Living each momentI've now gone over aware of a radiant aura     July 7, 2020
By E. M.  (CA)
I have now gone over this course four times. Orin's beautiful words as well as Sanaya's voice calm and soothe me. I am better able to handle an outside world's challenges--human error, computer glitches, breaking news--and realize on a deeper level the importance of living aware of light and all the help that is available to us when we just ask. Amazingly, I now have a green thumb that was not there before, and I attribute it to the radiant little devas that I imagine all around me. My family can't get over the beautiful and bright purplish hued flowers in my wild garden (I allow the bright yellow weeds to flower too because they too are evolving!) Music, too, is more vibrant, more beautiful than before. Everyone should live and stay in this beautiful light from the highest realms!

Thank You     July 21, 2016
By J. R.  (Canada)
Through the Radiant Aura journeys I have never felt so empowered because they allow me to clean myself on a profoundly deep level. Orin's meditations with the devas provide elegantly simple methods to feel comfortable reaching higher levels of consciousness and they gave me some skills to deal with interaction with energies and personalities not ready yet to evolve. Thank you Sanaya, Orin and the Angel of the Devas for this gift.

Beautiful!     October 27, 2015
By J. F.  (Australia)
I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I am greatly benefiting from listening to Orin's meditations. I have many of the Orin Single Meditations, and am currently working through the Millennium Series; have purchased two volumes of that, and two volumes to go. And I am looking at doing the Divine Manifesting Series after that. All these meditations along with the beautiful Thaddeus music is lifting my vibrations like no others have, I am literally just buzzing filled with Light!!!!

By D. H.  (United Kingdom)
My friend lent me Building a Radiant Aura album. It was most enjoyable and I connected well with Orin. So now I am currently studying Solar Radiance. I am so amazed how deep you can go into these meditations. I am now half way through and I can feel the difference in myself. Although these changes for me feel more subtle I do feel more connected with life and that the way I am thinking is changing from negative comments to more positive ones. I thank Orin and Sanaya for bringing through these beautiful meditations. I will be looking to do more in the future.

By K. P.  (Sweden)
I have read almost all your books and have studied divine will for several years. I have learned so much and have come a little further on my path due to your help. I´m also very delighted with increasing your inner light and building a radiant aura.

By L. G.  (Australia)
I can't tell you how valuable your meditations and communications have been. I have done a 360 in my attitude, relationships and the sheer joy that pours through me. I have just finished the millennium series. I spend several months on each course and I swear Orin changes them every day. I am picking up and understanding things that I have heard about a hundred times. My intention this year is to get moving on the Light work, but I am only on series one.