Love!     June 1, 2016
By R. A.  (FL)
I love this work with Divine Will and Divine Self.

Transmitting     June 1, 2016
By R. A.  (FL)
When transmitting Divine Will, it became like channeling one of the Wills as though the Will were a guide.

EXCELLENT!     June 30, 2015
By M. M.  (FL)
I find your series an excellent aid in spiritual progression, the best I ever listened to, a practical dogma-free emotional guidance from Orin, evidently who is an expert, one of the best, in both psychology and spirituality.

Every course is a new great experience!     August 6, 2011
By M. L.  (NJ)
I have just finished listening to Living a Soul Life with Divine Will and Transforming Your Life with Divine Will. Previously I had also taken all three courses on Channeling. Now I am hungry for more! I love you Orin and Sanaya: You have made such a big difference in my life!

this course rocked my world     November 28, 2010
By L. R.  (CA)
I took this course in 2006 and I have to say it totally rocked my world. The changes from this course made everything in my life more creative, beautiful, harmonized, and magical. It seems like the energies of divine will I was always searching for in a much more potent empowering way. Thank you Orin and Sanaya.

By M. K.  (CA)
I have cherished Orin and Daben's teachings for many years. Just recently, I took the quantum leap and started studying the Transforming With Divine Will series. I can't express how much it's aided me in my understanding and growth! I have learned that our souls cannot come fully into the earth plane until we consciously reach up to it. Our souls are learning how to connect with us as we learn to connect with our souls. As our channel becomes stronger and clearer, we begin to live more and more as our soul...I can only describe it as opening to our authentic selves...opening to that inner you which holds truth beauty and light. It's always a part of you, but it needs help from you in order for it to be expressed through you. There are beautiful guided meditations in the Divine Will meditation series as well as meditations on the website which helped me immensely in this regard. Also I learned today that when all of our subpersonalities are integrated and work together under the guidance of our soul, we become our Higher Self. I hope this helps. In Love and Light

By D. T.  (Great Britain)
I have the Divine Will ( part 1 & part 2 ) and at the moment I am listening to part 1 transforming with divine will course. I`ll be starting on part 2 soon and I must say that i am enjoying listening to them., each evening etc., plus i am reading the books all 6 of them., each chapter per night.,etc., my life is change so that my work mate have noted the positive change about me. Anyway must go now sending positive thoughts to you. With love and light.

By A. K.  (Austria)
I would like to express my deep gratitude for everything what you offer us...This year I studied "Transforming with divine will" . I am going through many changes...I try to contact with divine will in every situation I need to and it is wonderful to feel how it comes into my mind, my emotions and all of the sudden I think and feel different. divine will is my "best friend " :). Thank you

By E. J.  (CA)
Dear Sanaya, Transmitting the highest and best to you and Duane and this reconfigured seminar on the Authentic Self. I was first attracted to Orin and your work 15 years ago, and recommited on a highly consistent level when I became aware of Transforming with the millennium Tapes of Divine Will. The concentration of meditations is much like the way I have been studying the tape albums, after initially listening to them in order. Drawn to orin's meditations and listening to them one after the other.

By W. S.  (CA)
I am a beginning student of meditation and have listened to The millennium meditations and am very impressed. I'm looking forward to exploring the remainder of your web-site. Thank you, Love and Light,

By J. A.  (NY)
I have been continually utilizing The millennium Tapes and found them invaluable. I am sad to find that my cassette player with the cassette "Transforming with Divine Will tape side 9/10 " has disappeared after a large party. It is my hope that where it is now it is still in good service.

By J. B.  (Germany)
I am writing to say thankyou to you and Orin. I have been reflecting on all those people who have supported and helped me the most in my life as a cellist. Your part in my life goes way beyond just my cello playing and my career but first with your books and later with divine will you gave me practical ways of working with light and energy that are a daily part of my playing.Your work has taught me empowering ways to relate to all the people in my life and with your help I have been led to work with a beautiful group of people and to know that my music is touching people on multiple levels. divine will has led me to trust life, I know that if I have transmitted that the outcome is always the right one. Spiritually, professionally, musically and financially you have both helped me enormously and I am very grateful to you for that.

By A. J.  (Australia)
I think you are great. I have been listening to the divine will series and it's changing me so fast.. I can hardly keep up.. but love it very much, also the millennium working with Sirius.. just amazing.. thank you !! I think you guys are just amazing.. and would love to travel to America one day and do a weekend.. ahh Heaven! XX

By T. W.  (Netherlands)
I would like to say thank you for the fabulous work you are doing. I regularly read Orin's earth life series of books and listen to the Millenium and divine will tapes. My life has changed dramatically since I started working with you; I am now honest, trusting, loving and more compassionate and feel a growing wisdom. Thank you again for your wonderful work and I wish you a loving, joyful and peaceful year.

By M. H.  (HI)
Now I feel the presence of my Divine Self and divine will. I am in a very calm state of mind, and I've been told that I radiate light. Going to calmness has already started to change everything surrounding me. I also trust whatever is coming my way is for the best. Than you once again. Love and Light