EXCELLENT!     June 30, 2015
By M. M.  (FL)
I find your series an excellent aid in spiritual progression, the best I ever listened to, a practical dogma-free emotional guidance from Orin, evidently who is an expert, one of the best, in both psychology and spirituality.

Abundance and Prosperity for everyone     September 12, 2011
By R. F.  (Malaysia)
After I completed the meditation on the "Increasing Abundance and Prosperity", I was called for a job interview. Cool! this course really works. Thanks!!

By E. S.  (MN)
I am using the millenium meditations daily. Have received and used Living a Soul Life. All are wonderful and are transforming my life and increasing my consciousness. I am very grateful to you for bringing us this great help in shifting into the new energy.

By S. L.  (United Kingdom)
Brilliant! I am currently working with the Living a Soul Life course and am saving hard for the Light Body course

By W. V.  (Netherlands)
I have worked with the Living a Soul Life meditations for some years now and this has lead me to my soul desire which is interacting with wild dolphins. My husband and myself just returned from one of the Canary Islands, where we brought our second group of people to encounter wild dolphins and whales in their natural surroundings. Apart from this our week-long retreat consists of meditations and visualizations to empower our participants and help them open their hearts before meeting the dolphins. Thank you so much for your beautiful work which has changed my life profoundly. Dolphin love

By S. D.  (Ireland)
I am intending to join the Sunday group meditation and am hoping to make it a regular practice. Having worked on my own up to now I am looking forward to being part of a group and working and connecting with kindred spirits. I am also aware that as a group we are stronger and feel excited and priviliged to participate. I have read four of Orin's books so far: Living with Joy, Opening to Channel, Personal Power through Awareness and Creating Money. I have about 20 or so single tapes and a couple of course sets: Transformation and Soul Love. I also have the first four Awakening Your Lightbody albums and the two Divine Will albums.I especially love the Living a Soul Life Album and listen to the meditations nearly every night! I am facing a lot of challenges in my life at the moment and for a while now and have not managed to meet them as well as I would like. However, I find clarity is coming in now and it feels wonderful and I just know that working with the study group for Divine Will has really helped. So, with all my heart, THANK YOU!

By M. N.  (Canada)
Thank you for the gift of Orin & DaBen's teachings. I'm currently working with the Divine Will series. Also, the Living a soul life course. Many things are coming up for me, concerning relationships. Thank you for assisting me in connecting with the highest forces of love and light. I am becoming more aware of my attachments, and how being attached to personality desires can keep me trapped in the density of form life. It is a challenge to trust in the highest forces in the universe. In Love and Light

By S. H.  (Great Britain)
I still use your tapes a lot. Living a soul life being the most frequent. I have recommended many people to your site as I teach metaphysics. My daughter has just started borrowing all of your books from me. I am teaching to small groups of 10 -12 people the latest being on Abundance. I have co-written a book with a friend and it is now being considered for publication by a publisher.

By K. L.  (HI)
I also have just begun to work with my new Living a soul life tapes. Yeah! What can I say - I'll let my heart do the talking for it is the one that holds a note of perpetual gratitude to you who have shown that if I can dream - then I can wake up to find that dream is my life! Much Love

By E. S.  (MN)
I am using the millenium meditations daily. Have received and used the recent Living A soul life. All are wonderful and are transforming my life and increasing my consciousness. I am very grateful to you for bringing us this great help in shifting into the new energy.

By R. L.  (OR)
I am loving listening to the Living a Soul Life meditations again. It is a whole new level for me now.

By J. B.  (Australia)
I have been practising the Divine Will study group for just over 4 years now and am enjoying it immensley :). I am also practising the 'Living a soul life' meditations and finding them really beautiful. I can't begin to describe how my life and 'being' has changed in four years, except that the person that began the journey is now living her life with totally different veiws and more in a loving, compassionate, accepting, peaceful and more open hearted space. I'm finding my days are filled with more joy in my heart, a feeling that I had previously thought I 'knew' what it was, but hadn't actually felt it as an experience. I now know that I had no idea, and that the actuality of it is much more than I could have possibly imagined it to be. I'm not 'there' all the time yet, but am finding that as things are changing and things are being released, I am in that space more and more. Also, my growth seems to be accelerated and things become easier and/or more understood from a heart/knowing level rather than an intellectual point of veiw. So really, I just wanted to say thankyou for making your material available and sharing it with us, you are doing the world a great service. With Many Thanks and Love from My Heart to Yours