Temple of Healing Love     October 30, 2012
By R. A.  (FL)
This is one of my all-time favorite pieces by Thaddeus. This music brings me peace.

Silent Majesty     July 23, 2011
By D. H.  (New Zealand)
I have been working with Orin and DaBen journeys for years now, but have only recently started to listen to Thaddeus' music (although I have heard it in Orin and Sanaya's meditation journeys). Today I downloaded "Silent Majesty" (a track from the "Temple of the Masters" album). It is beautiful. It is so relaxing. I can feel stress flowing out of me as I listen to it on my iPod. For the last few weeks I've been listening to either Thaddeus' music, or one of Orin and Sanaya's meditations every night just before I go to sleep, and in the middle of the night if I happen to wake up, which then allows me to fall back into a peaceful sleep again.

I've also just bought a little shuffle iPod for my parents (one each) and have been giving them Thaddeus' music to listen to. My Mum has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Dis-ease and has not been able to sleep for years. Now - after several weeks of listening to the music during the day and before she goes to sleep - she is beginning to sleep so much better. One morning she told me, with great delight, that she had slept through until 6am (unheard of before then). Both my parents had suffered so much from sleep deprivation that they were feeling stressed and anxious (as well as being worried about their health challenges). Thaddeus' music has been transformational for them - in helping them heal, relax, and sleep.

Temple Gardens     March 21, 2011
By T. C.  (Australia)
I played the Temple Gardens track where I work which is a school. I'm surrounded by sick children and have noticed the children are a lot calmer and the music keeps me calm and relaxed as well. I will be purchasing more music in the near future. Love it-(South Australia)

What an awesome set     September 24, 2010
By J. D.  (MA)
I downloaded "Temple of the Masters", its now on my iPod and playing as I type this out. What an awesome set. I'll be listening to this for a long time!

I felt so good     September 21, 2010
By Y. S.  (Japan)
I always enjoy your site, and Orin and DaBen's books, Meditations, and Thaddeus' music. I think every your products are wonderful!

For example, when I had a headache a few days ago, I napped while listening Thadeus'"Temple of the Masters". Next time I awake up, my headache was gone and I felt so good!

I can sense the shifts     May 5, 2010
By Y. S.  (Japan)
Listening to Thaddeus’ music years later after working with Orin and DaBen meditations, I feel like I can sense the shifts that Thaddeus’ music brings more than I was ever able to before. Music is a powerful conductor of vibration and I can see how this is a necessary component of the Orin DaBen meditations.

By G. B.  (CA)
I love Thaddeus' music.

By W. H.  (Canada)
Your meditation music is beautiful. I friend has mentioned your website to me and I thought I would check it out and see what there is that you offer. Thank you for so much information, it is very helpful to me at this time!