I am literally just buzzing filled with Light     October 27, 2015
By J. F.  (Australia)
I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I am greatly benefiting from listening to Orin's meditations. I have many of the Orin Single Meditations, and am currently working through the Millennium Series; have purchased two volumes of that, and two volumes to go. And I am looking at doing the Divine Manifesting Series after that. All these meditations along with the beautiful Thaddeus music is lifting my vibrations like no others have, I am literally just buzzing filled with Light!!!!

Loving the New Energies from the Stars!     December 7, 2012
By B. P.  (MS)
I have always been interested in magick my entire life. In my studies, I encountered everything from meditation to Reiki to merkabah activations to awaken the light body. When I did that, I experienced a profound psychic opening. A family friend, a very experienced light body teacher, explained to me that when I first called my light body cocoon to me I also began to draw the new energies coming from the stars to me. This first volume has been wonderful in helping me to integrate and experience these energies further as well as notice many Light Body and Soul energies in these journeys. I'm working on the second volume now. I find myself getting burnt out easily yet I have to say these energies are so amazing. There IS a shift coming to the world. I don't know if it's going to be dramatic or gentle, but this series is one of many very powerful ones that can help us tap into the universal energies and their evolutionary power in our lives. Only the light body course has been stronger than this. Solar Radiance is also amazing in tapping into our own Star, our Soul :)

By D. A.  (United Kingdom)
I have been working with your millennium meditations ( Increasing your inner Light) for about a month, and I am enjoying them so much, they have a wonderful effect on me, they are so powerful. I love Thaddeus` music as well, it is both calming and uplifting. They are by far the best meditations that I have used for expanding my Light and connecting me more strongly to my Soul. I look forward to using them every day and benefit greatly from our connection. I am being helped by you and Orin. Blessings to you and to Orin With much Love and Light

By J. C.  (Australia)
On the subject of the Millenium tapes, I spent 6-7 months working with Vol 1, and plan to do the same with Vol 2, and then follow on with the next 2 volumes. They are really amazing in that I feel the inner light so much more intensely from what I have done so far. This year feels to me to be particularly powerful in regard to the solar light. I can't see it happening now, but you never know. Much love and many blessings.

By B. S.  (MO)
I bought the millennium meditations, thought they were perfect. I am A Reiki Master and have worked with energy for 17 years. In meditation I some times see masters and ask questions and get answers some times.

By J. W.  (Great Britain)
I have read many books on Mind,Body and Spirit over 20 years but I keep coming back to yours. I have read them many times and recommended them to others, who have then done the same.They help me so much in my day to day life. I have The millennium meditations and am finally going thru the last volume of the Awakening Your Light Body course. My meditations are a joy. Thank you so much for the work that you do!

By A. B.  (VA)
I love your work so much. To me there's not a more beautiful and uplifting work than that of Orin & DaBen. I send much Love to Orin & DaBen most every day, for the great Love and Light they are bringing through you. Sanaya, the millennium meditations are so beautiful. Your voice is beautiful. Thank you both for your work.

By A. H.  (MI)
I have been listening to all of the Millennium Tapes (I-V) since last year. I just ordered the Transforming with Divine Will Series: Part II and Ceremonies of Light, and as expected they are fantastic. I am always, in all ways blessed by Orin and Sanaya's and DaBen and Duane's work and gifts to all of us on our path of light. My response to this work, "it is powerful, transforming, with a pure intention. A great blessing!" I have been listening to the Divine Will series on Sundays (this is the second time through). I look forward to starting Part II in January. For the last year I have been reading Alice Bailey's work and my personal experience is that it is much easier to read and understand because of the energetic work I do with Orin and the light body skills. Thank you! Sending you love, light and abundant blessing, always.