you !).

Teaches You How to Increase the Happiness in Your Life     January 7, 2011
By S. C.  (MD)
I just wanted to write to extend my appreciation for this wonderful book. I just finished reading it a few hours ago, and I came away empowered on how to live a happier and joyful life. The book contains helpful information on immediate and long-term steps to go about increasing joy and happiness in all areas of a person's life. I really enjoyed the information given out on the time period that may be required in manifesting joyful changes in one's life and why it is important to avoid comparing yourself to others (and to instead focus on what your highest path is, and compare your life to that). This book has a really awakened within me a newfound determination and self-confidence that I have the power to create happiness and joy in all areas of my life for myself and those who surround me. Once again, I give thanks and appreciation for this wonderful and enlightening book.

it has brought so much love and energy my way     October 27, 2010
By M. R.  (Great Britain)
Hello everyone at Orin DaBen, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do. I'm half way through the Living with Joy book and audios ... wow! it has brought so much love and energy my way and I am now on the way to creating a wonderful business, sharing my gifts with others.

I absolutely adore the Creating your highest future room and affirmations room, I visit them every day, several times a day in fact, they keep me focused.

a personal favorite     May 17, 2010
By L. S.  (United Kingdom)
Living With Joy - It is a personal favorite. So wise yet simple to follow. I love it and have learned so much from it. I am a Holistic Practitioner and have it on my list of inspirational books marked 'favorite' which I give to interested customers.

Loved it!     March 30, 2010
By N. R.  (New Zealand)
I have read the Living With Joy book and loved it! I still go back to read it now. Very easy to read and feels great to read.

orin is my highest teacher     December 28, 2009
By M. F.  (HI)
Thirteen years ago, I was living in a yoga community and experiencing what seemed like a lot of outward drama. I payed a lot of rent and others lived free, I wanted a relationship as others extolled freedom, lol, my work was really intense, and even though I thought giving intensely was "the right thing to do", I wasn't open to receive.. Instead of finding this book in the community, a coworker had Living With Joy and everything sounded true in a spiritual work for the first time.

I've now read all the books, done three tape series and a couple handful single journeys. I get up at nine on Sundays for the worldwide group meditation. I anticipate Awakening my Light Body soon.

And now I fully own my own little land in beautiful Hawaii, am small-kine financially free, and REALLY enjoy meditating, gardening and caring for my cats, have a long-term relationship, getting closer to having a child, and well , am showing off a talent for trading clean energy and recycling stocks, lol.

I get to do what I want because of encouragement to "Follow My Joy". Found in a quiet book when the spiritual leader in my community thirteen years ago often strongly recommended doing what you don't like to release aversion. Hey, some liked it. For me the path of joy has brought me closer to and in some cases, in the arms of, everything I've wanted. Thank you.

By R. B.  (WA)
I have been reading your books for years and just love your messages. The *Joy* book changed my life and I refer folks to it all the time. I have all of your books and refer to passages all the time. I do send thoughts to Orin and DaBen and thank them for sharing their love and messages. Folks compliment me on my good attitude about life, my joy and my peacefulness and I do attribute much of this state to you folks. I, too, have special guides and they're quite compatible to Orin and DaBen. Love and light

By D. H.  (NM)
I have read Living with Joy, Personal power through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, Creating Money and Opening to Channel I will never be the same. I love each and every book. Some I have read more than once. My 81 year old Mother just started reading Living with Joy. She said it gives her hope. I look forward to reading and learning with you for years to come. I ask God to show me the truth and for the last 10 years I have been on a Quest for truth.

By A. J.  (CA)
I have read the following: personal power through awareness, living with joy, soul love and opening to channel. I refer to living with joy periodically over the years because I find it touches me, and therefore those around me, in many ways. I read it, and read it and read again. Words cannot express how valuable the information is in your book. I've given the book as a gift to several friends. Thank you

By K. S.  (Australia)
I have read the living with joy book and have found it to be of a profound growth experience. A Beautiful book. Thank you

By V. M.  (TX)
I bought living with joy book and reading it was an uplifting experience in itself. Your words really helped raise my vibration, i could tell the difference right away. I am even reading it a second time and am looking forward to reading other books. thank you for this gift!

By K. J.  (Australia)
I have read your book "living with joy" and feel like it was written for me. I have been searching for something that can speak to people to help them connect to themselves in a non threatening way. I do life coaching which is very acceptable but once you go past that point you can loose people (fear).

By K. J.  (WI)
I love living with joy. I am currently unemployed and are choosing this time in my life to LIVE a Joyful life. My introduction to metaphysics was your book. It was introduced to me by an old hairdresser of mine. I just wanted to share the joy I recieved when I read that book, I passed it on to another, so its out into the atmosphere. Love you guys.

By R. M.  (TN)
I am rereading living with joy now....When I first read this book many years ago, I was so "unaware" and new to my path. Reading it now, I see I still am learning and I'm excited to be reading it again. It has helped me move forward. Thank you.

By D. R.  (FL)
Hello! Intuitively, I purchased living with joy (book) many many years ago----and am now reading it for the first time! Aren't Guides wonderful? Even though I wasn't ready for the book at that time, it now speaks a truth that resonates deeply within me. Joyfully, I am in a great growth stage of my life --- a "cleared space" to enjoy spiritual growth, enhanced physical health, and financial education--- all while finding joy in my everyday life. I am grateful for these many opportunities and am ready to enjoy and learn! Living with joy appeared at just the right time, with such valuable information. I find it is so supportive and reassuring as I change my negatives into positives.

By L. B.  (CA)
Since re-discoverering Sanaya's book "living with joy" recently, I have felt huge shifts toward more joy, balance, clarity, purpose and peace. I have read "Personal Power Throught Awareness", "Spiritual Growth", "Soul Love" and begun the "Awakening Your Light Body" course. I feel your presence in each meditation, book or audio I listen to. Thank you for your support in expanding my light and consciousness.

By A. P.  (PA)
A fellow traveller recommended living with joy and that work just reached right out and grabbed my souls' attention...thank you. I am so excited to have been directed to this website and plan to manifest my way to takiing the Light Body course. I have experienced profound and light-speed growth since then and am being catapulted into level after level of awakening - what a beautiful journey! I look forward to tapping into the teachings of Orin and DaBen...tears of JOY!!

By L. A.  (South Africa)
I am reading "living with joy" and readng chapter 11 on Appreciation & Gratitude and I wanted to say thank you so much for your books - they really have made an impact in my life. Truly, thank you - they are wonderful.

By R. B.  (TX)
I have been reading Living with Joy and Opening to Channel. Living with Joy is perfect for where I am and what I need at this point in my journey. It has spoken to me on almost every page. I have had a lot of difficulty with the concept of channeling, but have found so much truth within the concepts presented and the way in which they are written. I feel the love in it. I just came to express my appreciation for the information and changes both books are giving me. So, thank you!

By D. V.  (Canada)
Hello and thank you first of all for your courage and guidance in putting your materials out there for us to learn and grow from. I was advised to read living with joy, and I was so moved and my life changed so drastically that I eagerly sought to purchase Personal Power Through Awareness and Spiritual Growth. I am awaiting Opening to Channel from the bookstore. I am a new person and I have found the missing link I always knew was out there. I am so much closer to knowing who I am and why I am here that I had to write and say thank you, thank you so very much. You have transformed me and my life and it is slowly spreading to all the people in my realm that I am helping and sending love to. I will continue to purchase your products and support what you are doing the best I can. I am forever grateful. Thank you once again.

By L. M.  (OH)
I want to thank you for providing this material. I have just rediscovered it as it was suggested to me to read your books many yers ago but I bought them and later lost most of them in moving. It was again suggested to me recently to read them and this time I did and it changed my life. I now am preparing to teach your Livivng With Joy book's message to my class. I ordered the book and the CD's for the class and I am hoping you will transmit to us Orin's vibration to all 4 of us then. I have read Living with Joy, Personal Power through Awareness, Spiritual Growth: Being Your Hgher Self, Opening to Channel:How to Connect with Your Guide, Creating Money: Keys to Abundance. I have started Channeling and am working with my guide. I am looking to incorporate what I have learned from your books and CDs into a career that will serve others as it served me. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you and to helping others with what you have given me.